Jim was in the kitchen of the Binbow Inn. His mother and Benhad beenwaiting tables all daywhile costumers filled the tables. It had been this way ever since Jim had returned from his adventure to Treasure Planet, and more people continued to come everyday. But now it was quiet and everyone had gone home, save Dilbert. Jim's mother went to the table Dilbert sat at and sat down herself before Jim and Ben joined them.

"Jim! How have you been?" Dilbert asked.

"Pretty good." Jim replied as he sat down in a char next to his mom. "Wish I could get back on a ship though."

"Well, that's one reason I came here. There's a voyage across the galaxy setting sail tomorrow afternoon and my wife, the Captain, was hoping you would join us." Dilbert proposed and saw a smile brighten up on Jim's face.

Jim looked to his mother. "You can go. I've already discussed it with Dilbert. Just be safe." She said with a smile and recieved a warm hug from Jim and she smiled. "You just take care of him Dilbert, or you will pay..." She said to Dilbert, who gulped with an unsure smile on his face. Then he cleared his throat.

"Then it's settled. We'll set sail tomorrow afternoon. I'll come by to pick you up in the morning Jim. Be ready on time. My wife, as you already know, doesn't like to sit around for too long. She can be such a feline sometimes!" Dilbert exclaimed as he gathered his things and headed for the door. "Mrs. Hawkins, pleasure seeing you again. Jim, see you tomorrow." Dilbert said with a smile before he walked out the door.

"Wow! I can't believe this! I'm getting back on a ship! This is awsome!" Jim exclaimed as the smile on his face only got bigger. Then he ran to the steps and headed up to get ready for tomorrow. He couldn't wait.

AN- Now, I know this is a shaky beginning, okay, REALLY shaky. But bear with me. It's my first Treasure Planet fic, and my beginnings are usually shaky. So trust me, this will be a great story when I'm through with this. Promise, k? For those of you who have never ready my stuff before, hope you enjoy it. K? Plz R&R. Thanx! TTFN!