Disclaimer: while I very much admire C.S. Lewis, I of course can't claim to speak for him. Or be him, for that matter.


For Once and Always

five - always


Susan is warm, finally warm for the first time since her last journey to Narnia. She stands in a valley wholly saturated with golden light. And everything is so very still. She can hear the chattering of Talking Animals, the burbling of a nearby brook. And somewhere, not too far away, she can hear Peter, and Edmund, and Lucy's laughter.

Aslan, she whispers again.

Welcome home.



Note the Last: short and sweet. I do apologize if this ended up sounding like the 154385874569285 other Susan redemption fics out there, especially the last line, but nothing else would work. That being said, the author respectfully solicits the favor of your review. Constructive criticism welcome.