They Said I Could Get Rich

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InuYasha by Rumiko Takahashi

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Chapter 1: In Which I Attempt To Steal

First of all, I was really poor. I lived on the torn up houses in the allyway with my parents. We tried to find a job, but we always failed. No one would except me because I dropped out of school, we just didn't have the money. They wouldn't accept my parents either because they didn't go to college. So when my friend Kagura told me we would get rich if I stoled one of his boxers and sold them...That was exactly what I did...

And that is how I'm trapped in this hole with no one to help. I don't even know how my parents are doing in that dark alleyway. I hope they're not made at me...I really do...But now that I'm here, there's really nothing I could do...But let's back up and have me tell you the story of why I'm here...


Remembering Kagura's words, I carefully climbed up the window and snuck in. I was walking on my tippy toes afraid they'll hear me. It was really dark and really hard to see. My hands were out in front of me and sometimes going to the side to find a wall or something. When my hand made contact with something cold, I knew I found a wall. Slowly tracing the wall with my hands, I made my way through what seemed like a nonstop hallway. My eyes got used to the dark and was able to see some features of the house. I spotted the stairs.

"Stairs!" I thought. "How am I suppose to know what floor he sleeps on!" So I just went up the stairs and went with my intentions. It was a six story house, what story would he sleep on? After long thought, I had the feeling he slept on floor three, so I made my way up, counting what floor I'm on and trying my best not to fall asleep, although I can't see the reason why I would. After heartpounding and a little trembling, I finally made it to floor three, but what room? I made my way through the halls and pass a living room until I came to face with a door, the lighting was visible through the cracks of the door. I heard running water, so that must have meant that he was taking a shower, so I got in. My intentions were correct as I quickly looked around for a drawer. One was straight ahead of me. I quietly ran to it as I opened it to see...BOXERS! Yes!

As I was getting ready to take a boxer in my hand the bathroom door was thrown open as I saw "the guy" with only a towel draped around his lower half. I quickly blushed as I looked away.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" He asked as I stayed dumb. "I will not tolerate you not answering." He began to walk closer to me and I knew this was it. I forced my body up as I mentally screamed at it to scram! But it hardly obeyed. Slowly I took steps towards the door then I sped up only to be blocked by him.

"Did I say you could go?" He asked as I still stood with my eyes widened, expression unchanged. He chuckled. "Are you...scared?" I now saw a smirk and somehow my nervousness melted and disappeared. I looked down.

"I'm...I'm sorry," I apologized. "It's just that, I have a really poor family, and my friend said that if I stole something of yours and sold it, I would have became rich." I admitted my sins, he better let me go now!

"Now why would I believe that?" He asked. "What if you were only here to come and rape me?" My head sprung up and I was...HOT! If you get what I mean...

"You perv! I'm still a virgin! Ah- I mean, why would I rape you of all guys on the planet!" I yelled at him, his smirk only widened. He moved closer to me as I was glued onto my position. I felt his arms around me as I stiffened.

"You know you want me," he said as my eyes only widened. Searching deep inside my soul for my voice...I couldn't find it.

"I...I don't want you!" Yes! I found my voice! His arms only tightened as his head touch my shoulders, I could feel the hard yet smooth smirk he had on. "Would you stop smirking!" And it only widened, sigh.

"Now, why would I do that? You were the one who came into my room," he answered.

"I...I told you the truth! Now if you would just willingly let me go, I promise to never evade your home again! I promise!" I yelled as I got my hands inbetween us and cupped together in a begging pose. He pushed me onto his bed as he hovered on top of me.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"M-my name?" I choked.


"V-valerie," I answered, of course, that wasn't my name. He seemed to have read my mind. Damn him!

"That's not your name, you don't look like a Valerie to me, lie again and I swear I'll-" he stopped and got into a thinking phase. "-punish you." I gulped.

"R-rin," I answered choking again, my throat throbbed. "My name is Rin."

"Rin...what a nice name, I suppose you know me?" He asked I nodded.

"You're...a bastard," I replied as his eyes narrowed, but then they softened into...was that lust! And a smirk...

"I'll show you how much a bastard I can be," he said as he started to kiss my neck, I started moving and screaming.

Oh my Kami! Did I just think that!

"I guess, you don't know me, yet you attempt to steal from me eh?" he asked. I shut my eyes not wanting to hear what was happening. "Look here, I'll have a deal with you." I opened my eyes to look straight in his gold ones.

"W-what's the deal?" I asked.

"I'm short of...servants for the house right now, I pretty sure you wouldn't mind being a servant here, would you?" He asked. I took this offer into thoughts, if I worked for him, then no longer would I have to starve, but my parents who loved me dearly are still on the streets. What would they do? But...I wouldn't be his servant for life would I? Maybe just a couple months, I get paid, go to my parents, give them the money and we could probably afford food for a month, but not a house.

"I'll accept your offer," I answered looking bold as he got up from me. I let out a sigh of relief.

"Good, I'm Sesshoumaru, you will sleep on this floor just on the other side," he said as he walked out motioning for me to follow. We kept walking until we reached a room. "You'll sleep in here," he opened the door as I went in. The walls were bordered with gold and silver lines and the bed was all plain white with golden pillows and gold trimmed blankets. My eyes widened.

"Isn't this-"

"Too much?" He answered for me. I nodded. "Of course not, servant or not, you deserve a good room." He then left as I looked around the big room. This room was even bigger than that of the alleyway my parents and I were stuck in. I found a door and open it to lead to a great bathroom, with a tub on the side, shower right next to it, the sink on the other side of the shower and tub and then the toilet in the very far corner. This room was too much for me.

I got out of the bathroom as I spotted the closet, I opened it to find...girl clothes? How was it even possible? I found a nightgown as I took it out, stripped, and put them on. I yawned as I tured off the lamp by my side and fell asleep on the comfy bed, which I haven't felt for years...


"What do you mean I'm the only servant!" I yelled at him. "You don't expect me to do all the work do you?" He nodded.

"Of course I do," he answered. "This is what you get for trying to steal my things, now go work!" I cringed as I grabbed the broom from his hand and started working. First it was the kitchen, then the living room, and then the bathrooms, then his laundry...ARGG! He'll pay for making me do this! Then it was the next floor and the next, if I ever get to make my own house, if ever, I'm never go to make it a couple stories high!

Another thing I didn't mention, I have to prepare his meals for him! Does he know that I haven't even made a meal for...who knows how many years?

"Every women is suppose to know how to cook, what's wrong with you?" He asked as I got mad.

"Sesshoumaru! If only you listen to me! I was stuck in a dark alleyway eating nothing but trash! You don't expect me to remember how to cook do you?" I yelled.

"Hmph, seems like I'll have to have you take classes then."

"What!" I yelled at him. But then, he won this argument once again, and I took cooking classes. In a week and a half, I was a chef. Watch out world! Muhahahahah!

-------One Day On The Way To Class-------

"So what are you to him, Ms. Rin?" a reporter asked as I turned away. He came and block my way as he snapped pictures and I covered my horrid face. "Are you his wife? Did bachelor Sesshoumaru finally get a mate?"

"Arg! No! I am not his wife! Will you reporters leave me alone!" I yelled as I made my way out and got to my cooking class. That night when I got home...Things were not pretty.


"What did you say!" He yelled at me as I looked away.

"I told them, I wasn't your wife, it's all a lie!" I yelled at him as he still glared at me.

"How can I trust you? Do you know that reporters could be liers!" He yelled at me. "They can say whatever in the paper and still get credit for it! People will believe him!" He got up. "Next time Rin, watch who you're talking too and watch out!" That night, I couldn't sleep...


I was so worried I skimmed through the paper today before Sesshoumaru was awake and my intentions were correct once again. (Maybe I'm a psychic.) It was the headstory.


By, Miroku Houshi

Yesterday, a woman with mid-back black hair was walking on the sidewalk going on her way to a cooking class. Not only was she walking on the sidewalk but she came out of the Sesshoumaru Taishou's mansion. Reporters were sent to ask her questions but she hesitantly answer them in a rude like manner.

"So Ms. Rin, are you and Sesshoumaru secretly meeting behind people's back?" Houshi, president of the Tokyo Days publisher asked.

"Yes, it is very true that him and I are seeing, but we don't know how far this relationship is going," Rin answered.

"Have you and Sesshoumaru slept together," Houshi said this question made Ms. Rin blush a whole lot.

"Yes," she answered quietly. "We have."

Before Houshi was able to ask her another question, she ran off to her class. Seems like taking this class will affect hers and Sesshoumaru's relationship.

Ms. Rin's last name is unknown for the time being, what if Rin was Sesshoumaru's sister and this relationship was an incest?

Houshi can be reached at
mhoushi (a) tokyodays. org
(707) 464 - 6190 ext. 502

My eyes were wide with fiery! How could he! This is all a lie! Newspaper press are so dumb to have their contact detail at the bottom of each article! This Miroku will pay!


But before that, I'll have to explain things to Sesshoumaru...Tehehehe...

"Yes, Sesshoumaru?" I asked as I tried to put on a smile. I should have hid this when I had the chance.

"Give me the paper," he commanded more than asked and I hestitantly handed it over. He read over the article as his eyes narrowed. "Tell me you didn't-"

"I didn't! They're all lies!" Rin yelled.

"I'll have a talk with Miroku about this," Sesshoumaru said as my eyes widened. Sesshoumaru walked over to the door.

"Wait! You know Miroku!" I asked as I looked at him behind.

"He's my brother's friend, we keep the company running, why he spread lies, or not, I don't know, but I can take away his career anytime I want," with that said, Sesshoumaru was out the door and I was frozen. He didn't eat breakfast! He just went! Usually he's so mad at me when I don't have breakfast ready for him! So that day I sat in the living room just thinking why this Miroku did this. Why would he spread lies like this? Does he know how hard it is to be undone?


"I'm really sorry, Sesshoumaru and Rin!" He yelled pleadingly. "I didn't mean to hurt you guys so much! It was all InuYasha's idea! He thought it would be fun to do this to you two!" Sesshoumaru and I both threw glares at the guy with a black ponytail. My lips tightened.

"Do you know that I can throw my brother's company away like a piece of paper? Why would you two do this? Must he bring shame to the Taishou family?" Sesshoumaru asked Miroku as he paled.

"Please Sesshoumaru! Don't take away the company! We'll tell the people we were lying!" Miroku said as Sesshoumaru just glared more and I spoke up.

"Even after you tell it was a lie, do you think anyone would want to read your writings again? If you guys were liars then everyone that read your stories will think they were all fake!" I yelled mad at him.

"I'm really really really sorry!" Miroku pleaded.

"Out," Sesshoumaru said holding in his anger. "Go out now Miroku, and I don't want to see you until I've have a talk with" Enough said, Miroku rushed out as I stared at Sesshoumaru. When the door was shut I yelled at him.

"How can you just let him off the hook like that! I did sleep with you and you know pretty well yourself!" I yelled at him as he just sat there and listened. "Look Sesshoumaru, if it wasn't your fault that I just HAD to go and take cooking lessons, then I wouldn't have had that mess with Tokyo Days, now rumors are out, and everyone believes them!"

"Look Rin, I don't like this really well myself. And it wasn't my fault you had to take cooking lessons, it's your fault for attempting to steal my boxers at the first place-"

"Alright! Alright! I get it! What do we do now!" We sat there in silence until Sesshoumaru spoke.

"Let's get married."