Herbal Green Tea

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Chapter Three

Loki was not amused.

Who would be, after having lost his fluent speaking of various languages all over the human world and the world of the gods (an asset he was recently proud of until just this morning), and what happened to his friends and, in Yamino's case, family too, really, who would be?

Adding the fact that he just lost a precious artifact and is on the verge of losing all the other he has - his day was just getting worse and worse.

After they heard the crash a while ago, he, Mayura, and Freyr immediately made their way to the study room in his house which Loki was certain was where it came from – of course, the shouts and shrieks they were hearing from the room accompanying it helped a lot. Fearing the worst, they burst into the room asking "Is everything alright?" and were instead greeted with a scene that answered their question perfectly.

A very angry Freya was holding a laughing Narugami by the collar of his shirt, shaking him very violently. The goddess was emitting her powers dangerously – violet rays of light was leaking from her body, turning anything it touches to mere ashes - (and to a fellow god that meant nothing good) and Narugami was trying to hold back his laughter which he unfortunately can't do so in the near future.

Loki noticed the semi-broken and mostly burnt remnants of the large-just-a-while-ago jar artifact on the floor and of course, he knew that everything was not alright.

Fenrir was growling at the mad goddess, probably because of what she had done and is still doing so, while Yamino was trying unsuccessfully to make Freya calm down and let go of the poor Thor. Ecchan was pulling an end of Freya's dress with his mouth, helping Yamino in the process of pulling the two gods apart.

Mayura meowed. "Freya-san! What are you doing?" she asked and immediately went to help Yamino by restraining the unbelievable strong grip that the goddess suddenly had on Narugami.

"Can't you –hic- see? I'm trying to –hic- slowly take the living daylights out of this –hic- stupid boy!" Freya shrieked and shook the boy roughly again. "How dare –hic- you!"

Freyr stepped in and walked towards his sister. "Freya-chan! I see, still the same as ever," he said, smiling as a person who has already seen this kind of situation several times.

The angry goddess changed the direction of her glare towards her brother. "And what do you –hic- mean by that?" she demanded.

"Exactly as it says, dear sister. I'm just stating a fact," Freyr paused, "Honestly, Freya-chan, let go of Thor. We might not see each other again if you do kill him. You know how strict Odin becomes when we commit such acts," he said tactfully, noticing Mayura's want to calm down his raging sister and help the laughing boy next to her.

"But how dare he –hic- laugh at me! I mean just because I was –hic- hiccupping he had to further –hic- embarrass me…" Freya sniffed and she loosened her grip on Narugami a bit to the others' relief.

Loki made his way towards the group and he took the still laughing Narugami away from the now sad goddess. "Piiinnggeedd," he said, looking at Yamino.

His green haired son somehow understood his father, and he nodded. "Y-you s-see, Fre-freya-san, Na-narugami-sa-san c-can't help b-but l-laugh t-today," he explained in a tone that said 'I told you already but you wouldn't listen so now I'm repeating it, again'.

Freya raised an eyebrow. Her violet streak of power disappeared. She asked, plainly confused, "Huh?"

Loki went to his desk, took his precious white board and scribbled something. He raised it at Freya's direction.

-There's something wrong with all of us suddenly. We're having these different, really weird effects that no one knows why or how we had them-

Mayura meowed in agreement. "I've suddenly turned into a bit like a cat," she added helpfully, then meowed again to prove her point.

"A-and I-I'm st-stuttering a-against m-my will," Yamino informed, "Na-narugami-sa-san's b-been l-laughing f-for n-no r-reason and L-loki-sama c-can't s-say an-anything un-understandable."

Freya uttered an "Oh" then turned to look at the detective by the desk.

Loki nodded. "Kiittrrriiinnn." He raised the white board again.

-I hope you understood what we said- Freya opened her mouth but Loki quickly wrote something again. -And no, we're not playing a joke with you- Freya shut her mouth and sat on the couch behind her, her face blank, probably absorbing what she just learned. Yamino sat beside her. Mayura, dragging the still laughing Narugami with her, and Freyr sat on the couch opposite them. Fenrir settled for the armrest near where Yamino was sitting and Ecchan sat on Loki's desk again.

The detective in turn sat on his respective place – on the seat behind his desk – and erased what he wrote. He scribbled something again.

-And Freya, I do hope you're paying for all the things you just destroyed-

Freya laughed nervously. "Ah… hehe… -hic- I'll try," she mumbled.

Yamino left the room, tray with kettle and cups in hand, and mumbled something like 'I'll get more tea'.

"Say, Onii-sama," Freya started, looking at her brother at the other couch, "It's not –hic- like I don't like your presence but –hic- why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be with –hic- Heimdall or something?" she asked.

Freyr's eyes widened a bit when her sister mentioned Heimdall. He smiled nervously. "I just learned of Yamato Nadeshiko's problem and decided to help her. Besides, I've got nothing to do today anyway," he answered.

Freya seemed satisfied at her brother's answer and just 'hmm'-ed in response. At this, Yamino came back with a new kettle of warm tea and more cups with him.

He put the tray on the table between the couches and poured tea on the cups. "Y-you m-might w-want s-some more t-tea, F-Freya-san, a-as it s-seems y-you're sti-ill a b-bit b-both-thered b-by wh-what happ-ppened," he said, offering a cup at the goddess.

"Oh, –hic- thank you," Freya said and accepted the cup. She sipped then smiled. "Honestly, -hic- this tea tastes –hic- great. I've never –hic- tasted this kind of delicious –hic- tea in Asgard," she admitted.

Mayura meowed, and sipped from her own tea. "Asgard?" she asked.

The other people in the room looked alarmed at this. Yamino's hand which held Loki's cup was frozen in mid-air at its descent towards the detective's desk. "A-ah…" the green haired stuttered, looking for an explanation.

"Um… it's the –hic- country where –hic- I came from," Freya hastily explained, "It's very –hic- famous for its –hic- teas so something like this –hic- tea," she pointed at the cup she held, "which –hic- tastes better than teas in –hic- our homeland is really –hic- something," she finished lamely and laughed nervously.

Mayura blinked. "I've never heard of that place before," she meowed and sipped from her tea again.

Freyr nodded vigorously. "Ah, you see, it's a very small island and it's very far from here, right?" he looked at her sister across from him.

"-hic- Y-yeah."

Loki shook his head. 'Nice save… but Freya was the one responsible for starting it so she should be the one to solve it. It's a good thing though that Mayura is interested in mysteries and not geography,' he thought. He took the discarded newspaper from earlier and began reading where he left off. He scribbled a –Thanks- for Yamino on the white board, took the cup he was offered and sipped from it.

By this time, Narugami's laughter had subsided a bit and was catching his breath. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. 'I'm so not laughing after I'm done with this weird ordeal,' he thought sarcastically.

Yamino offered a cup to Narugami. "H-here, Na-narugami-san. I-it m-might h-help r-relieve y-your t-tension," he said.

The high school raised his head and glared at Yamino. "What do you mean 'relieve your tension'? I'm not tensed," he answered roughly, his laughter gone now.

'I think I'm the one tensed now,' Yamino thought as he went back to his seat. "N-nothing," he replied nervously and sipped on his tea. 'I think I need this more than the others.'

Narugami took the cup and sipped, he agreed with the goddess statement earlier and suddenly he remembered what just happened. "Freya! Aren't you going to apologize for what you did to me? I mean, you almost choked me to death!" he said and made strangled noises for emphasis.

The goddess lifted his chin. "No –hic- way!" she answered defiantly, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Why you!"

Yamino was about to restrain whatever Narugami was about to do when suddenly the boy's body shook and Narugami chuckled again.

Freya smirked. "Serves him –hic- right," she muttered and sipped on her tea again. Narugami continued to laugh saying "Not fair… hehe…" between his gasps.

"Ne, Freya-san," Mayura started, "How come you're hiccupping all of a meow sudden?" she asked. Her question got the attention of the other people in the room.

Freya looked at Mayura and her eyebrows creased. "Hmm…" she paused to think, "Now that you –hic- mention it, I think when I came here, All of a sudden I –hic- started hiccupping and I instantly changed into my –hic- original form," Freya answered, obviously not thinking of what to say carefully.

"'Original form?'" Mayura echoed. She scratched her cheek with the back of her hand.

Loki slapped a hand on his forehead.

Freya looked alarmed again. "Ah… eto…" she mumbled incoherently.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds wherein Mayura had a confused look on her face and the others were desperately thinking of a right explanation. It was suddenly broken by a calm voice.

"She is just referring to her rather rash attitude hence the fact that she was raging when we came here," Freyr suddenly said, "Right, Yamino-san?"

Yamino nodded. "U-uh… y-yes," he replied.

Freyr quietly sipped from his own tea then continued, "That's just how Freya-san is. She probably hiccupped, out of control it seems and very seriously, then Narugami-san laughed suddenly which angered my sister, she thought she was being laughed at, and she changed to her 'original form'."

"Don't worry about it, Daidouji-san. It's just a kind of metaphor," Freyr finished. He stood up and made his way towards Loki who was staring at him.

Loki was not the only one staring at Freyr in shock, all the other occupants was also staring at him as if he had grown two heads.

Freyr smiled. "May I borrow a few pages of that newspaper, Loki-san? I'm also into reading news," he said while stretching out his hand in the detective's direction.

The small boy nodded, still shocked. He gave some of his newspaper to the strangely acting Freyr. The kaitou in turn accepted the offered newspaper.

"Thank you," he said and made his way back to his seat.

The other people in the room just continued to stare at the now reading Freyr.

Yamino was the first to recover. "S-since w-when d-did Freyr-sa-san s-started to c-call Ma-mayura-san 'Daidouji-san'?" he asked, stunned.

"He never –hic- called me 'Freya-san' before!" Freya informed, still very shocked.

Narugami too was surprised by the kaitou's sudden change of behavior. His laughing stopped and he asked, "And since when was he into news? As far as I know, he didn't even like to read anything before!"

Freyr looked up from the newspaper he was reading. "Is there something wrong?" he asked politely.

Mayura, who was beside him, shook her head. "Uh, nothing's wrong, Kaitou-san. You're just a bit different than usual. That's all," she said, meowing after she spoke.

The thief raised his eyebrows. He sipped on his tea and continued reading as if being 'different than usual' was nothing out of the ordinary.

Loki wanted to point out and shout that everything is currently wrong but considering his condition he settled for a "Gaaaahhh!" instead. He quickly got the white board and wrote.

It said:

-I think that whatever's happening to us has already affected Freya and Freyr- He noted intelligently. -First with the transformation and hiccups and now the sudden change of Freyr's attitude-

Yamino nodded. "Lo-loki-sama's right. Both o-of y-you s-started ha-having t-these e-effects w-when y-you came h-here."

"Maybe this house –hic- is cursed," Freya said. She shuddered at what she said. She was never really one for mysterious happenings.

Mayura, on the other hand, meowed in excitement. She raised her fist up in the air and her eyes had that spark again. "It's a mystery!" she exclaimed.

Narugami suddenly laughed again to Freya's annoyance.

"Really, when will you –hic- stop?" Freya asked the still laughing boy.

"A-apparently, h-he'll s-stop w-when this m-mystery is s-solved," Yamino paused and sipped from his tea, "S-scratch t-that. W-we'll all s-stop w-whatever we're ha-having once this is s-solved."

Freya finished her cup and Yamino poured tea on it again. "So, the –hic- question is," Freya sipped from her tea then continued, "How will this all –hic- stop."

Mayura meowed. "We should find out the source first," she scratched her cheek, "Hmm… What do we all have in common?"

"Insanity, probably," Fenrir barked from where he was sat.

Yamino nudged his brother with his elbow. "N-nii-san!" he reprimanded.

The dog shrugged. "Hey, I'm just helping."

"Anyway," Freya said, rolling her eyes at the siblings' actions, "We –hic- all came here before we started –hic- having these things."

"So it must have something to do with this place," Mayura meowed.

Freyr turned a page of the newspaper he held. "Probably something we all experienced?" he offered.

Narugami laughed again, out of the blue.

Freya shot her arms up, as if signaling defeat of some kind. "Gah! You're –hic- hopeless," she said, obviously referring to Thor.

"B-but Na-narugami-san's s-situation i-is a-a b-bit sad t-to b-be i-in," Yamino admitted.

He received another glare from the laughing boy, which didn't really work since he was smiling like an idiot.

"So –hic- he's really laughing against his –hic- will?" Freya asked.

Narugami took a deep breath. He managed to say "Shut up!" in the tone that he wanted before his body shook and he continued to laugh.

The goddess of beauty smirked.

"Ne, Narugamui-kun," Freya started, her voice suspiciously sweet and high, "do you know –hic- why six is afraid of seven?"

Narugami looked confused, his laughter subsided for now. "What are you trying to get at?" he asked, wary of Freya's sudden change of voice.

Freya chuckled. "Oh, -hic- nothing," she continued, "so do you –hic- know why?"

"Hell no."

"That's too bad," Freya smirked again, "It's because –hic- seven eight nine."

And the poor high school boy began to laugh hysterically, against his will of course.

Mayura made a face. "That's cruel, Freya-san," she meowed.

"Ah, but that's befitting for –hic- revenge," Freya laughed, "Speaking of revenge, I remember all those –hic- times that he burned my hair with that stupid –hic- Mjollnir of his!"

And she continued to tell Narugami a lot of very corny jokes, hiccupping occasionally.

Mayura didn't want to ask what Freya meant by her last statement, especially not now when she saw the older woman was cackling evilly.

Loki felt bad for Narugami but he wasn't going to do anything to stop Freya. Even he didn't want to be the receiving end of that goddess' wrath.

"Mayura, you should –hic- try it too," Freya said, chuckling.


Something glinted in the goddess' eyes. "You should," she said but it seemed more like a demand to the meowing girl.

Mayura quickly nodded. "Uh, Hai!"

"-hic- Good!"

The pink haired girl meowed and scratched her head. "Um… Narugami-kun…"

Narugami laughed.

"Uh, huh?"

Narugami laughed again.

Freya looked surprised. "Mayura, -hic- try again," she said.

And Mayura did as she was told. "Um… something's funny I guess," she mumbled.

The high school boy laughed again.

Freya looked at the boy questioningly. "Hey, Thor."

And Thor laughed again.

The goddess shook her head. "You've –hic- really got it bad, Narugami-kun," she said, "I think that's –hic- enough for now."

Narugami hissed, "You're so going to get it when I'm hehe… back to normal," he laughed, "I'm so going to hehe… burn all your hair this time."

Whatever response Freya had in mind was disrupted by a loud shout outside followed by a loud slam downstairs to everyone's surprise.

Loki had a gnawing suspicion that his front door was what just slammed and he felt a headache coming.

There were a few more shouts that sounded a lot like expletives and curses as the person shouting headed towards their place.

The door to the study room opened with a very loud slam against the wall it just connected to, and they were all greeted with a raging and – they all noted – very dirty Heimdall.

And when Loki saw the person standing at the door, the thought that passed his mind was:

'My front door's officially destroyed,' he groaned, 'and I'm 100 sure that things will only get worse.'


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