Love will lead us Back

by Lady Raiah

Summary: Because of an incident they were brought apart. Will their love for each other conquer all their misunderstandings? Will love lead them back? SxS

Disclaimer: I don't own CCS/Cardcaptor Sakura or any of its characters, that's impossible because CLAMP does own this… I just own the plot of the story and nothing else.

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Chapter 1- So Deeply in Love

A brown-haired guy with amber piercing eyes clamped his girlfriend's body tightly. They were sitting under the cherry blossom tree, singing their song together.

Li Syaoran stared at her girlfriend, venerating her beauty. She had long auburn hair that he always caught his fingers at and charming emerald orbs that simply captivates him. Sakura noticed him and quickly rubbed her face feeling for dirt or something.

"Hey Syaoran, why are you staring at me like that? Is there something on my face?" She asked curiously. Syaoran shook his head at her and chuckled.

"Stop rubbing your face, there's nothing on it. I'm just adoring your beauty." He took her hand off her face and held in into his. Sakura blushed beet red.

"You're making fun of me again huh!" She said playfully with a giggle.

Syaoran pinched her nose and continued, "Well Miss Kinomoto, I am not making fun of you cause I'm really admiring your intimate beauty. And well, I'm so proud of that, very proud." Sakura flushed even more. She drove herself to Syaoran making them fall completely on the grassy ground. They both chuckled.

"So what are your plans for Saturday?" Sakura asked while staring at Syaoran's piercing orbs. He had the most fascinating eyes she had ever seen. She was lying on Syaoran's muscular arm right next to him. Syaoran smirked.

"Saturday huh… Hmmm… I've got a surprise for you on that day, on our 2nd year anniversary…" He responded with a mischievous smile stretched across his face making him look more romantic. Sakura eyed at him suspiciously.

"What is it, what is it? Tell me now…" She stood to sit on the ground with her eyebrow raised. Her mind reels with various thoughts.

Syaoran looked at her with a shrewd grin then he got up on his feet, still eyeing downwards at Sakura. "That's a surprise! So… you have to wait until Saturday." He uttered rigidly yet frisky. Sakura pouted at him.

"But Syao, I want to know it now. Not on Saturday but now!" She shrieked with a sigh, her arms crossed and her eyes pleading. Syaoran just laughed at her.

"Oh, Sakura's acting like a toddler again. Catch me first!" He said teasingly and hastily ran away from her having that 'catch-me-if-you-can' look on his face.

"Wait till I lay my fingers on you Syaoran!" Sakura screeched as she hurriedly stood and ran after Syaoran who is way faster than her. They ran after each other all around the Penguin Park.

"You wish!" He shrilled back then continued sprinting.

---Friday Night---

"Sakura phone for you!" Mr. Kinomoto shouted loud so Sakura could hear him from upstairs. She was currently packing up her things when she heard her father's call. She hurriedly clumped down the stairs and grabbed the phone.

"Hello! Sakura speaking." She greeted.

"Hello Hun! Syaoran here." A familiar voice greeted back making Sakura hop in joy.

"Hey! It's you! What's with the call?"

"Nothing… just checking up on you. So… tomorrow I'll pick you up at noon?" Syaoran excitedly asked and Sakura detected the anticipation in his voice. Her broad smile dwindled into a despondent one.

"Ahmmnn… Sorry Hun, but I don't think you can fetch me up tomorrow… So… let's just meet up at Penguin Park at 12 noon." She responded. Her voice was excited but her expression was the opposite.

"Hmm…" He answered hesitantly. "Okay!"

Sakura forced out a beam. "Thank you Syaoran. Can you come over here tonight?"

"Hmnn… Looks like someone misses me… Okay, I'll be right there in 30 minutes." Syaoran glanced down on his watch and responded cheerily.

"Yah, I do Syaoran, I miss you. Be here okay… I'll wait for you…. Take care, I love you so much!" Sakura mumbled sweetly yet sadly. Syaoran knew something is wrong with her with the tone of her voice but decided to find out about it later.

"Hmmm… How sweet of my Sakura. I'll be there. I love you too! Bye!"

"Bye!" Sakura gently dropped the phone in its cradle and returned back to her room to continue what she was previously doing.

Syaoran's P.O.V.

As I was walking my way to Sakura's house, I come to ponder, 'Tomorrow will be my proposal to her, I can't wait to see her reaction, I know she would be so happy about it. I've met a lot of pretty girls before but none of them caught my attention. Only Sakura did. She was so different from those girls, way too different. Whenever I'm with her, I feel free to act like a kid, words would flow out of me continuously and I'm always floating in her touch. She has those cracking jokes that always make me laugh. Were always trapped in the moments between our own true feelings. I perpetuate every single moment I spend with her. I'm just so deeply inlove with her that I can no longer describe it in words.'

I jerked out of pondering when I noticed I was already in front of Sakura's house.

"Sakura dear, Syaoran is here!" Mr. Kinomoto yelled loud for Sakura to hear. He welcomed Syaoran in, motioned him to sit and offered him a drink.

"Thank you Mr. Fujitaka!" Syaoran bowed his head in gratitude then smiled.

"Otou-san! Syao! I'll be there in a minute…" Sakura squeaked. Syaoran and Mr. Kinomoto chortled and both shook their heads off.

"So Syaoran, how's your mother Yelan doing in Hongkong?" Fujitaka questioned while taking a sip off his cup of coffee. He was sitting right in front of Syaoran and that setting happens every time Syaoran visits Sakura.

"My mother's doing great there Mr. Kinomoto." Syaoran answered respectfully. He too sipped in some coffee and looked up on the stairs.

"Oh I see…" Fujitaka beamed. Something flashed on his mind and that bothered him. "Li, do you know about Sakura's….." Fujitaka asked but was cut off…

"I'm here!" Sakura rushed down the stairs with a beautiful smile. Fuijtaka gulped and decided not to continue his last question. 'Perhaps it would be much better if Sakura tells him personally.' Mr. Fujitaka contemplated. He stood off his seat and patted Syaoran's shoulder. "Okay, since you're here now, I might as well leave the two of you here." He said. Syaoran rose from his seat and bowed in front of Fujitaka once more.

"Okay dad, I'll handle this. Good night." Sakura embraced and kissed her father good night then Mr. Kinomoto went up the stairs, waving his hand at them both.

Syaoran plunged back on the sofa and rested his head on the backrests. "I'm dozy, I think I'm ready to fall asleep now." He yawned with his left eye closed and the other eyeing at Sakura.

Sakura raised her eyebrow at him with her hands on her waist. She plopped herself onto Syaoran and grinned shrewdly. "Uh, you're sleepy huh…" Syaoran suddenly opened his eyes and caught Sakura in his arms.

"Yah… Now who told you to fall on me that way?" Syaoran grinned as he held Sakura's head on his lap then they both giggled. As he was running his fingers on Sakura's auburn hair, Sakura gazed at his features with tears forming in her emerald orbs.

"Syao, I love you!" She touched his face, tracing every part of it. It's as if she won't see him for a long time that she feels every part of his face just to be sure that she won't forget how he looks. She smiled at him. Syaoran smiled back at her with a puzzled look drawn on his face.

"Sakura, you're being quite weird lately. Why? Is there any problem?" Syaoran questioned worriedly. Silence interrupted their conversation until Sakura giggled once more.

"Hun, what are you talking about? I'm not being weird. There is no problem. I'm just being sweet… that's it!" Sakura mumbled. Syaoran nodded his head at her not that satisfied. They started chattering about things that happen at school today when suddenly Syaoran's cellphone rang.

"Excuse Hun…" Sakura got up from his lap while Syaoran stood up and answered his phone.

"Hello! Syaoran speaking!" He barked at whoever was on the other line for interrupting his moment with Sakura.

"Hey! This is Eriol so don't be so mad there!" Eriol on the other line murmured hazily.

"Scram! What do you need now?" Syaoran blurted out.

"Why you! I just called you to inform you about the ring you asked me to order! Well, it was delivered here now and it's safe in my hands!" Eriol was really annoyed that he yelled at his cousin loud that Syaoran had to thrust the phone away from his ear.

"Okay… Calm down Eriol, I'm here at Sakura's house, I'll be right there. Bye!" Syaoran uttered in a cool voice.

"Bye!" Eriol on the other hand recovered from vexation and responded. Syaoran smiled to himself and slipped his cellphone back to his pocket.

"Hun…" He started. When he turned his head, Sakura was no longer there. He searched for her and found her standing near the door outside. He gingerly swung the door open and released the doorknob carefully. He walked towards her tiptoed thinking of a juvenile plan. His scheme was ruined when he heard Sakura continuous sniffing. Instead of surprising her, Syaoran came forward and wrapped his arm on her shoulder.

"Sakura, are you crying?" He asked worriedly. Sakura hurriedly wiped the tears that fell on her cheeks and posted a smile on her lips.

"Hun, I'm not crying. I just have colds today you know..." She explained with another sniff. Syaoran believed her because her nose is now reddened and that usually happens whenever she got colds or flu.

"Okay, I see… But how do you explicate those tears in your eyes?" Syaoran questioned with that 'need-an-explanation' look on his face. Sakura sniffed once more then rubbed her eyes.

"Nothing, something just got on my eyes… Maybe a dirt or I don't know." She gasped that she stammered. Syaoran faced her, cupped her light skin face then blew her eyes. Sakura beamed and blinked continuously.

"You aren't really crying huh?" Syaoran questioned uneasy with a cute expression on his face. Sakura gazed at him having an angelic smile.

"No, I'm not… So... who called?" She responded trying to shift the topic of their conversation.

"It was just Eriol… Oh, Hun, too sad but I have to go now. I need to check out on something you know." Syaoran explained as he held Sakura's hands and squeezed it gently. Sakura pouted at him and rubbed her eyes once more then she turned her back away from him.

"You don't want to spend more time with me? Is that "something" more important than me?" She whined, emphasizing on the word "something". Syaoran shook his head off with a smile. He came forward to her and hugged her from the back.

"It's not like that… Sakura, nothing is much more important than you. It's just that I really need to check on that something to make sure it'll fit…" Syaoran whispered in her ear. Sakura cocked to him, now with a beam plastered on her face.

"Okay, I understand… you may go now, good night! I love you Syao." She muttered sweetly. She hung her arms on Syaoran's neck and grinned. He enveloped his on her waist and pulled her closer that there bodies were almost touching.

"Thanks! Good night Hun. I love you too Sakura Kinomoto, so much…" He chirped. Syaoran drew his face nearer to hers then they gave in for a passionate kiss. Their tongues battled for dominance which none of them won and when they broke, they both gasped for air.

Syaoran sauntered Sakura to her doorstep then started traipsing home. They both waved goodbye to each other with smiles of loving kind on their faces. Sakura stayed there and watched Syaoran's figure slowly disappear.

"I love you Li Syaoran… I love you so much… Forgive me if I'll have to do this, sorry… Forgive me…"

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