Warning : uhh, major age gap, but it's not really pedophilia so… -shrug- it's just that I love throwing the characters into situations where love seems impossible… yaoi and shounen-ai, along with some dosage of het… might also contain slight adult themes… as well as mild violence and slight language. This fanfiction, is rated M for a reason.

Inspired By: …my stupid mind –wails- I know this is probably unhealthy, but I also like these types of situations XD I was the one that suggested the story Love Thy Brother, so… yeah… Incest that's not really incest intrigues me a lot :)

Final NOTES : This isn't incest, if you think about it. Since they're not related by blood… and this is also not pedophilia, because for it to be classified as pedophilia, the difference has to be six years and that the younger one needs to be sixteen or below… so… yeah XD

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Prologue Chapter

I really like him.

He possesses this undeniable aura that pulls people towards him. Nobody, even those who are feared in his school, could resist the radiating kindness and innocence from him. I remember that one time when I saw the school bully, Gaara, offer to have lunch with him. I was shocked, jealous and all those things… and I was proud of him.

I know that Gaara probably likes him as well, but I am confident nobody else could like him, could adore him, could be close to him, and could love him, as much as I could. Nobody else.

I really, really like him.

He possesses this smile that shines so brightly, that it could erase any quarrels between me and Sakura in a flash. I long to see that gorgeous smile every moment I could, because it fills me with the energy and vigor that I thought I lost with my weariness and cynicism with life.

I know that Sakura also adores him, especially for that smile, but I know that he would smile for me in a special way, because that's just how he is.

I really, really, really like him.

He possesses a big heart that could understand –or at the very least, try to understand- whatever's happening. It embraces the others' hearts, including mine. I thought –I still think, actually- that my heart was frozen solid because all the warmth is transferred to hisheart.

I know that because of that, he may seem vulnerable and accepting to everybody… but I know that there's nobody that could get closer to his heart, nobody that could protect his heart better… there's nobody better for his heart, other than me.

I love him.

He possesses this light that erases the traces of darkness that engulfed my heart ever since my heartbreaking past. He makes me feel as though the shadows never existed in the first place, as though the light is my salvation.

In a way, his light is my salvation. I couldn't see a world without him. I couldn't live –I know it, with all my heart- without him. Because I love him, I like him, I—

"Naruto, let's go," I say, calling him away from his friends, my voice soft and affectionate and caring, and he smiles at me, and only me.

But no matter how much I like him… no matter how much I watch him… no matter how much I love him… I can't have him.

"Yes, daddy," He replies obediently, his voice as gentle as mine, linking his small, baby-soft fingers with mine.

Because he is my son.

To Be Continued

Sasuke is scary –hides- well, a very short one for now;;; I'd like to see how people would like this idea first… -wide, wide smile- Naruto is 17-18 at the start of the story… while Sasuke is around 24-26… exact ages will be clarified in the next chapter XD

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