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London, Maddie, Mary Margret(who I will call just call Mary), and Corrie sat in the computer lab.

Maddie and London were working on their research paper, while Mary and Corrie worked on theirs.

''Hey London, what's another word for optimistic?'' Maddie asked her partner(I mean project partner,not girlfriend).

''I don't know,cat.'' Said London,who was busy flossing her teeth.

''What does the word cat have in common with the word optimistic?'' Asked Maddie.

''Well,you asked for another word,so there you go.'' Said London,smiling and uncrossing her legs.

Meanwhile,Corrie sat next to Mary,as Mary typed their paper.

When London uncrossed her legs, Corrie was able to see up her skirt.

She could'nt take her eyes off London's panties.

''Hey Corrie, gimme that paper over there.'' Said Mary.

Corrie...CORRIE!" She shouted,earning herself several shhhs from people in the process.

''Oh,I'm sorry,I was...'' She started,but Mary cut her off,''Looking up London's school skirt?''

Corrie sighed and said,''I can see London Tipton's panties.''

''Oh my God,you have such a problem.'' Said Mary,making a disgusted face,and rolling her eyes.

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After they finished their papers,all the girls headed to lunch.

''Man,I just can't belive they voted Ace off American Idol,he was so cute.'' Said London,applying lipstick to her lips.

''I know.'' Said Mary,Maddie rolled her eyes,she did'nt have a T.V,so she had never seen American Idol,but she had heard of it,and judging by what she heard,she hated it.

London dropped the lipstick back into her purse witch was sitting under her,but she missed,and it rolled up to Corrie foot.

''Hey London,you dropped...'' She started,but she did'nt finish.

''What?'' Asked Corrie.

"Nothing." She said.

Corrie carefully dropped the lipstck into her purse and stood up.

"I'm going to the restroom, don't do anything cool untill I get back London." She said.

"Whatever." Said London.

She walked off, and London leaned in and said, "That girl really scares me."

"Oh girl, today in the library, she was looking up your skirt." Said Mary.

"Yeah, and she was watching you shower the other day after gym." Said Maddie.

"No, the weirdest thing was when I caught her digging through my locker, she was like going through my cloths and smelling them." Said London.

"Eww." Said Maddie.

"Seriously London, I'd watch myself around that girl, she's a little to into you." Said Mary.

London nodded, but secretly, she was hiding a evil grin, this is just what she wants, she loves to toy with guys so much, because they obsessed over her, so toying with a girl, who was twice obsessed as any guy would be twice as fun.

"I need to go get a little cash outta my purse." Said London, dumping her tray.

"A little?" Said Maddie.

"Ok, alot, but I'm donating it, see I can be cherishable to." She said.

Maddie looked at Mary confused and started to correct her, but London stopped her,"Don't even tell me how cherishable I am, it ruins the feeling."

"Your a saint." Said Maddie.

"I know." Said London, skipping out of the cafeteria.

Mary and Maddie burst out laughing.

But when the door closed behind London, she stopped skipping, her bright smile turned to an evil smirk.

She hiked up her skirt and headed towards the restroom...

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