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She walked down the empty streets in the cold rain. She clutched at her little hat, hoping to conceal her abnormal eyes; scarlet instead of the natural blue. She was afraid of what she was most of the time, no longer human. She didn't belong here, in this world. She didn't belong anywhere anymore. She was declared missing in Cheddar Village, so there was no possibility of her returning. Where would she go anyway? She had no family, no friends, to say the least. She let the rain soak her.

"It's not like I matter to the one I need…" She whispered on the wings of the atmosphere. Small golden locks plastered to her skin, defining the pallor of her skin. And her eyes only made it worse.

"I'm a bloody corpse…An empty shell…I matter to no one…"

She kept walking until she came to the local park, which welcomed her each and every night. The rain continued to pour, but she ignored it. It wasn't like she would catch a cold in the rain.

She smiled. Clutching at her black petticoat, she continued to walk in the park until she came upon the graveyard. Her eyes saddened somewhat. She looked at the first grave: Sir Integral Fairbrook Winnegates Hellsing. She saluted her former commander, as she always did. She then turned to the next grave beside her: Walter C. Dornez. Her heart sank once more. She glanced at Pip's. They all died. She was all that was left. He had abandoned her after the burial of Integra.

She gripped the Cassul, bringing it to her mouth. It was the only thing he had left behind. She was tired of her existence alone. Alone was the one thing that drove her to this madness. Only, this time, she would pull the trigger. She looked down at the magnificent silver metal. She had attempted to take her own undead life at this point every year: The day she was reborn. In all of her attempts, over the span of 100 years, she couldn't. But she would this time. Nothing would stop her. No cries of the undead, no cries of help, nothing.

She pulled the trigger, but instead of dying, she fell to the ground, blood surrounding her. Her jaw was offset, and a mass of crimson blanketed the hole in her head. Even the Cassul could not kill her. Tears of blood streaked her face. All that was there now was pain. And she hated it. Suddenly, she felt a kick to her side.

"Hey there, miss…You killed my brother…Good thing I switched those bullets before you came out here. You'll die slowly, little bitch."

The teenager brought a knife to her blouse, unbuttoning the front to expose her bra. He licked his lips, and his red eyes shown lust.

"I'm gonna play with you before I kill you…"

Master…Alucard… It was all she could manage before he started touching her body, invading it as if he owned it.


He walked the night, as a true No Life King, for a century. It was a total bliss to belong to no one. His own selfish desires drove him to this conclusion. He had left as soon as she was buried, despite the readiness of his fledgling. Even though she wasn't ready, he left her. And it tore at him.

He continually dismissed her from his mind, thinking no more of her. She would find her way, because he forced her to. She had no other option than to fend for herself. That, he made for certain. He knew everywhere she was. His heart lurched at her thoughts, and often, he would will her to stay on this cruel world he left her in.

He usually won the argument, for his will was ancient to hers. He refused to admit it, but he really fond of his police girl. She was the only one whom he allowed to leave his side so many times. Still, she refused till the very end to let him go from her.

He was resting in his new chambers, in Scotland's finest castle, when his thoughts once more drifted to Seras Victoria. His mind alerted when there was no sign of her mind shown to him. He froze in his coffin.


He dissolved into mist, unaware of what horror she was going through.

"Stop…! Get your slimy hands off of me!" She screamed, but e continued groping her left breast, and inner thigh.

"No way, my pretty…I told you, I'm gonna have FUN with you!"

She winced as he started to enter her, but glanced up when nothing else happened. The boy's body was thrown into a nearby wall.

"Damn Punk!" A baritone voice sneered from the shadows.

"M-master Alucard!" She exclaimed happily. He spared a glance at her, and his eyes become outraged.

"How dare, you, you pitiful excuse for a nosferatu, even attempt to harm MY BLOODLINE!"

"She was killin' herself anyway, old man!" the punk shouted before Alucard put his and through the boy's heart, reducing him to dust and ash.

Seras was completely still, the pain from the gun, and the pain from the attempted rape. Her face was expressionless. He loomed over her broken figure. His eyes seemed sad, but were replaced with anger and even more than hurt. He placed a hand on her jaw, and caressed the offset of it. He placed his hand on each side, and pulled it back into the normal set. Her yelp of pain went unnoticed, but her tears were what caught his attention.

He ran his tongue over the blood in her hair, hoping to find the bullet hole. After finding it, he healed it completely, and then opened her mouth, to examine the wound inside. He felt her jump as his tongue entered her mouth, licking the hole.

He looked down, and was enraged.

"How dare he touch you…" he growled. He stood, disappearing slowly. Her tears held him there, though.

"Y-you're…leaving me…again…" More tears fell. Then her eyes flashed fire.

"Do you despise me that much! Do I burden your precious unlife with my presence!"

He reappeared fully, and grabbed at her coat collar. He threw it off, exposing her skin that was grabbed forcefully.

"Do you prostitute yourself so!" He roared. "To every male vampire before you kill them!"

"Bastard! You know NOTHING! You should have let me die!" She screamed back at him. He shoved her onto the ground.

"Why do you wish to die!" He was grabbing her shoulders now, bruising sensitive skin.

"Because YOU left me ALONE!" she screamed back, hoping to die then and there.

A few moments of silence passed between the two. Seras would be damned before she spoke first.

"It's getting bright…The sun is about to arise." He spoke softly, as if to calm her. He let go of her shoulders, and turned to disappear.

"So, that's it...? Save me, and then leave me again…Suppose I'll be lonely again…" She whispered to no one in particular. His form evaporated. "I guess your beloved master was the only love you ever felt."

She made her way to her small home in the southern part of London. She climbed into her small bed, since her coffin had been destroyed. The large comforter was enough to wrap herself in to resemble a cocoon, hiding away from the sun. She fell asleep, not waning to remember her handsome master.

"Do you have the specimen in sight?" A man asked another that was beside him.

"And what a beautiful specimen she will be."

"We must make sure not to alarm her 'master'. She will soon be ours."

"Confirm Target. She's asleep. Let's move. The sun's up."

He reformed beside her, and touched his hand to her forehead. He leaned towards her, their lip almost touching. Suddenly, his head jerked. He sensed danger. Positioning himself in front of her sleeping form, he pulled out his Jackal. Shots rang from the shadows, and pierced his skin. He stared for a moment, amazed at the accuracy. Blood trickled from his mouth.

"That which kills a monster is always a man!" He growled. Suddenly, a blade pierced through his left lung.

"M-Master Alucard!" he heard her yelp. Even though it was day, she was crawling over to him, willing her body to move.

"Police Girl, what do you think you're-" His sentence was cut short as she was pierced several times with the bullets. Then he was hit, in his heart. It wouldn't kill him, but would hurt tremendously.

"Master!" He heard her scream as she was being pulled away, as his vision blurred. Whoever these people were, they were strong.

"You will lose everything, count. She will NEVER be yours…"

"Sir, what do we do with him?" A soldier asked, kneeling to the fallen vampire.

"To Romania, and then to our encampment facility; Take care to seal him good, for he is the renowned Alucard."

"Yes, sir" The soldier saluted.

"And for you, my dear pretty," He traced a finger around her jaw line. "You will be our little pet."

(Big Scene Change)

Romania-5 days later

"Sir, what are we going to do with that?" A nervous soldier pointed at the feral beast inside of the cell. "All 'e does is yell some name, over and over."

"Ze vampire had more emotion for her than we thought."

"Her, sir?" The soldier questioned.

"Yes…His servant…" The commander said to him, watching the vampire using every ability in his power to attempt to get away. To get to her.

He roared her name over and over. He phased out of reality, but was blocked. His mind link with her had been somehow cut off. He rattled the bars, only to have his hands burned by the blessed bars. His patience was wearing thin. They had one more day before he would let loose his most dangerous form. And if he did, they would all die. He didn't care, anyway. He needed to know she was ok.


Her eyes were lifeless as she stared at the white ceiling. She paid no attention to the doctors that were continually touching her bare body on the operating table, transfusing blood, cutting open her skin, adding more and more of what she was to her petite form. Her fangs were becoming as long as Alucard's.

"So, what else, doc?" A nurse asked the lead doctor.

"She is definitely the genuine article. 100 virgin, 100 vampire."

"Now what do we do?"

"Well…Now we wait as everything sets in," He handed her a pair of ear plugs. "You'll need them. A lamia's shriek is deadly. Especially when it's the genuine article. And she'll be screaming."

They set them on their ears, and continued to run tests on her, and transfusing blood. The first seizure set in, and Seras did scream. She screamed for him. Crimson tears fell from her eyes as seizure after seizure set in. She cried and cried, but no one was there to comfort her. They only stuck more needles inside of her.

"Oh, my…" The doctor said.

"What is it, sir?"

"This…Lamia…She's capable of producing children!"

"What! Vampires aren't supposed to-"

"I know…this is amazing…"

Another seizure set in, and she continued to flop atop the operating table, tied down. Neither of the doctors could understand her shrieks.


He held his throbbing head, remembering what the man had said to him.

She will never be yours! She will never be yours1

Suddenly, a wave of pain let loose inside him. He could hear her, screaming in pain and agony. He could see her tears, and he could see the needles.


His temper flared, and his eyes turned a dangerous shade of red. The commander glanced at him.

"All of you will die tonight!" Alucard growled, in Romanian. The man froze in fear. Alucard took the bars, and with his skin still burning, he ripped them off. His rage took over, and he let his final form loose. Blood was everywhere, and Alucard was coated in it. He glared at the commander.

"A sea of blood for you to drown in, commander!" Alucard roared as her launched for the fear-stricken man. He removed the man's heart, and crushed it in his hand, drinking the blood.

"It is time I find what I lost…" Alucard growled.


"Can you tell me your name?" a man asked her, looking into her dark red eyes.

"Seras Victoria"

"For whom do you serve?"




"That man is an impersonator"

"I serve only him"

"You will kill him"


They electrocuted her so many times. But what was inhumane to an undead corpse?

"Your MASTER!"

"You, sir"

"Your enemy?"


"You have one mission: Seek and destroy"

"Yes sir, my master"

"Your things are over there. Kill him. He betrayed you."

"He is no longer my master"

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