Warning : uhh, angst, yaoi, shounen-ai, bastardized-Sasuke, supernatural universe -sort of- super powers, fantasy, Kyuubi, drama, Sasuke seducing Naruto, and yeah…


The Corridors of Power

Footsteps resonated sharply across the corridors. Two figures walked calmly, their personal guards sent away fifteen minutes ago.

"Sasuke, this information just arrived a while ago," A silver-haired male, much older than his companion, said patiently, while the other merely ignored his words.

"We're not yet entirely sure about this one… we didn't have enough time to inspect the data sent to us by our investigators…" Hatake Kakashi tried again, suppressing the urge to shake the younger male's shoulders in a futile attempt to warn him. It's true though; the information sent to them is unconfirmed, untested, and if it's an attempt by an enemy country, Sasuke –along with the whole kingdom- would be in deep danger.

"Kakashi, shut up." Uchiha Sasuke, king and supreme ruler, says distastefully, not even pausing in his regal stride. The black-haired male discarded his royal robes, along with his golden crown and scepter, a while ago, wanting to not intimidate their newest captive, their greatest lead with their desperate search.

Kakashi opened his mouth in one last attempt, but— "Shut up, and it's an order from the king," Sasuke commands steely, lips stretching into a merciless smirk. The silver-haired male sighs softly, and continued following the ruler. After all, he couldn't defy Sasuke's order, unless he wants to face severe punishments for disobedience. He remembered the fate of one servant, Koryuu, that was instantly burned into ashes –by Sasuke's own hands- when he refused to stop following the ruler around the mansion.

They finally reached their destination: a secret, hidden room where their key, their newest captive is locked.

"Open the door," The order is cold and heavy. Kakashi opens the door without a word, and he was flung away from the room as soon as he opened the door slightly. He hit the wall behind him, and a nasty crack was introduced from the impact.

"Interesting," Sasuke murmurs with admiration and wonder, and the older man is glad that Sasuke likes what he sees.

Inside the room is a young teen: blond hair, impossibly-blue eyes, lithe, tanned body… Aside from the tasteful appearance, something else grabbed Sasuke's attention. The chakra, the force, that radiates from the young captive is more than what Sasuke could ever hope. Even Kakashi, an elite soldier, was flung away like a fly snooping into some forbidden business.

Kakashi stands up from his place and walks behind Sasuke. He watches, alongside the king, how the captive, the one rumored to contain the demon fox that plagued the whole continent years ago.

"He is Uzumaki Naruto, the one rumored to contain Kyuubi, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox," Kakashi explains to Sasuke, but the king's eyes are locked into an intense stare with the captive.

Naruto's eyes are full of innocence, and Sasuke finds it more than difficult to believe that this person contains the destructive power of a demon hated and feared by everybody.

"It's said that Uchiha Itachi is looking for him as well…" Kakashi says carefully, but Sasuke has learned to control his reactions towards his older brother's name over the years.

"According to the reports… you'll be able to defeat and kill Itachi, if you manage to make this person, Naruto, fall in love with you."

To Be Continued

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