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Chapter 10 – Forever

The sunset in the furthest distance where the land and seas seems to meet the sky, the brilliant light of the sun became fainter and less distinct until it disappears.

"Here I am, reminiscing on the past happening of my life…. Well, it's been three years since the incident. And until now, everything is still fresh in my mind. But I can say that I have moved on, I am now happy with my life. Let me tell you some things about my friends.

My cousin Meiling-chan fulfilled her greatest dream---to become a famous star. She won different awards and not all that, she's happily engaged with his boyfriend who is also a well-known actor. I can say that she's now happy and contented with her life. Well Rei, Meiling's fiancé is a very nice guy. So what can I say, maybe there's a happy ending in store for them.

On the other hand, Mitsuki-chan, my ex-girlfriend is now one my closest friends. I broke up with her that night when Sakura told me her true feelings and her goodbye. Well, I didn't mess up her life… In fact it was even better. She is now happily married with a great guy named Ryu. Presently, Mitsuki is pregnant with their first child. Well, she's preparing herself for a new page in her life.

Another good news, Tomoyo-chan and Eriol-kun were still steady, in fact, they're going strong. One of these days, Eriol will ask Tomoyo to be his wife… I knew that because I've been helping my cousin with his proposal. And by the way, Eriol-kun is now managing his family's businesses and is doing great with his career. On the other hand, Tomoyo-chan continued what she had started. She's still the number one designer of all time. She had her own shopping malls and boutiques all over the world. Elegant right? I clearly know that there's a successful and bright future reserved for the both of them.

How about me? I'm also happy, thankful and contented with my life. I am now managing the Li Corps and I'm doing very well, I can say. I had my own mansion, plenty cars and numerous vacation houses. I am also happily married with someone so perfect, someone whom I love so much."

"Hun, I'm home!" I opened the door of our room and there is my beautiful wife, working on her laptop. She's arranging her own schedule for the coming weeks.

She smiled at me, the smile I longed to see the whole day and gave me a peck on the lips. She was just so lovely and she gets more and more lovelier everyday.

"Hun, so how's your day?" She asked me while taking off my coat. She was so caring as she always was.

"My day is fine. And as always, I've prayed for time to elapse easy…" I said to her while brushing the strands of her auburn hair that fell on her emerald orbs. She grinned at me and pinched my cheek.

"Silly! Meling-chan, Rei-kun, Tomoyo-chan, Eriol-kun, Mitsuki-chan and Ryu-kun are visiting us tonight. They might be here anytime by now." She said while playing with my face.

"Oh, I see… That will be great, maybe you invited them again. Since they aren't here yet… Maybe we can…." I said with mischievous smile. She glared at me having that frisky look on her face. I enveloped my arms on her waist, pulling her body closer to mine. She hung her hands on my neck and hugged me snug.

"I love you so much Sakura Kinomoto…It was God who had been holding us. We will journey to the depths of forever together…" I whispered softly to her ear. She faced me and gave me her best smile. It was so adorable and perfect.

"I love you too, Syaoran. When I heard that three words from you when I'm almost dying, I had the courage to fight. Thank you, you are my life…" She whispered back to me as a tear fell on her cheek. I kissed that single tear away as I slid my hands on her waist tighter. I drew my face nearer to hers and we started kissing. It was passionate, full of love, flawless as it ever was. I crushed my body on her in our bed and we went on further… deeper…

So what can I say, our love lead us back… And now, no one, nothing could ever tear us apart…

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