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Synopsis- An insight into some of House and Wilson's most important moments together. Friendship – NO slash.

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I LOVE the House/Wilson friendship; some of the best ever scenes in the show are these two! Thought I'd try to touch on different scenes through their friendship using a common element.

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PS- This was written with the idea that House first got a job at PPTH in the Nephrology Dept, then was promoted to Head of Nephrology before his infarction. Then, in my timeline, he went back to work but his job was given to someone else, so Cuddy gave Dept of Diagnostics especially to him, to keep him employed and to shut him up.



BI – Before Infarction

I – The period of House's Infarction, from the start of his symptoms to the end of the operation Stacy authorised (in the current storyline, this was about six years ago)

AI – After Infarction



James Wilson groaned as he rolled over, trying to block out the insistent knocking on his front door. His wife, Susan, growled.

"Your turn," she grumbled, refusing to get up.

James wrenched himself out of bed and staggered to the door. Who the hell would come over at six a.m. on a—

He yanked open the door, and there stood Gregory House, decked out in full running gear.

"Ah… wha… huh?" James babbled, blinking in the early morning sunlight.

"Wanna come for a run?" Greg asked, grinning.

"Wha… House, c'mon! You know Saturdays are my only opportunity to sleep in!"

His friend shrugged and held up a paper bag. "I bring gifts… well, they're more like bribes, but still…"

James stared at the bag. "You brought doughnuts?" He could feel his mouth starting to water.

"Only if you run. That's the deal. We run, then we completely undermine all the exercise we just did and eat doughnuts." He opened the bag, floating it under James' nose, the tantalizing smell of warm sweet-bread permeating the air.

It only took James a second to decide.

"Okay. I'll be right out."

Greg smiled satisfactorily and headed back to his car to wait. "Okay."


"Way-way-wait… you play lacrosse?" James puffed incredulously. "You continue to amaze me."

"Yeah, I play. What's wrong with it?" Greg asked defensively.

"Nothing. Except I don't even know what it is! I thought you were a baseball fan?"

They followed a bend on the park's path and James glanced at his friend, who shrugged.

"I like all sports. Baseball, football, lacrosse—"

"Lawn bowls, cheerleading," he teased.

They stopped at a bench and James bent over, resting his palms on his knees while Greg flopped on the bench.

"Yeah, those, too. You should see my pom-poms, they kick ass."

"No thanks. You've seen one pair of pom-poms, you've seen 'em all." James grinned and lowered himself down next to the older man.

"So," House started, an inquisitive look on his face. "How're things with Susan?"

Wilson groaned. "Not so good. She wasn't very impressed that it was you knocking on our door so early."

"She's not that hard to unimpress," House commented. He slung his arm over the back of the bench and stared at the sky. "She doesn't like me."

"Do you blame her?"

"She doesn't understand me."

"Not many people do." He paused. "How's Stacy?" He watched closely as a grin came over his friend's face, completely transforming him. He tried hard not to grin himself; seeing House smile made him feel good. It happened so rarely.

House stretched and confessed, "It's great.

"How long have you two been together now?"

"Longer than you and Susan."

"And you're still not married."

"Nope." He seemed proud.

A pretty young blonde clad in not much at all jogged past them. both pairs of eyes followed her until she disappeared from sight.

"You going to?"

"What? Marry Stacy? Maybe. If she wants to. If… assuming we last."

"You will," Wilson assured. "You two are perfect for each other."

"In so many more ways than one."

"I can feel us moving into sexual territory, here."

Greg grinned suggestively and wiped the sweat from his forehead. "We're men. That's what we do; talk about women, their anatomy, and sex."

"I detest that stereotype!"

"Is it still a stereotype if it's true?"

"I… huh?"

"God, James, you're so easy sometimes! It almost gets boring. But back to sex. Which, by the way, is never boring with Stacy. It's… she's… awesome, and…" He trailed off and found his friend grinning at him. "What?"

"You're gushing."

House reddened slightly. "I'm not! We're discussing."

"No, you were gushing. About Stacy. You are so whipped!"

House glared. "What are you now, some fifteen-year-old rapper? We're talking about sex. You do remember what it is, right?"

Wilson stopped smiling and scowled, getting up and beginning to make his way back to the car. House strode beside him.

"Just because Susan doesn't like sex, it doesn't mean we're not having any."

"Just… not very often."

"Look, it doesn't matter."

House gave him a sceptical look, but James ignored him and ran ahead.

"No wonder you're so grumpy!" House called after him. "You're always grumpy during a dry spell!"

Wilson stopped and turned, ignoring the curious stares of the few passers-by.

"All work and no sex makes James a very grumpy boy," House continued, stepping closer.

He rolled his eyes. "I am not grumpy."

"Yeah, well, your Mr Grumpy face says otherwise."

"I'm not grumpy!"

"Just horny?"

"No offence, Greg, but seeing you all sweaty isn't exactly what turns me on."

"No, but that blonde before did. I saw you, your eyes were following her like a stink on cheese."

James raised his eyebrows.

"It's an expression. Whatever. Look, the point is, you were watching her."

"So were you!"

"I'm a man! It's what men do. We stare at… nice things."

"Then why can't I? I'm a man."

"You're a married man. You're not supposed to look at nice things unless they belong to your wife. You know, love and devotion forever?"

James sighed. "I detest that stereotype."


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