Chapter 4: Whom He Desires

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Previously on They Said I Would Get Rich...

"I never lie Rin," he said as we reached the elevator. Wow this was quick, I didn't even get to look or describe the structure of the company! The elevator door opened as a lady with black hair that was long like mine, stood in the elevator in a gray business suit. I saw a shocked expression on Sesshoumaru's face as something twinkled in his eyes...


"So who was she Sesshoumaru?" I asked climbing over his desk and jumping off of it.

"Don't do that Rin, you're acting like a child," Sesshoumaru said overlooking some of his papers.

"Not until you tell me who she is!" I yelled hoping the others in the other room didn't hear me.

"And give me one good reason why I should tell you?"

"Well, you were staring at her with this kind of sparkle in your eyes!" I started. "And you were like shocked and all! It was so cool! I've never seen a side like that of you!" He just threw me a glare and returned to his work as I just stood there pouting. After a minute he started to talk.

"Are you thirsty?" He asked.

"No, tell me Sesshoumaru! You like her huh?" I said scooting close to the desk. He just got quiet.

"She is my secretary," with that said the intercom rung and that lady walked in.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, Naraku is here to see you," she said keeping her head bowed.

"Send him in," he replied as I threw a look at him saying, 'What do I do?' "And take Rin with you, show her around the company," and with that said, I walked out with Kagome as a HOT guy with long black wavy hair walked in the office smirking when he saw me, I gently smiled back.


"And here Rin is the-"

"Hey hey! Kagome right?" I learned her name after that Naraku guy entered Sesshoumaru's office.

"Yes, I'm Kagome," she replied.

"Look, I don't want to look around anymore, can I ask you something?" I asked as she smiled and nodded. "Well then! Do you like Sesshoumaru?" She looked down and smiled.

"Of course, he's my boss," she replied and I swore I almost fell down.

"No! Not like that! I mean, do you like him more than a boss? Like a love?" She shook her head.

"Of course not! Why would I?" She asked and I smiled.

"Just wondering!" YES YES! I yelled in my head! Wait...why'd I say yes? She just smiled sweetly back, ah I see why Sesshoumaru likes her now! Insert smile here!

"So do you want to still tour the company?" she asked and I shook my head in horror.

"No thanks, that will not be necessary," I replied as the both of us went to the food court, yes! A food court!

Daaaaaaaaaamn! The long was so long! My ego was burning with rage as we both waited, I saw people walking with good stuff too! Yum! I wanted some! The long line wait was so long that when we FINALLY reached the cashier, I had lost my appetite.

"What would you like Rin?" Kagome asked as she started to order things for her. I didn't want to eat anymore.

"Umm...I guess I'll have a strawberry smoothie," I answered as she smiled at me and ordered for me. Uh...what's up with her and that smile? She smiles every time! I swear she must even smile when she's down! After ordering we went to the side to wait for our order when they brought our order up, well I wasn't listening and saw two strawberry smoothies. Guess she must have ordered that too. So here I am slurping down the cool drink as Kagome and I went back to Sesshoumaru's office. Ahh, Sesshoumaru's office! Mr. HOTness was in there! No! Not Sesshoumaru, that...Naraku dude! Yeah! I listened in on them from the couch in Kagome's office as I drank my drink.

"It was nice meeting with you Naraku, you can come to me anytime when your company's in problem," Sesshoumaru said as Naraku walked out.

"Thank you Sesshoumaru, I hope to see you soon," he said as Sesshoumaru nodded and they both shook hands before Naraku walked towards us, as in Kagome and I. Kagome stood up so I stood too.

"It was great you can make it Mr. Onigumo," Kagome said as I stared at her than at Naraku. Shit! Was I suppose to say something too?

"Uh, nice meeting you Mr...uh...Onigimi?" I said smiling crookedly, obviously not masking my embarassment.

"Please just call me Naraku, Mrs. Taishou," he chuckled and I blushed wildly.

"Um, nice to meet you then Naraku," I said nodding my head and he threw a wink at me before exiting. Sesshoumaru must have obviously saw this.

"Rin, in my office, now," he said as I glared at him and walked towards the door to his office. I entered it to have that scent of his go through my nose.

"What?" I asked and he took a seat over at his desk.

"You seem to fancy someone I see," he said as I thought about what he said. Fancy someone? Who?

"What are you talki-" Ohhh! He must have meant Naraku. "I do not fancy Naraku!" I yelled at him.

"Don't raise your voice at me, I'm your husband," he said.

"So what? Who cares if you're my husband? You're only my husband in paper!" I said ready to storm off to let out the steam but he was faster and grabbed me by the arm.

"Only in paper? Is that so?" He asked as he turned me to face him. My heart was pounding wildly for your information! He slowly pulled me closer to him as my eyes start to widen. Soon my chest bumped into his and his eyes had a tug-a-war between my eyes and my lips. No way! He wasn't going to kiss me was he?

"Um, Sesshoumaru! Are you alright?" I asked as he tilt his head to the side and slowly leaned in. "Uh...SESSHOUMARU!" But that wasn't stopping him. Soon his face was centimeters from mine and I start to pull my head away. He was still getting millimeters closer, I turned my face to the side and he kissed my cheek. Whew!

But he didn't stop there! Oh no he didn't! He started kissing down my cheek still aiming for my lips and soon I felt him kissing the corner of my lips. I pushed him away, his face away from mine but he pulled me back in as his lips attached to the place it was on earlier.

"Eh? Sesshoumaru? Earth to Sesshoumaru! This is Ri-"

Okay scary isn't it? So did he kiss me? Did he? Did he? Okay insert laughing here. I think I wouldn't have mind if he kissed me, but then he jumped away like I was poop when Kagome happened to ring him up. He pressed that one button to transfer the call.


"Sesshoumaru, there is this," I can just her mumble and somewhere in her mumbles I heard the word bitch. Hahah. "-this lady here to meet you. She said she's your girlfriend, she wants to know why you got married and not notify her." Sesshoumaru rubbed his temples.

"I didn't have a girlfriend when I married Rin or before that, tell her that I'm busy at the moment and don't have time for her lying pleas," he said as he pressed the button again to end the call.

"Let me guess," I started. "You had no girlfriend because you like Kagome?" I asked smiling. He looked up to me from his paperwork.

"What gave you that idea?" He asked. I smirked. I was right!

"Because you liked Kagome, you wouldn't go out with anyone! See! I'm smart like that!" I just proved myself right again! Well, not again, probably once! Hehe!

"I don't know why you would think that I would like Kagome, she works for me," he said. "And employers don't fall in love with their employees." I frowned.

"Suuure! What was that blush at the elevator for then?" I asked. He was silent. "See! I was right!"

"You did notice the shocked expression right?" He asked and I nodded.

"Of course I did! That was what told me you liked Kagome!" I said and he shook his head and he looked like a migrain was coming.

"Did Kagome tell you that she didn't like the color gray?" he asked and I shook my head no. "Well, she doesn't, and she never wears gray to work. She would usually wear black, dark blue, brown, khaki, anything but gray, I was surprised she wore gray today." He answered. I was taking that!

"Riiight!" I said smiling. "Now tell me the truth!" He looked at me seriously.

"I never lie Rin," he said for like...the second time today? Okay, maybe he was telling the truth...but I won't fall for it! Until he can tell me who he really likes!

"Okay, okay...but who do you like then?" I kept urging him to tell me. "You said you like someone, if not Kagome, it has to be someone else!"

"You don't know her even if I told you," he replied.

"Do I need to know her for you to tell me?" I asked. "Wouldn't it be better if you just told me who she was and not knowing her?" He thought it over for a bit.

"You sure you want to know?"

I nodded my head vigorously. Of course I did! He shrugged after he said I was wondering can it be me? Huh, can it? Do I want it to be me? Hahah, sure I do!!! NOT! Okay, I think he's going to tell me.

"So you telling me?" I asked as he looked straight in my eyes.

"I like..."