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She gasped at the sight before her, staring at Francesco in horror.

"What is the meaning of this?" she said, barely above a whisper.

"This vampire...is an example of everything that we are against, Esther-sama." he said, "This vampire is a agent of darkness, one that spreads evil over the earth."

She moved her gaze to stare at him instead.

"He will be executed on crimes against God." he said, "He will pay for his whole goddless race."

Esther turned back to the blonde-haired prisoner. As if on cue, he raised his head slowly to look up at her. He was drenched with his own blood. She felt her heart sink as she gazed at him. They must have tortured him for days trying to get precious information on Byzantium out of him. Despite his situation, he knew the truth. That Francesco was holding her, and that she was just as much of a prisonar as he was. His red eyes seemed to brighten slightly as he looked at her.


"Demon!" Francesco roared, "You will address her with the uttmost respect! How dare you defile the queen by speaking to her in such a lowly fashion!"

"Cardinal Francesco!" she roared.

"My apologies..." the young Methuselah replied, "My apologies...Your Majesty Queen Esther."


"Why..." he smirked at her, "...you're a higher rank then me...call me...my name..."

He coughed, blood speckled the pavement in front of him. She was well aware that he was loosing too much, and that soon his vampire instincts would drive him to insanity. For what she was seeing, that was Francesco's intention.

Francesco was going to starve him to death.


"Ion." she quickly said.

The smile on his face seemed to warm her heart on her soul. It was the first time she had called him by his name.

"Thank you..."

His head fell foreward, and he slumped against the pole they had bound him too. It was then that Esther realized the true problem. Looking at the clock, her eyes grew wide. It was almost dawnbreak.

"God will burn the cursed." Francesco sneered, "Burn them all away..."

"Ion!" she screamed, she turned to the man next to her, "Let him go! Let him go right now!"

Ion smiled to himself, it was okay. He would have no regrets dying this way. It would be painful, but he would die happy been able to see her face once more. This was his payment for his sins. The sin of being selfish and causing her so much trouble.

Forgive me sensei...in the end, I wasn't strong enough to save her...

The sun began to peek over the mountains. Even the small dawn rays were starting to burn him. Leaning his head back, he smiled. Nothing would save his pathetic life now-


It was like something out of an action epic, or a movie, or a dream. Watching as she gathered up her long white gown, everyone stared in shock as she vaulted over the railing. Landing gracefully on the floor one level down, she ran towards him, whipping off her long top robe. There were tears streaming down her face.


"She betrays Rome! Stop her!" Francesco ordered.

She wrapped the robes around his body, protecting him from the certain death that was raising in the east. Looking up into his blood covered face, she smiled,

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..."

He touched his forehead to hers, "It's nothing, Esther...nothing as long as you're here with me...'

"I...I'm..." she sniffed, "I will never leave you. I promise, as long as I live..."

Ion smiled at her, seeing the soliders rushing towards him. She wrapped her arms around him, hearing Francesco order the archers to kill them. She was going to die, and then everything would be over.

But at the moment, she did not care.

"Esther." he whispered, "I love you. I have always loved you, since the moment I first met you."

"I know." she smiled, burying her face in his broad chest. She was a contradiction to most people. Her family was killed by vampires, her whole life was devoted to revenge and killing the vampires that ruined her life...and in the end, she had fallen in love with a vampire.

The sun reached the top of the moutain. His ears perked as the archers shot the arrows towards them. It was the end for them both. Looking down at her, she laid her hands on his face,

"Ion, I..."

He sat on a rock, looking down at his hands,staring at the blood on them. After trying to resist the temptation, he raised the fingers to his lips and clamly licked them.

It would be dawn soon, and he would have to return to the ship to avoid getting burnt to a crisp by the morning sun. This battlefield had been his place of resisdence for the last 3 weeks. Fighting in the war with the Contri Mundi was something that was not elegant, or honorable, or glorious...simply death.

"If you're thristy, there's plenty of blood in storage on the ship." a cold voice came from behind him, "That's not very sanitary."

The young vampire made a face, "Blood is blood and I am who I am, sensei."

"Is that so?"

Abel Nightroad walked over to stand at his side. The white-haired priest calmly slipped the glasses off his face, cleaned them on his robes, and replaced them. He would need a new pair of glasses soon, these were scratched.

"Ion." Abel glanced at him, "Once we return to the ship, get some rest. Then we will resume training in six hours."

Abel Nightroad was not the clutzy, carefree priest that Ion had first come to know. In battle against the Contri Mundi, he was nothing less then a machine. One could barely tell a difference between him and Father Tres, whom Ion knew was the AX andriod officer from the Vatican.

"Yes, sensei."

"On the way back, I am required to stop in Rome for the annual report." he said, "You will accompany me."

"Yes, sir."

Over the cliff, not too far from them, the massive ship rose from the ravine. It was the ship given to Abel Nightroad when he was given complete command of the European battalion. The Metropolis was an amazing ship, and was currently Ion's home-away-from-home.

The young vampire walked down the hallway, saluted the lower-ranking officers as he went. Reaching his quarters, he pulled off his Byzanitum-Albion uniform. The blue, gold-embriodered uniform was made from pure silk from his homeland. Black and silver armor clipped and strapped around his arms, legs, and chest. It was imported from the Vactian armory itself.

Drawing the curtains in his room, he would sleep during the day and take night shifts. There were other Methuselah on the ship, however, none had reached high enough ranking yet and Ion was left to do a lot more work. Returning to Rome meant that he would be getting a small vaccation, something he was in dire need of.

He would get to see her again.


Looking at the locket around his neck, he peeled off the rest of his clothes and placed them in the bin to be cleaned. Maybe he would write her a letter tonight, it would reach the city by morning.

It felt wonderful to take a shower. After not being able to do much else other then fight, missing nightly showers was really the only thing he had never grown used to. By nature, Methuselah were generally picky about their images and how they appeared. Ion did admit at times his race tended to be egotistical, but no one was perfect.

Putting on a robe, he sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back on his arms slightly. It had been 3 years since he had seen her. Not since she assumed the throne. Most likely, she changed a lot. Maybe she would not even recognize him.

His gaze fell over the twin swords that leaned against the wall in the corner of his room. They had been his best friends through his entire training experience.

Training with Abel Nightroad was bone splitting, painful, and tiring work.

As much as Ion had started out thinking the priest was a clutz, a space, and constantly needing attention from others, he was no slouch when it came to battle. Other then Cain and Dietrich of the Rosenkruz Orden, who was eventually killed by Cain himself, Ion had never seen anyone defeat Father Nightroad.

His thoughts fadded off as he fell back onto the bed. He was too tired to think of anything at the moment.

Abel sat at the desk. Having just cleaned himself up, he was running over reports for the day.

"Father Abel."

He looked foreward and a wary smile spread across his face, "Sister Kate, what brings you to my humble office?"

"You look well." she said, "How is your young apprentice?"

"Working to the bone, but he's holding up."

"Father Hugue says that he's willing for a rematch the moment Ion feels up to it." she replied, "The young man put up such a good fight, Father Hugue was impressed."

"Indeed. Ion is quite promising. At this rate, Catrina may let him be the first Methuselah to be officially accepted into the the AX. That is...if Queen Esther doesn't lay claim to him first."

Sister Kate chuckled, everyone who knew both of the youngsters cared a lot for each other.

"Naturally." she nodded, "Speaking of which, The queen of Albion will be in Rome tommorrow morning."

"Interesting." Abel said, "I'll make sure to inform Ion when we arrive."

"There is another reason why I called." she said, "There is a problem, Father Abel."

"A problem?" he set down the papers, "I'm all ears."

She opened her eyes, sitting up.

It was daybreak outside.

The young queen of Albion could not help but get up and walk across the room to the balcony. She opened the doors and looked at the bright sun, breathing in the warm spring air.

Raising a hand slightly, she fingered the ruby locket that hung around her neck, and the leaned against the railing of the balcony. Today would be a new day, and a day in which she would learned and discover more and more wonders that she never knew of before.

Esther Blanchett let out a small sigh, and took a moment to let thoughts run threw her head. There was always a routine list that she would think through. The trade reports for Albion, the status of the war front, intellegence information, when her next daily prayer was, and then the thoughts of a certain blonde Methuselah.

Ion Fortuna had left with Father Nightroad to train. Whatever possessed him to leave to do that, Esther still did not understand. All she knew, was that the one man that she thought of as a father, and the other whom she thought of as...well...she really did not know what. But both of them were fighting and suffering while she was sleeping in a feather bed with silk sheets.

It frustrated her. Basically...she could do nothing.

There was a knock on the door.


The chamber maid entered, setting the breakfest tray on the table, along with the files of reports.

"Anything new, Edna?" Esther walked up to her.

"Nothing, m'lady." the middle aged woman said, "The Pope will be arriving shortly. He is very egar to see you."

"It's been a while. He is a dear friend, after all." Esther sipped the tea.

"And on a personal note..." the elder woman slid a letter out of her pocket, "...I was instructed to give this to you."

"Me?" Esther took it, reading the front of it. Almost emediatly, she recognized the handwriting. A big grin spread across her face.

"I'll excuse myself." the main smiled, leaving the young lady to read.

Esther tore the letter open, seeing the finely-trained handwriting of the Methuselah count, and began to read.

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