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"So El, what brings you to Washington?"

"The President hired me as a bodyguard. He came to visit the American President. I had to come along." El watched as Sands picked at his meal. He was just pushing the food around the plate and it made El almost sick knowing that the cook that made it was going to die. "Are you going to kill the man who made that food."

"No. This food is just mediocre enough to save the life of the one who made it. And why are you so sure that the cook is a man? A bit sexist, eh?" Sands flagged down the server and shot him in the stomach. "On the other hand, that waiter was phenomenal." Sands smirked and left the restaurant. As they were walking out El noticed the barmaid picking up the phone and calling the police.

"They called the pigs?"

"Que?" El turned around to face Sands. "Did they call the police?"


"I know you speak English. No need to hide it. So do you like working for dear El Presidente?"

"If you speak Spanish so well, why do you insist on pretending that you don't?"

"None of your bees wax, mister. Now answer the question."

"Si. Loco pistolero. What are you doing here?" Sands stopped walking. "I live here, El. It's where my job is."

"So you really are a CIA agent? I thought you were just some spoiled brat who thought he could do whatever he wanted. And you should really take off those sunglasses. Esta noche."

"Yo se."

"So?" Sands pushed El into a nearby wall and held him there firmly. Sands. Get a hold of yourself. He doesn't know. You don't have to kill him. Think of happy things. El watched as Sands backed off and put his hands up to his forehead, as if he had a headache. "Go away. Go away."

"Sands?" Then there was a gun in his face. "Don't you dare pity me. I could kill you. I could kill you and never think about it ever again. All I would think about is how good your righteous blood tasted. How sweet it was." As he said this, he had slowly walked closer and closer until he was speaking against El's neck. El felt something sharp prick his skin and a cold tongue gliding over the cut. "Just like wine. Adios, The."

Sands was shaking. He almost lost it. He almost forgot that he wasn't alone in this world. Even though he couldn't see other people, they were still there. They were still watching him. Sheldon-

"Shut up. Shut the fuck up. You aren't there. You're just my fucking conscience. You. Don't. Exist."

"Shel?" Sands froze. "Shel, is that you?"


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