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Chapter 15 (Part I)

The morning sun streamed in through the window in the loft and slowly crept across the floor until it fell upon Lois's face. Lois tried to roll over, only to find herself pinned. She opened her eyes to find herself in Clark's arms.

Last night suddenly came back to her; she had decided she would just lay here with Clark till she fell asleep. Knowing Clark he would have chosen the couch again, but if they fell asleep here they would be together. She looked up at Clark and wondered, not for the first time; how she could have ever not seen what an incredible man he was.

She lay there watching him sleep wondering, what is going to be like without him. They had only really just redefined their relationship; but, the idea of his absence sent chills through out her body. Suddenly, the physical presence of him was a necessity. Never had she felt so dependant upon another person.

As she looked at Clark, she began to realize how wrong she had been about him. She had seen him as a small town country boy, who would stay and raise a family and not much else. Not that there was something wrong with that life, but she had never seen herself living like that. But, she had to admit that life seemed much better to her than it ever had.

She could tell from his stories, that he always defined himself by what made him different or as he would put it 'what made him not normal.' He didn't see what she saw, a man that puts his freedom on the line to help people without asking for anything in return.

She wondered how Clark saw her, was she still bossy, stuck up, and rude? She thought back on the way she treated Clark and wondered how she would see herself. If someone dropped into her life they way she dropped in Clark's, then treated her the way she treated Clark; they would never be friends. The way Clark looked for the best in people really amazed her.

She began to wonder how exactly she saw herself.

Come to think of it, she defined herself more by what she was not, then what she was. She didn't look to her successes; she looked at her failures for definition.

She had once told him, she didn't meet guys who wanted to save the world; yet here was Clark, who helped make the world a better place not asking for anything in return except a chance to live a life like anyone else. He wasn't looking for fame or power, he actually only wanted to help in any way he could.

She shook her head slightly, a faint smile on her lips. Now the fate of the world was thrust upon him and he seemed to be more worried about her and his friends than he is about his own safety. Clark is one of a kind. …

Clark awoke to find Lois facing him, but she seemed not to be looking at him more through him. 'She is really has no idea how beautiful she is.' he thought.

He could think of only one thing that would give Lois that far away look, his leaving. Truth be told, he wanted to forget about Zod and just stay with Lois; but no good had ever come from breaking a promise to Jor-El. He just wished she could come too.

Clark reached up and lightly traced her cheek with his fingers and whispered, "I love you, darling."

Lois was abruptly brought back to the present, and once again saw Clark's face. "I love you too, Smallville," she said as she brushed the hair out of his eyes.

Clark smiled as he pulled her closer, only to have her turn her head. "Sweetheart, what's wrong. I was only going to kiss you?" Clark asked perplexed.

"Clark, I have morning breath." Lois said dismayed, and then added coyly, "Let me go get ready and you can kiss me all you want."

"Lois, I don't care! I love you, morning breath and all. But, I expect you to keep your word; I get to kiss you all I want!" Clark said playfully.

Lois chuckled and kissed his cheek. "Clark Kent, you are incorrigible. Now let me take a shower, so we can satisfy your horn-dog nature."

"It's you that brings it out in me Lois. Now go take that shower, I'm waiting" Clark said playfully as he kissed Lois's forehead. Then pulled her in tightly and floated to the upright position. As he released her he said "The clock is ticking, each second you stand here is a second I don't get to kiss you."

They were shocked to hear a loud chuckling from the bottom of barn. Then they heard Martha's walking up the stairs to the loft, saying, "Kids; if you can tear your lips apart long enough, breakfast is ready!"

"Sorry mom, we'll be right their after we take a shower." Clark said embarrassed.

Lois raised her eyebrows at Clark, and brashly asked, "What was that a Freudian slip, Smallville?"

Suddenly Clark realized what he had said and quickly added, "Separate showers, we will be taking separate showers," as his face turned bright red.

Martha and Lois both broke out laughing.

"I guess I'll go first since everyone is so busy laughing at me." Clark said as started to the stairs.

"Nice try Smallville. I'll go first." Lois said grabbing for Clark's arm. She gave him a sexy smile as she passed him on the way to the stairs.

"Anything you say, dear. I'll just clean up out here before I go inside," Clark replied.

After they ate breakfast, Clark took Lois's hand and said "I have something I want to give you before everyone gets here."

Lois smiled and replied "I have something for you too. But, you go first. Let's see what you got for me."

"It's in the loft. But you didn't need to get me anything. You just being here with me is more than I ever could have asked for," Clark responded, with frank honesty, as he brought her hand to his lips.

"Clark, I think you'll love it. But stop stalling and let's get my present." Lois replied quickly leading him to the loft. As the reached the top of the stairs, Lois could see everything was put away. The only thing out of place was a dark brown box on the chest they used as a table. She crossed over and asked eagerly "Is this it, is this for me?"

"Yes, darling, look inside." Clark said stopping and allowing Lois to scamper across the room. He began to chuckle at Lois's eager anticipation.

Lois turned and faced him and made a pouty face. Which made him genuinely laugh aloud, after a moment he added"Go ahead and open it my little Lo."

Lois laughed and picked up the box and, still playing the little girl, shook it and listened. After a minute she opened it and gasped. The look on her face was priceless.

Clark stared at her and thought, 'How can she so easily make my heart flutter? No one has ever had this power over me.'

Lois lifted the bracelet and examined it. It was a three inch silver bracelet with a blue white stone in the center. Inside were familiar pictographs. "Where did you get a Kryptonian bracelet? I love it." Lois said running over and kissing Clark.

"Professor Willowbrook gave it to me, it was Kyla's. The Kawatchee Legend of Naman says that the bracelet is for Naman's soul mate, his true one. So, after Kyla died Professor Willowbrook gave it to me and said to give it to my true one" Clark said. Lifting the bracelet he added as he placed it on Lois's left arm "So, I give it to you with all my heart."

As Clark put bracelet on her arm, a wave of love washed over Lois. She was so overcome she almost collapsed. Clark caught her and she could feel his concern radiating from him.

After a second she regained her balance and told Clark "I'm okay, It's just this means so much and you chose to give it to me … I'm not sure I deserve it."

Clark pulled her close and looked deep into her eyes. "Lois, you deserve this and more. I am just sorry that I have to leave when we finally found each other. I would like nothing better than to stay here with you and show you how much I care for you. But, nothing good has ever happened when I broke a promise to Jor-El."

"Clark, I would never ask you to break a promise," Lois declared sweetly, as she leaned forward to kiss him. She pulled back and admitted, "This is more important than us, the world depends on you. I'll miss you but, I'll be here waiting for you to come back."

Lois felt the wave of love again and, although she didn't say it aloud, thought 'I never felt so overwhelmed be emotions before, and I can hear my own heart beating in my ears; I hope I can get through the rest of the day without breaking down'.

She turned towards Clark, trying to keep back the sadness that overwhelmed her. She kissed him and led him by the hand back to the house. "Let's go get your present."

Upon entering Lois's room, the first thing Clark noticed was the picture he had given her sitting on the nightstand. And, on her bed, was something he had never seen before – a small brown monkey with a red cap and jacket. He was surprised; he would never have suspected Lois to have stuffed animals. But, why only one; maybe there was something special about it.

Lois let go of Clark's hand and reached for the monkey, she turned to Clark. Almost on the verge of tears, Lois spoke softly, as she held out the stuffed animal to him. "Clark, this is Beppo and I would like you to take him with you. I know he's not much, but he means a lot to me. My mother bought him with me the last time we went shopping together before she went in the hospital." The tears threatening to fall breached her defenses and slowly began falling.

Seeing her tears was too much for Clark, he rushed to Lois and pulled her into a tight embrace. Silently he comforted her.

Lois felt the compassion and kindness radiating from Clark. After a couple of minutes, she continued "Whenever I miss my mother, I get Beppo out. He makes me feel like my mother is with me."

"Lois, you should keep Beppo; you don't need to give me anything," Clark protestedbeginning to tear up himself. Overcome by the thought of what Lois was trying to entrust him with, Clark pulled her in tighter and kissed her forehead.

Another wave of emotion washed over her, as she said "No, Smallville, you take him; I think my mother would really like you to have him now. This way I feel you can get a connection to my mother. I really want you to take him with you." Lois extricated herself from Clark's arms and kissed Beppo, before handing him to Clark.

Clark accepted Beppo and held him like the treasure he is. "Lois, I'llreturn him to you when I return. I want to thank you for Beppo; I can see how much he means to you and I feel honored that you would entrust him to me." Clark took her hand and kissed away her tears.

After a couple of minutes he said, "Let me go pack Beppo and I'll meet you downstairs. I love you. We really need to decide what I am going to call you now … nothing can sum up how I feel about you. … Always remember I love you." Clark kissed her gently again and pulled away with a sigh.

Clark closed the door behind him and headed downstairs to put the tattered stuff toy in his bag. He decided it would be a good idea to wait for Lois to compose herself, knowing how emotional the day was on her.