Ok, this is the last day of Summer Vacation for me, I'm going to the 10th grade. So I'm sort of gonna need to pay attention, so I won't fail so I can write all of next Summer! But here's my lineup for school. I'm limited to how much I can update so I'm doing my best. Sorry for posting this as a fic, but I wanted to make sure all of my readers see this, I'll post it in my profile and delete this next weekend.

Totally Suite Threeway - Spontaneous updates, could be tommrow, could be two weeks, It all depends on if I can get in the mood for this kind of fic.

Obsession - See Totally Suite Threeway

But if I really buckle down I could probably finish all of them by Christmas, but I'm gonna need some support here people, and by support I mean reviews.(Just be glad I don't play any sports and don't have to go to practice)