Herbal Green Tea

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Author's Notes: Wheee… I'm back with a multi-chaptered fic! This story happened after the final or 26th episode of the anime. This was something that popped inside my empty head when I found a box of tea in our house O.o I wanted to try something that's funny (yeah, I know, I'll keep dreaming) and I hope I pulled this right. There will be a very (very, very, very) slight LokixMayura in later chapters, and I guess I'll have to warn you about insanity in this fic… Muahahaha! Ahem… On with the story.

Chapter One

It all started when Loki remarked on how awful their tea tasted nowadays. It so happened that while Loki was doing so – reading a newspaper while forcefully drinking said tea as he needed something to calm his nerves (the constant appearances of evil auras was not helping) – Yamino was scanning his prized mail-delivery catalogues. And lo and behold, exactly on the page Yamino was reading was a rare, mail-ordered only - as said in the catalogue, herbal green tea. Yamino, being the kind son that he was (and he also noticed that their tea does taste awful for some reason), instantly decided that this herbal tea was the immediate solution to their apparent awful-tea-taste problem.

So when the said herbal green tea came a week later, their awful-tea-taste problem was solved. But with it came a whole new set of problems that no one – especially the people from the Enjyaku Detective Agency – expected.


Fenrir growled.

Well, he tried to. But after noticing his father's signs of an upcoming glare – Loki's left eyebrow twitching then the shuffling of the newspaper he held – if he did so, he growled very ferociously in his imagination instead. After all, he can growl as much as he wanted in his mind. Though, he must admit that it was not as satisfying as actually doing so in the 'real' world.

So he settled for pouting. Which again he tried to do but considering the kind of personality he has (he knew that he didn't have the nicest attitude in the world) and the fact that he was a dog, his face ended up in twisting his features and showing something hilarious that if only Loki wasn't preoccupied with reading and noticed Fenrir, he would have rolled on the floor and laughed deeply.

But as it was, Loki was trying to make his morning as bright as it should be by reading the newspaper and patiently ignoring the little incident that Fenrir and Yamino (Fenrir roared in his mind, repeatedly saying to himself that it was all Yamino's fault) did earlier.

'So what if we cough broke something? It was just a small vase! A small (in a giant's perspective but who would notice the difference anyway), somehow cough ancient cough that could pass for just being plain dirty (Yamino was not cleaning the house!), vase! One that (if only Yamino told me a fraction of a second sooner then I could've just knocked the vase next to it instead) held a strong evil aura…' Fenrir thought. 'Okay, so I did somehow make the evil aura break loose and cough wreak havoc on the entire house at 4 o' clock in the freaking morning. But honestly, if only Yamino just gave me that stupid bone that I've been dying to get all week then none of these would have happen!'

And now, at 8 o' clock in the morning and after Loki decided that trying to get anymore sleep wherein while he did so would only mean that his sons would just argue and fight again (which he was certain would just end in another broken artifact) would be meaningless, they settled inside Loki's study room under the detective's instruction himself.

Fenrir was still 'pouting' when his younger brother entered carrying a tray which held a few cups and a kettle of tea. And upon seeing the green-haired man, he growled again. Well, he succeeded in flashing his menacing teeth before he felt Loki's signs of a possible glare and he again settled for 'pouting' instead.

"Honestly, I don't understand why I'm the one being punished when I'm the one trying to save myself from starving by getting that yummy bone," Fenrir grumbled to himself.

Yamino put the tray down on the table by the couches, which earned him a raised eyebrow from Loki when the small detective noticed the quantity of cups present. Yamino grinned, taking some small satisfaction from his older brother's predicament before he answered his father's silent inquiry. "Reiya-san called just awhile ago and she said that she's going to come by and visit us." He brushed a stray strand of hair behind his ear, "Besides, I have a feeling that a few people will also come since summer break has officially started yesterday," he said before sitting down and pouring tea on a cup for Loki.

Yamino heard a grumble from Fenrir which sounded something like 'show off' and 'if only I was the one with the human form then…' and he couldn't help but grin again.

He made his way towards Loki with a cup in hand. "Oh, and this is a new tea that I just received from the mail-delivery catalogues I have," Yamino heard a snort from his older brother when he said 'mail-delivery', "It's green tea and it says that it's extracted from very rare herbs from across the world. I do hope that it tastes better than the old one we have," Yamino said as he put a cup in front of Loki and on his desk. Loki in turn, looked from the newspaper he was reading and at the cup.

There was a moment's pause where Loki remembered what happened earlier before he immediately took the cup and sipped from the tea. After tasting this new green tea he mumbled, "Ah, thank the person who invented teas." He closed his eyes and when he opened them he looked at Yamino with a smile.

"This tea is delicious. It's definitely way better than the previous one we had. Thank you, Yamino-kun," he said and then he resumed on reading the newspaper, occasionally sipping from his cup.

Yamino smiled. "It's nothing, Loki-sama. I just want to help in anyway possible," he stated and he heard a snort again from the lovable Fenrir. Yamino ignored him and instead made his way to the couch. He sat down and poured tea for himself.

"It's great that this school year has officially been over for Mayura-san and Narugami-san. That way we'll be able to see them not just during afternoons," Yamino said, bringing the cup to his lips and sipped before he continued, "Although I not sure if that's a good thing or not." He thought of Mayura's insistency on finding mysteries and Narugami's glares and threats. He shuddered. He was definitely not anticipating the glares and threats.

Fenrir was about to remark something really nasty but was again cut off by Loki's left eye twitching and shuffling of newspaper in hand. He settled for grumbling this time.

Yamino smirked. "It's alright, 'Nii-san(1). I know we share the same feelings... but I doubt that now especially in your 'predicament'." Fenrir glared at his brother and grumbled something like 'just you wait, dearest brother, just you wait…' which made Yamino's smirk widen but upon seeing Fenrir flashing his sharp teeth at him, his smirk was held and it lowered all of a sudden.

Loki sighed, ignored them and continued to read.

Yamino scratched the back of his head. "Ehehehe… Anyway, Loki-sama, I heard that you have been successfully exorcising evil auras as of late. But I'm alarmed by how they have increased in number compared to when you first started to collect," he paused and sipped on his tea, "But with Mayura-san and the others' help, I'm certain that they will pose no threat at all."

The detective turned a page and agreed with a simple "Yes."

Yamino stopped for a moment and suddenly chuckled after remembering something.

"Freyr-san's occasional help is not surprising considering his um… affections with Mayura-san," Loki 'hmph'-ed at this, "but that incident with the lingerie store with Heimdall-san was totally something u-une-expecte-ed." Yamino chuckle turned to a laugh.

Fenrir and Loki grinned when they too remembered the said incident.

"I-I di-didn't know h-he was t-tickl-lish," Yamino continued to laugh while speaking, "h-his f-face a-at t-th-at t-time w-was pr-price-less."

"I-I s-should've m-mail- or-order-ed a c-camera an-and t-took a p-picture o-of h-him t-then. B-but I-I t-think F-freyr-s-san t-took a-a s-single s-shot w-without H-heimdall's k-know-l-ledge."

"T-that wa-was re-really funny al-although I-I d-don't know w-why I-I'm s-still st-stuttering e-eventhough I-I'm not la-laughing an-anymore."

At this, both Loki and Fenrir stopped grinning and glanced at Yamino, and true enough, Yamino's face no longer held any sign of amusement or laughter. The only thing his face expressed was wonder and confusion.

Fenrir gaped at Yamino with disbelief at first and then looked away and grumbled, "Don't fool me. I'll certainly get you later for this…" and continued to grumble a few threats and promises to himself.

Loki though, was convinced that Yamino wouldn't joke at something like this, so he fully turned to look at his youngest son. "What the?" he said with bewilderment at first then he put his newspaper aside. "Try speaking again Yamino-kun, seriously this time."

And this time, Yamino's face only showed completely seriousness. "I-I'm t-telling yo-you I-I'm n-not j-joking. I-I'm s-serious-ly and h-hopeless-l-ly st-stuttering a-against m-my wi-will," he confirmed.

Loki stared at Yamino and Fenrir gaped again.

The detective was the first to recover though and he shook his head in disbelief. "Maybe you ate something upsetting earlier, Yamino-kun."

"B-but th-the o-only t-thing I a-ate w-was a-a slice o-of br-bread," the green haired youth said, trying to still his stuttering voice.

"Maybe a work of something evil?" Loki asked but immediately shook his head afterwards. "Probably not. I can't feel anything like-ngnhrrggthhnn."


"Like what?"

Loki blinked. "Grrnngn aarhjjiggnn sskkklrredhsskd," he said.

Fenrir shot his head up. "Again, like what? I think my hearing is already impaired or am I just being punished for some reason," he said as he scratched his ears.

Loki's eyes enlarged and he looked alarmed. "Heeennnngnrrr juhsdgahkk Grriiiiiwwwgggfff giii-gaaahhh!" He pounded his right hand on his desk in frustration and continued to shout 'gaahh's'.

Yamino was startled by Loki's sudden outburst and jumped a little from his seat. "T-there's s-something wr-wrong wi-with L-loki-sama!" he informed Fenrir as he continued to stutter.

Fenrir looked at Yamino then at Loki and then back at Yamino. "If this is some kind of twisted joke then I'm not buying it. I know you're both still trying to get my back for what happened earlier," the black dog huffed and proceeded to try and get some peace of mind by napping comfortably in his place at the floor.

Which he also unfortunately failed in doing so since his father pounded another fist on his desk. Fenrir sat straight and looked at a fuming Loki.

"I-I do-don't th-think an-anyone's jo-joking ri-right n-now, N-nii-san," Yamino muttered when he also saw their father.

Fenrir started to laugh nervously. "Ehehehehe… yeah…" he mumbled. 'Nothing goes my way today. I'm seriously considering that Odin's punishing me for some reason,' he thought.

Loki turned to look at Fenrir then he glared at him. Fenrir received The Glare.

And with lightning speed, Fenrir went out of the door.

And back he came with a small rectangular white board and black marker in his mouth, still as fast as lightning.

He dropped the things in his mouth at Loki's desk and immediately scooted near Yamino, forgetting his grudge at his younger brother at the moment. He shut his mouth close and was unusually silent.

Loki's anger vanished at his oldest son's actions and resignedly flopped back at his seat with a sigh. He got the white board and marker and started scribbling. After a moment, he raised the board and showed it to his sons.

It said:

-I can't speak a single understandable word- At this, Loki said, "Thiiirrrggggnnngg," to confirm what he wrote.

-It's best if we try and find the source of this problem-

Yamino nodded. "I-I a-agree, Lo-Loki-sa-sama. I-I th-think we-we sh-should be cau-tiou-tious fro-from now o-on."

The smallest of Loki's siblings however was still not speaking and is still paralyzed by The Glare. The last time Fenrir received that was when he went on a rampage in Asgard(2) and was deeply punished for his actions. 'I did injure a lot of gods at that time and Daddy extremely made a point to never let me forget what would happen after The Glare,' Fenrir thought as he felt a chill run through his spine when he recalled his punishments. The thing about that glare was that it was a warning of horrible things to happen to the person who received it. The bad thing about it - Fenrir noticed - was that the only ones who have ever received it were he and Yamino, mostly Fenrir though.

Ecchan suddenly entered with a rag on his mouth. He made his way towards Loki and he dropped it at his master's desk, uttering a worried "Loki-tama?"

"Hn." Loki smiled at Ecchan and patted his head affectionately. Ecchan, in turn, uttered a satisfied "Punyan" before settling at the left side of Loki's desk, probably trying to sleep. 'I think I now understand how you feel, Ecchan, about not being able to speak anything besides 'punyans' before,' Loki thought, 'Thank you for your concern.'

He then got the rag and erased what he wrote on the white board. He got the marker and wrote a new message.

-You can speak now, Fenrir. I know you told Ecchan about what happened, even though I don't know how you did it- Yamino and Loki sweatdropped. How the black dog did it at that speed, they had no idea. -So, I forgive you-

Fenrir expelled a big breath he didn't know he was holding.

When he noticed Yamino's presence beside him, he started to growl. 'Ah, the pleasure of really growling,' Fenrir thought.

He was about to make Yamino's day worse when his younger brother suddenly pointed a finger at the white board that their father was apparently raising again.

-But you still can't attack your brother out of the blue-

Fenrir sighed and Yamino grinned.

"But you know, I was wondering why the two of you are getting weird while I'm completely perfectly normal," the cute dog said after sighing.

There was a sound of a door closing downstairs and a sound of a person running.


Loki sat up straight at the sudden call of his name. 'That voice…' he thought. There could be only one person who would call him like that with a very cheery voice.

The door to the study room opened and an overly enthusiastic Mayura entered.

Mayura waved at all of them and sat at the couch opposite Yamino and Fenrir, oblivious to the sudden dark cloud surrounding the room.

"Hello Yamino-san!" the pink haired girl greeted, "Hi Fenrir-kun!" Fenrir barked in acknowledgement.

Mayura turned to Loki. "And of course, hello Loki-kun!" She grinned. "It's so great that school's finally ended. Now I can spend as much time as I want here and solving as many mysteries as possible." Her eyes glistened a bit when she said the word 'mystery'.

Yamino smiled. "That's gr-great Ma-mayura-san. Yo-you're a-arrival c-can't b-be mo-more pr-precise than i-it is n-now. I-I th-think yo-you'll find th-this l-little mystery w-we have ve-very in-interesting," Yamino said. He looked at his father for any confirmation. Loki sighed and nodded slightly at Yamino, silently agreeing with his son to tell the red eyed girl what happened.

"Eh?" Mayura exclaimed. "Well, that's nice, I think." Her eyes suddenly sparkled. "So, what's this mystery you're talking about?" she paused, "Eto(3)… are you alright Yamino-san? I don't think you stuttered before whenever you speak." Her excitement was suddenly replaced by concern for her friend's welfare.

The green haired man smiled and poured tea for Mayura. "A-ah, w-well t-that's p-part o-of th-the m-mystery I-I me-mentioned." He gave Mayura the cup with tea which the girl drank after saying a quick 'thanks'. He continued, "W-well, i-it s-seems th-that there's s-something w-wrong w-with Lo-loki-sama and m-me." Mayura glanced at the detective sitting at his usual place. "I-I s-seem t-to be st-stutte-ri-ring ag-against m-my w-will a-all o-f a-a s-sudden a-and L-loki-sama c-can't say an-anything un-understand-d-dable," Yamino finished with a dejected sigh.

Mayura put her cup on table and exclaimed an "Eh?" again in disbelief. She looked at Loki for confirmation at what she just learned.

The detective, looking very much down, nodded. "Fiiitrrruuu wangankkrrr eeennngd," he said then scribbled on the white board he held:

-Good morning, Mayura- There was a smiley face after that. -I'll be speaking to you with the help of this magnificent white board-

Mayura continued to look at Loki for a few seconds, her expression silently asking 'are you serious?'.

She then suddenly stood up and walked towards the small boy. When Mayura was already at Loki's side, the green eyed detective instinctively took a step back. He wasn't used to having people near him.

The girl's face was blank and Loki was certain he hasn't seen Mayura like that before. 'Uh… Mayura?' was what he wanted to say but he ended up saying something like "Un… gareniin?" instead.

And before Loki could say another word, Mayura attacked him.

Loki's eye twitched first and his lip soon followed.

The small boy thought he was being attacked but after recognizing a weird sensation at his sides, he learned that he was actually being tickled. 'But with how hard Mayura is tickling me, it could be considered attacking,' he thought.

At first all Loki could do was utter a few "He… hehe… he…" but before long he was laughing and the words he was saying was "Yeeehihikk ssiiirrrhhsthtyyyuank nndeesiinnskaad! Unnsiisajjeuuuurgg kkdiisnnaas!"

Mayura pouted and after a few more tickles, she stopped. "So, you really can't say anything?" she asked with her hands on her hips.

Loki was panting when he shook his head. "Hhhnnn ttieepppllrrr…" he said in between his gasps, his cheeks red. That was probably the first time he was tickled in years.

He scribbled a -Please don't do that again- on the white board when he got his breathing back to normal. When Mayura read it she muttered, "Mou… you're no fun, Loki-kun." She then went back to her place earlier on the couch.

Mayura took her cup again and sipped on her tea. "This tea tastes great," she complimented. "So, now what are we going to do?"

"W-well… w-we ha-have ab-absolutely n-no i-idea on h-how e-exactly th-this hap-happened," Yamino offered, "W-we ha-have n-no cl-clues e-except fo-for th-the f-fact th-that th-this h-happened t-to u-us on-only t-this mo-mor-n-ning."

The pink haired girl had that spark on her eyes again and she said with her index finger pointed at nowhere for emphasis, "Ah, mystery!" And she continued to mumble on how maybe it was a work of a ghost or some alien from outer space.

Fenrir, ever the nice dog that he was, snorted at Mayura's actions and received a reprimand from Yamino which pissed off the black dog and started another 'growling-glaring' fight between them.

Loki ran a hand through his hair in frustration. He retrieved the forgotten newspaper on his desk, sipped on his tea and just resumed reading again. He needed to calm his nerves. 'I have a bad feeling that things will only get worse,' he thought.

And the great detective of the Enjyaku Detective Agency was absolutely right.


Notes: (1) Nii-san: Older brother (2) Asgard: In Norse Mythology, the place where the gods live. (3) Eto: I'm not sure, but I think it's 'um'.

Yeah, I know. I'm so not a humor author, but I tried and I hope you liked it (I doubt that, I'm so lame). I'm thinking about writing a LokixMayura centric fic but with the way I'm going (I'm such a lazy person), I'm not sure…