Harry Potter and Ginzuishou

Written by Chibikan

Disclaimer: Do not own Harry Potter or Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon


The day had been long and hard for Harry, Ron, and Harry Potter. The three heroes had been living in Godric's Hollow while searching for the remaining horcruxes to destroy Voldemort. And things were not going well. For that very day, the Burrow itself had been attacked by the Dark Lord and his followers. Everyone inside, Molly, Arthur, the twins, and Ginny had all been killed. Ron shook as Harry and Hermione hugged him and rubbed his back, both fighting back their sobs.

"It's…..it's not fair! WHY THEM!" Ron sobbed

Harry looked away. "We already know that answer Ron." He closed his eyes in misery. "They were after me, they killed them to punish me, and you for being my friend." Harry wiped away his tears. "But….not anymore…" Harry stood resolutely. "I'm tired of my friends being a target because of me. So….I'm….I'm leaving"

Hermione looked with shock at him. "No, Harry, you can't!"

"I must, Hermione. They're after me, so wherever I go, they'll follow, maybe I can draw them away from England."

"B….b…but where will you go?" Ron asked. He didn't want to lose his best friend too. "Where CAN you go?"

Harry looked at his friends, both as close to him as friends can be, friends that were as good as siblings. "I've been thinking about this a long time. And I've been researching the various wizarding communities of other countries. And, I think, Japan is my best choice. Muggle Tokyo to be specific, away from prying reporters and in a crowd. The Dark Lord will follow me, but he'll have problems locating me in a city that is so overcrowded. And not to mention, nearly everyone there has dark hair like mine. I'll be perfectly safe and they'll have to FIND me to get to me. Japan is also detached from most of the rest of the Wizarding World. They weren't even a part of the first war."

"Well if you're going, then we'll come with you!" Hermione declared, Ron by her side in agreement.

"NO!" Harry turned to face them. "I won't let you! It'll be dangerous for me, but if you're with me, he'll be able to get at you. He won't care about you if I'm not in the equation." He hung his head. "I'm sorry, but this is the way it has to be. I'm going to withdrawal my money tomorrow, at Diagon Alley. Now that I'm seventeen I have complete access to my inheritance, it should be more than enough to live on in a small apartment. I'll be careful I promise, but I have to do this."

Ron and Hermione looked at Harry in surprise at his complete seriousness. But it was apparent that he meant it. "But Harry…." Hermione started. "What about Lupin?"

"Yeah mate, do you really want to leave him?"

Harry sighed. "If I had a choice, I would stay. But too many people I care about have died because of a curse I survived at the age of one. If I don't leave, if I can't lure them away until I can defeat them, then more will die. And I need you two to spread the word that I left. If Voldemort doesn't find out than my leaving will mean nothing."

Ron and Hermione nodded. They would do everything in their power with their friend's plan.

And so the next day Harry Potter left Godric's Hollow early in the morning, so that his friends could honestly say that he had not been there when they woke up and found a note saying where he'd gone. He retrieved just enough gold to buy a plane ticket to Tokyo which thankfully left almost immediately after. He was on his way to a new life. He could only pray that Voldemort took the bait and that his friends took their chance to gather the last few of the horcruxes. This had to work.