Tedizleader: okay, I made this poem ALL by myself(I'm currently in a homicidal mood, so yeah)Anyways, this is yaoi, With Malik and Yami Malik(his POV). If you don't like angsty-ness, I suggest you don't read.

Dedicated to DarkMornie and Vanya-Deyja(spelled good?) Enjoy!

What You Fear

By: Tedizleader

Here we go, round and round

on the merry-go-round broken down

The horses gallop all the while

Your stomach starts to bleed out bile

The music playing easily drones

the screams you make from your broken bones

The sights and sounds then hypnotize

as teardrops escape from your lavender eyes

The rain starts turning the dirt to mud

and where I stabbed starts gushing blood.

My sweet hikari, my angel of light

You truly are a ghastly sight

I had to make you comprehend

that you look beautiful in red

Not any red, but yours, my love

it's as lovely as the moon above

Oh, little hikari, you won't die...

it's just a dream that makes you cry

That turns your smile into a frown

on a merry-go-round that's broken down

You're much too precious, I must say

To let die and rot away

I love you, hikari,don't you see

and that's the way it's gonna be

Do not try to run away

because in your mind is where I always stay

Then I 'll have to turn your lovely smile into a frown

on a merry-go-round broken down

I'l make you bleed that sweet, sweet blood

That turs the dirt into red, red mud

After I use these evil charms

I hold you closely in my arms

I love you hikari, but why do you run?

You and I are together as one

That's why we go round and round

on a merry-go-round broken down

I'm what you hate

You're what I love

I'm down in Hell

You're in Heaven above

You're what I see

I'm what you hear

You're what I crave

I'm what...

You fear...