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Have my child…

She was still keeping the request in the back of her mind. She loved him, yes, but he had just discovered his own feelings. She didn't want to be used for only having a child. She wanted love out of him, not just a bond between servant and master. Well, technically, she was free of his servitude along time ago, when she drank his blood. When Nav tried to destroy their bond, and force her to have his child. But more than one thing kept her away from him. How was she a part of Mina? She had read Bram Stoker, and knew who she was. Also, there was Elisabeta, the love of Dracula, or Alucard's life. But she was Seras, no one else. Was the reason that Alucard wanted her womb for his seed because neither Elisabeta nor Mina had the chance to give birth to his child? Did he really love her? Or did he just flatter her? She was so confused. Would he leave her after she had a child, and leave with it? Would she be alone again? So many questions. So much confusion.


She continued walking away from him, even when he tried to talk to her through a mind link. He would continue to call her name, but she would not be swayed.

Seras, you have had fifty years! I cannot wait much longer…

"Go away, Alucard. I have no desire to have your child. I need more time to think."

So you hate me now? Is that it, Seras?

"No, dammit…I love you, but-"

Then come to me…

"Do you even love me, Alucard...?"

"See, you cannot even answer a simple question. I love you, but I need you to love me back."

I do, Seras…

"Can you say it?"

She continued walking, reaching her house. She had built it herself, in a matter of hours. She had dug a hole in the ground, and made a home out of it. She carved caverns, and many rooms in her underground palace. She had bought a bed with many large comforters, and fluffy pillows with the money her father had left her. She even had a refrigerator stocked full of years supply of blood from the blood banks. They were more than welcome to aid the girl who had helped protect London. Their grandchildren or newer officers did, anyway. Artwork was everywhere, covering the walls that she had made with her bare hands. The place was a dream home to Seras, with everything she'd ever wanted, except for one thing. Him.

She phased through the ground, entering her home. She felt warmth inside whenever she entered her masterpiece. She hung her coat on the coat hanger, and went to her chambers.

Undressing into a pair of black shorts and a black t-shirt, she threw her 'night' clothes into the basket beside her door. She sat on her bed, and put her face in her hands. She wanted him with every fiber of her being, but her humanity, or what was left of it, after the whole incident with the Germans, and then Nav, told her he had to love her back.

"I feel so broken…So lonely…Why do I feel so empty...?"

She cried, like she did every night lately. She hated fighting him over this. Trying his patience. She cried because she loved him so much, she felt empty without him.

"Oh, Alucard…Forgive me…" She continued crying, wallowing in self loathing.

He was once again sitting in his castle. He had isolated himself from everything. Even feeding. He hadn't fed in fifty years, and was on the brink of blood-lust. He feared that if Seras didn't respond to him soon, he would loose all self control. He would kill her, his instincts knew, but his heart refused to believe that he would ever harm her again. He had harmed her so many times in the past, and refused to let himself anymore. He feared for the villagers in this town if he did not get what he wanted, what he needed soon. They would all die as he once again lost control and became the monster he was named. He had hoped he wouldn't be a monster in her eyes. He knew she was scared. There was nothing he could do. All he could do was call on her every day, to ask if she'd made up her mind. And every time, he couldn't tell her how he felt about her. And she withdrew from him even more.

"Oh, Seras…Please…"

He suddenly felt a wave of sadness hit him. But it wasn't his own, but hers. Even though they were no longer servant and master, he was still connected to her.

"She's painting a red sky, one with her tears."

Oh, Alucard…Please forgive me…

"Seras…" He mumbled, disintegrating into nothing to his fledgling's home, making a few pit stops on the way.

She was crying into her pillow, blood-red tears covering the black pillow case. She didn't even notice him behind her, until he placed a hand on her shoulder. She gasped, and turned to him. He wore a black trench-coat, and a black tuxedo. He presented a bouquet of blue roses to her. She sat awed. He smiled slightly, and placed them inside a vase he could tell she created.

"A beautiful bouquet, to complement beautiful art work." He complemented. She smiled a little, and he wiped the single tear that went down her cheek.

"And this," he said, pulling out a box. "Was for when you said yes to me, but I think the occasion calls for now."

Her eyes widened at the beautiful ring inside the box. It was beautiful sapphire, with little diamonds on the sides, and complemented with silver. Seras had never seen anything more beautiful. She put her hands over her mouth.


"I do…Love you, Seras…" He whispered, and tears fell from her face once more.

"My love, why do you cry?"


"Shhh….Seras…" He whispered before kissing her lightly.

She kissed him back, and let him put the ring on her finger.

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