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Chapter 2:

Jim headed up to the deck from the galley. He looked around and saw everone running in different directions getting the ship ready for launch. Then he felt someone tap him on the shoulder and he turned around to see a little girl who looked a lot like Amelia.

"Hi Uncle Jimmy! What are you doing here?" The little girl asked with ha cute smile, then we soon join by two other girls who looked like her. She wore apink dress while the other two wore a green and ablue dress.

"Hey girls! I didn't think your mom would let you on the ship." Jim said to the three girls who he knew as Amelia and Delbert's kids. "Where's your brother?"

"Being the geek he is and reading another book." Jasmine, the girl in the blue dress answered with a bored tone. It gets quite annoying after a while... Doesn't he ever want to actually have fun?"

"Well, maybe he has fun reading his books." Jim told the girls.

"I think reading is boring!" Emerald, the girl in the green dress exclaimed as she crossed her arms.

"Everyone's different in their own ways though Emerald." Ruby, the girl in the pink dress stated to her sister. "We better get back to the Captain anyway before launch." Then all the girls started to walk off.

"Bye Uncle Jimmy!" All three exclaimed at once as the skipped towards the bridge where Amelia stood watching over everything happening on her ship.

"Uncle Jimmy?" Jim heard a girl's voice from behind him and suddenly felt embarrassed as he turned around and saw Melody giggling. "It's quite cute actually. Are you related to the captain?" She asked.

"Nah. Thank God. I'm just good friends with her husband." Jim replied as he scratched the back of his head and looked down at the ground. "Heh. So you're Silver's daughter? He never said anything."

"We tend not to talk about each other when we're apart. It's best left unsaid sometimes." Melody answered. "But my father has told me so much about you. Tell me, what was it like seeing that much treasure?"

Jim looked at her for a moment. She had been raised by a pirate, and therefore thought like Silver probably. Hopefully she wasn't obssessed with treasure like her father was. "It's was pretty neat. Too bad it's all gone..."

"Oh, I think there was some good that came out of all of it being destroyed." Melody said with a smile as she leaned down towards Jim, since she was sitting on one of the barrels and was a bit higher up than Jim. "I mean, why do we need something else to fight over? Wouldn't it be better if there were no greedy people in the world. I'm ashamed of my father for it, but I can't blame him sometimes..."

"True." Jim said. Maybe she wasn't like her father.

"So have you heard where we're off to?" Melody asked.

"No, I haven't actually." Why hadn't Delbert told Jim about that? Now it bothered jim that he agreed to go on this voyage without knowing where they were going.

"Word is that there's another planet full of treasure where Flint stored other riches, and Captain Amelia found a map to it. I wonder if it's real or if it's just a legend." Melody said.

"Is that why your father joined this crew?" Jim asked, hoping that this wasn't going to be just like last time.

"Well, i guess. But we don't have the rest of our crew with us. It's just me and him." Melody replied.

So there's no way that could move to take over the ship if it's just the wo of them. But still... Jim thought as he looked around at the crew. None of them look suspicious. They all actually looked like regular people. No dirty clothes on any of them, no sneering looks at one another, nothing. It looked like a good crew to him. In fact, most of the crew was female. How could Jim have missed that?

"There's no movefrom my father inthe future of this voyage. You can count on that." Melody said with a smile that Jim could tell came from Silver. She was definitely that man's daughter.

"I guess so." Jim replied with a smile.

Then TIm walked over. "Ah! Lady Melody, I see you have been introduced to the cabin boy, Mr. Hawkins?" Tim asked.

"Yes Sir." Melody replied with a smile. "Will the launch be soon Sir?"

"You may call me Tim, Lady melody, and yes, Launch should be in just a few moments." Tim replied.

"Tim, such a nice name. Short for Timathy, I presume?" Melody asked.

A slight blush krept over Tim's face. "Why, yes, it is." He replied.

"Well, that's nice, but I must be off to help my father before the launch." Melody said as she jumped from her postition on the barrel, but landed a little off and tripped, right into Jim's arms. "Oh my... Sorry Jim." She said with a bit of a blush on her cheeks. But she soon regained her composure and brushed herself off.

It was then that a little pink blob flew out of Jim's pocket. It looked a bit tired, like it had been asleep the whole time. But a smile immediately appeared on the creature's face when it saw Melody.

"Morphy!" Melody exclaimed as she took the thing in her hands and rubbed it against her cheek. "Father told me he went with you. I wondered why the little devil hadn't shown himself soon." Melody said to Jim. "Well, we best get back below deck before launch to see if the chef needs help with anything."

"No need. Nothing to be done for a bit." A tall, tan, dark haired man said as he placed a hand on Melody's shoulder. Melody looked up at the man.

"Are you sure Father?" Melody asked.

"Father?" Jim exclaimed in shock. Wasn't Silver Melody's father? This guy was way better looking than Silver.

Then the man leaned towards Jim. "This is how the Captain won't be able to recognize me Jimbo. Now just keep this between us and we'll be fine, got it?" Silver asked.

"When he's out on deck, my father desguises himself so Captain Amelia won't recognize him." Melody explained. "It's quite handy everywhere actually."

"Gotta work if I'm gonna support me family." Silver said. "And I'm wanted on so many planets, it's be impossible for me to get a job anywhere without desguising myself some way."

"Ready launch Mr. Minchals!" Amelia yelled from the bridge.

"All hands, set sails!" Tim yelled across the deck and everyone scrabled to undo the sails. "Brase sails!" He yelled, and the sails began to light up as the beam holding the sails also lit up with lights going down below deck.

Everyone began to float over the ship, Amelia and her daughters keeping perfect position while Delbert and their son squabbled about, trying to find something to hold onto, but only made Amelia smile. "Miss Antigone! Engage artificial gravity!"

"Yes Ma'am!" A tall blonde girl yelled before pulling a level, and everyone landed back on deck, Delbert and their son, Alfred, falling and hitting the deck with a crash, causing Amelia to let out a slight giggle.

"South by Southwest, Miss Alemade, turning 2100." Amelia ordered in a firm voice.

"Turning 2100, Ma'am." A bulky brunet girl repeated to Amelia as she turned the wheel of the ship.

"Full speed if you please, Mr. Minchals." Amelia said to Tim, who was now standing next to her. That was when Tim reached to a small voice box thing and yelled his order into it.

"Take us away Miss Ranchelas!" He ordered.

"Hai Sir!" A tiny red headed girl with freckles on her face said as she reached for a lever.

"Brace yourself Delbert." Amelia said as she, along with her daughters, braced themselve before the shipblasted away, taking Delbert and Alfred on a trip flying them back until they hit the wall behind them and fell to the floor. Amelia let out a small giggle remembering her first voyage with Delbert, remembering how unprepared he was for eveything, but turned out to be much help in the end. She wondered what this voyage would bring them...

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