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Five years later….

Sleeping peacefully on his sofa, Dave Bautista was enjoying his life. When his contract ended with the WWE, he became an agent and often worked at the company's headquarters in Connecticut. His daughters were grown and out of the home. Elani graduated from college and works at major public relations firm, whose clients are A-list celebrities and sport athletes.

Kaira became a music major at the University of Tampa and is hoping to sign a deal with a record label soon. For the time being, she's content on focusing on school and her burgeoning career, not boys. Thank God.

After intense third-degree questioning from Dave and Tracy, Cianna and Andrew are happily engaged. They are going to get married once she graduates from college, which will be another three years. Not long enough.

Tracy quickly re-married and divorced. Deciding that she is just "too fine to stay tied down" she is thoroughly enjoying the single life.

Randy and Rae are still best friends, even though they stopped sleeping with each other. Playing matchmaker and wanting to see her best friend with someone who was truly his equal, Rae tricked Mickie into going on a blind date with Randy. Cursing each other out yet somehow still ended up having sex with each other, Randy and Mickie just celebrated their third anniversary. If they can stand each other, they might get married.

Per Vince's suggestion, Lilian got breast implants. Now she is having problems finding tops that fit her new double-Ds.

Trish retired from wrestling and surprised everyone by marrying John Cena a year later. They just recently became proud parents of a baby boy, Tyler.

Dave's thoughts were interrupted as his son slightly cooed. He readjusted his position as Jordan Hunter slept on his chest. The timing of Jordan's birth could not have been more perfect. Dave just retired when his new wife surprised him with the news of the pregnancy. Deciding that his town home was just too small for his new family, he moved into a sprawling home in a gated community. He went to all of the birthing classes and anxiously waited his child's arrival. And when the moment came, Dave was there by his wife's side the entire time.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…" Kaira called out.

"Shh…" Dave whispered. "I just put Jordan to sleep."

"Oh…" She replied as she motioned to the girls to be quiet. "Hey, me and the girls are going to Baskin-Robbins."

Dave looked at his daughters and their friends. There were six in all. It was no mistake that all of them surrounded him. "Let me guess…."

"We just need fifty." Cianna said.

"Fifty?" Dave was about to have a stroke. "For ice cream?"

"Baskin-Robbins is expensive, Daddy!" Elani added.

Dave did the quick math. "Yes, it can be pricey. But even if you get the biggest sundaes, you don't need fifty dollars."

"You don't know that!" Kaira said.

Dave kissed Jordan's head and rubbed his back. "See what they're trying to do to your daddy, J? They're trying to scam your daddy." He whispered.

Elani knelt beside Dave and rubbed her five-month-old brother's head. "Don't listen to him, Jordie. Daddy's just cheap."

"And how's that supposed to make me give you money?" Dave asked.

"Daddy…" Cianna whined. "The ice cream is going to melt!"

"What?" Dave shook his head. "Where's your other mom? Go get her. She has money."

"I thought she hated you, Daddy?" Elani asked.

Rae walked into the living room. "Oh, I do." She smiled as she reached into Dave's jacket and retrieved fifty dollars. "Here you go."

"And I want my change!" Dave said.

The girls kissed Rae goodbye. "Did you want anything, Rae?" Cianna asked.

"The usual." Rae replied.

Once the girls left, Rae situated herself beside her husband and son. "As long as he been asleep?"

"Long enough." Dave smiled. "How are you feeling?"

"Tired. Hungry. You know, the usual…" Rae nodded. "And I have seven months to go….damn."

"I promise this is the last one." Dave assured her.

"Oh you damn right this is the last one." Rae agreed. "I'm not doing back-to-back pregnancies again, motherfucker."

Cradling his son, Dave sat up so Rae could rest her head against his. "You look wonderful, Beautiful."

"You're just saying that so you can get some ass." She sneered.

"Damn right." Dave smiled. "Hey, I can't get you pregnant now."

"And you won't ever again." She smiled.

Twenty minutes later, the girls returned with their ice cream treats and Dave's change. "Here you go, Rae." Elani said as she presented her with her sundae.

Rae's eyes lit up as she dived into her hot fudge sundae with Cookies and Cream and Rocky Road ice cream. "Hot damn!" She smiled.

"That looks good." Dave said as he eyed Rae's sundae. "Can I have some?"

"Get your own." She mumbled.

"We hooked you up too, Daddy." Cianna said as she presented him with the same sundae.

"Ah, thank you." Dave smiled. "I have my change, right?"

"You got your change." The girls said in unison.

"I'm just wondering." Dave defended.

Enjoying a nice family night with rented DVDs, Dave and Rae enjoyed a nice—sometimes chaotic—life with their family. After their reconciliation afternoon, the pair decided to take it easy and actually think about if their relationship was worth salvaging and working through.

They took it easy for two days. By the end of the year, Rae moved into Dave's town home. While the pair has talked about marriage, they decided to take time to be with each other as just an unmarried couple.

That also lasted another two days. Dave proposed soon after the conversation and an elegant wedding affair took place eight months later. The couple was married for two years when Jordan was born.

Looking back on their life together, Rae couldn't help but to smile. Dave made a bad choice but it was one of his better decisions. She made several questionable choices but things worked out for themselves. And when their son Jonathan David arrived, Rae and Dave both knew they made the right choice.

Succumbing to pressure from Dave and Randy—and a slew of other people who have had her cooking experience, Rae finally enrolled in cooking classes. She knows how to open an egg.