This was a Review Response to Borolin's "Lost and Found" (a Whitehound-Dyce collaborative Snape post-torture recovery fic; read their works, if you haven't already), using the structure of Emily Dickinson's poem, "Pain", that begins, "After great pain, a formal feeling comes..." (Google it, if you want to make comparisons; it's easy enough to find.) I've preserved rhythm, rhyme, metre and even the general sound of the words.

Whitehound thought it deserved posting separately. If there is interest, I might occasionally add the best of my fanfiction-inspired original poems.

After great pain a form of healing thrums
Through nerves and sinews, filling empty rooms;
They still have questions - as a mind at war
That pester yet - for centuries and more.

Heart's beat, in panic will resound
Like wood on clay;
The sound, so dearly bought,
A scarred soft moan,
A court's commencement, like a groan.

This is the power of dread
Remembered and relived,
Ice freezing blood in veins, ship wrecked on floe,
The will, in torpor, slowly letting go.

Copyright May 2006, "duj"