Title: Flight
Author: gunnman (William Gunn)
Rating: T
Disclaimer: All characters belong to DC Comics, Warner Bros., Al Gough and Miles Millar.
Spoilers: Season 5
Placement: After Fade
Quick Summary: Clark gains a new ability with his and Lois's first kiss
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Thank you Sep (sepideh9) for betaing this story


Chapter 1

Clark had just finished his chores, when he saw his mom leaving the farm to go to Topeka. He walked up to the car to say goodbye to her, when she turned around, and said to him, "I'll be back this weekend. I just dropped Lois off at the house, can you please bring her back to her apartment?"

"Sure mom" Clark replied.

"Thanks sweetie. Oh, I left some pot roast in the oven; there should be enough for the both of you. You will also find the cookie jar filled. Have a good week Clark. Try to have some fun."

"I love you mom! Thanks for he cookies, how you find the time with all your duties as senator to still be a great mom" Clark said with a smile.

"I love you to Clark, you know I would so anything for you. Don't forget about Lois." Martha reminded him again.

"I'll be glad to bring her home, that way I can sleep in my own bed instead of the sofa. I barely fit on it anymore."

"I almost forgot; I left Lois a tin of cookies for her apartment. It's on the counter by the fridge."

"I'll make sure she gets them. You better get going, or you'll be late. Love you mom."

"I love you too Clark. Call me if you need anything." She said as she gave his a quick hug and got in the car.

Clark watched the car pulled out of the drive away and went inside the house and opened the door. Once inside he called "Lois do you want some pot roast?"

No one answered. He called again, still no answer. He looked around the house and couldn't find Lois. He thought, 'better check the barn.' He turned on his super hearing when he heard sniffing; he followed the sound to the barn. He approached her silently, and saw her looking at some of Mr. Kent's campaign posters.

All the sudden, Clark felt that he was invading Lois's privacy. He backed out of the barn, where he called out to her loudly as he re-entered the barn. Lois was just stood there. He could tell she had been crying, but said nothing about it.

"Hey, Lois I've been looking for you. Mom left us some pot roast in the oven. I'm going to take a shower and then I'll get dinner ready. Anything special you want?"

"No Smallville, I'm sure Mrs. Kent's dinner will be enough." Lois replied

"Well, come in when you're finished. Dinner should be on the table in about 45 minutes." Clark said, slightly unsure of what to do next.

So, Clark left Lois in the barn; but he couldn't get the sight of Lois kneeling by the sign out of his mind and hearing her cry was a surprise for him. He had never seen Lois cry before; her usual response was to plow right through- guns blazing.

It was one of the things he envied in her, her ability to be so sure of herself. He would never admit that to her, she gave him enough grief without him giving her more ammunition.

But Lois with red eyes and dried tears, that was something new. He knew she felt close to his family, and he knew his father loved Lois like a daughter. Jonathan chose her as his campaign manager because he believed in her; Lois had the ability to achieve anything she set her mind too.

This was another thing Clark envied about Lois. He had all these powers, but he always second guessed himself. Lois set her mind on something, then moved heaven and earth to achieve it. Clark had to admit that Lois was a force of nature, a tempest.

Clark understood her pain; he missed his father too. He tried to be strong for mom, but he too had cried. He really felt like a part of him was missing- maybe he could help Lois, since they were "friends of a sort." She could always get under his skin, and somewhere along the line he found he liked it. He even started getting back at her.

It would seem to a stranger that they hated each other, but both knew it was a game. It's was their way of interacting which each other on a level that no one else could. It was special to them, as it had brought respect and care to their relationship that was hard to explain. 'That's it I'll find a way to help Lois' Clark thought as he stepped out of the shower.

"Smallville, you took long enough. I set the table and took dinner from the oven. Talk about a marathon shower, you've been in there over an hour."

"I'm sorry Lois just got caught up in thought," Clark apologized.

"You think? That would be the day. I think you and junior had a little fun."

"Wouldn't you love to know Lois? By the way, you didn't try to cook any thing else did you?" Clark asked inquisitively cautious.

"No, Smallville, I don't need to eat a several course meal. You're the human garbage disposal. How you're not overweight I'll never know."

"That's my secret and though you may need to lose a pound or two, I won't tell you."

"Lose a pound are two …. Smallville you're treading on thin ice! Never tell a lady she needs to lose weight."

"You're not a lady, you talk like a sailor. Why does that bring back scary memories? What about you Amber Waves?" Clark said with a coy smile.

"Clark, let's just eat." Lois said as she rolled her eyes and gently shook her head.

They sat down and ate a wonderful dinner. Clark gave Lois here bag of cookies and took her home. He thought all night what he could do for Lois to make her feel better, yet not make her feel weak. He was no closer to an answer when he fell asleep.