Plutobaby494: Ok, this is now my third Charmed story and yes they are all about Chris, but I am a Chrisoholic and he is my favorite character. I hated it when they took him out, and cried literally when he died. Now it might sound like a Wyatt and OC (not love) story but it is a Chris story. SOO!

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Summary: Ok in this story it was five months after Big Chris died, and everyone is almost over his death. After being brutally murdered by a demon that wanted revenge on the Charmed one's Chris dies when he was only five years old. Wyatt and his baby brother Mason are older but not giving up on saving Chris, they travel back in time to stop his death and fix their broken family.


Chapter 1

Wyatt stood in the attic waiting for his baby brother to come. They had a very important mission to accomplish that in the long run would make his family better. They were planning on traveling to the past to change something that was horribly wrong. Finally the door opened and a boy about five years younger than him walked in. He was tall but not as tall as Wyatt, he had light brown hair that almost looked blonde in the sunlight and sharp brown eyes.

"Did you find the last ingredient?" Wyatt asked rubbing his hands anxiously.

"Yes" the boy replied.

"Good, are you ready to go?" Wyatt asked again. The boy looked at him and nodded with some fear in his eyes. Wyatt was about to throw the blue potion vial at the triqeutra that the past vision of their other brother had drawn long ago when the boy stopped him.

"Wait" he said and Wyatt stopped to look at him.

"What? What's wrong?" Wyatt asked.

"What if we mess it up or end up killing ourselves or go to the wrong year like medieval times, it has taken us almost five years to find the spell and learn how to use it properly. What happens if we can't save him?" he asked looking at his shoes.

Wyatt's gaze softened and he approached his baby brother and grasped him by the shoulders. It wasn't the same as with him, he had been seven at the time and his brother was barely one.

"Don't worry Mason, we have spent years perfecting this spell, we will save him" Wyatt said reassuringly. Mason nodded and turned back to the symbol with new hope in his eyes.

Wyatt chucked the vial at the symbol and turned to his brother, who took out a yellow looking scroll.

"Nabit hampshi ruba temir" he chanted as the symbol glowed blue turning into a portal. Looking up he saw that only half the portal was open so gave the spell to his brother, knowing that he was not powerful enough to keep the portal open long enough, only Wyatt or Chris had that much power.

"Tutron, no rehno val. Untra sinco grada mai" Wyatt chanted finishing the spell.

The spell was Latin and they had been searching long for this spell when Mason had struck lucky in finding it at Magic School.

They noticed that the portal that was in the shape of a triqeutra. Mason cheered as he saw the portal stay open turned to his brother with a happy smile on his face. Wyatt's mood and facial expressions matched his baby brothers. The spell that the other Chris had used was destroyed when he changed the future. Taking one last look at their old life the two brothers stepped into the swirling blue mass.

Orbing felt free but when you were orbing you could direct where you wanted to land, most of the time. You felt the weightless enjoyment but knew that you were safe. This feeling was nothing like orbing, sure they felt weightless but they also felt like they were being tugged and squeezed from one time to the next, plus they both knew that where ever they landed it would be painful at the speeds the portal was pulling them.

Everything around them was blue and bright lights hung in front of their eyes, everything was unnaturally bright. In the distance they could see a dark opening from the light and guessed that this was their way out. Mason landed first on the hard wooden attic floor and groaned is pain and his head swam. Lifting his head he noticed he was indeed in the attic and turned to look for Wyatt.

He didn't have to wait long when his brother was pushed out of the portal and landed in a painful heap right on top of his brother. Mason groaned again as Wyatt landed on him, than shifted his weight.

Wyatt finally realized he was sitting on him and quickly got up.

"Owww" Mason groaned still laying on the floor.

"You ok?" Wyatt asked pulling his brother up.

"Does Owww sound like ok for you?" Mason replied sarcastically.

"Don't such a whinny brat" Wyatt scolded mockingly.

Mason stuck his tongue out at him than turned to the book. The Book of Shadows although smaller than the one in the future was sitting on its pedestal. Mason walked over and opened it, leafing through the pages.

"It's so small!" Mason said stating the obvious.

"Duh we got most of the bad demons in the future" Wyatt said letting his ego show. Mason smiled but looked remorsefully at him.

"Chris would have kicked some serious ass too" he said shutting the book and laying his hands on top of it in memory. Even though he was only a year old when it happened, he still felt the difference when Chris died. Wyatt walked over and put his arms around his youngest brother.

"Well save him, besides who will keep us from killing each other, like Mom did with Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Prue" Wyatt said encouragingly.

Mason avoided looking Wyatt in the face when the tears came rolling down his cheeks. So to avoid showing him he got a better look around the room. All their Wiccan tools lay across the table as the left over potion was still bubbling. Sighing he walked away from the Book and walked up to the potion. It was a deep purple color and smelled of rancid garbage. Scrunching his nose in disgust he turned away from the potion.

"Do you think they are out demon hunting?" Wyatt asked walking over. The scrying crystals lay across the room on another table with the crystal stuck standing up on the map.

"Looks like it!" Mason said walking over to the map. Taking the crystal he started swinging it clockwise trying to locate where the sisters were. The crystal landed but than swung down father on the road indicating that they were driving. Sighing, his laid the crystal on the map and put his head in his hands.

"What do we tell them?" he asked standing up.

"Nothing too detailed but don't revel too much, we don't want to change something important like your birth" Wyatt said than stopped and pretended to think.

"On the other hand…" Wyatt replied trailing off looking slyly at Mason.

Mason punched him in the shoulder playfully knowing full well that he didn't mean it.

"There not going to trust us if we don't tell them who we are" Mason said.

"I never said we didn't tell them who we are, they need to know that so we can change the future but don't go reveling important stuff. Like if Phoebe asks who her future children are don't say anything. OR better yet just use the other Chris's favorite saying, Future Consequences" Wyatt said smiling at little.

"Fine but you going to take the wrath of mom, she'll try to blow us up I'll bet" Mason said grinning.

"Thanks for having my back" Wyatt said sarcastically.

"Anytime brother" Mason replied. They heard the car pull up out front and the front door open, voices that they recognized as the sisters floated up to them.


"Great going Piper, the demon that tried to kill Chris got away and even took a chunk of you with him" Paige said walking towards the attic to scry for the demon again as Piper repositioned her bandage from a large knife wound on her arm.

"Thank you Paige for letting me know what a horrible mother I am" Piper said walking behind her and not turning to face her sister.

"Piper you know she didn't mean it like that, didn't you Paige" Phoebe said following her sisters.

"No I didn't, I am sorry Piper. It's just that a demon almost killed Chris and I was mad" Paige said feeling guilty. Piper stopped and faced Paige than embraced her. Phoebe smiled and than thought of poor Chris. He was going to have an over protective mother and two Aunts watching his every move.

"Are you sure we shouldn't call Leo for you arm Piper, it's bleeding pretty badly" Phoebe said pointing to it.

"It's fine, just a scratch" Piper said opening the attic door.

"Besides I want to scry for that….." Piper said trailing off as walk in the attic and caught sight of the two brothers in the room. Paige and Phoebe entered to see why she had stopped walking and trailed off.

Raising her hands threateningly she faced the two men that look oddly familiar but couldn't put her finger on where she had seen them. Paige and Phoebe took their place beside Piper looking at the intruders.

"Who are you?" Piper asked coldly expecting them to say their names.

"We come in peace" one of them said and put up the peace sign with his fingers, he was obviously the younger of the two. The older one punched the younger one in the arm.

"Ok, now that we have explained that, you still have not answered my question. Who are you?" Piper said again.

"You don't recognize us?" the older one asked.

"Should we?" Paige asked.

"Well you should recognize him but not me since technically I haven't been born yet" the younger one said than the truth dawned on them.

"Wyatt?" Piper asked looking at him.

Wyatt nodded and raised his force field. Piper looked at her older son wearily wanting to see if they had indeed changed the future and Chris didn't die in vain.

Wyatt watched as his mother and Aunts looked over him and than finding out what ever they had been looking for opened his arms and his mother walked over pulled him into a hug.

"My baby" she cried as tears welled up in her eyes. Looking over her gaze caught the other boy.

"So who are you?" Piper said lovingly knowing in some weird way that he was family.

"My name is Mason Andrew Halliwell" Mason said facing his mother.

"So whose are you?" Phoebe asked coming over wanting to join the reunion. After hugging her oldest nephew, Paige did the same thing.

"Isn't it obvious" Paige said looking at him.

"He's looks exactly like Leo, except he has your brown eyes Piper. Exact opposite of Chris" Paige continued pinching her new found nephew's cheeks. Phoebe giggled and hugged him in a squeezing hug.

"Air" Mason gasped looking at Wyatt with pleading eyes. Wyatt just laughed at him and almost forgot why he had come back to the past. But the truth came back to him and felt like a punch to the gut.

"Ok that's enough, your killing my son" Piper said laughing at her sisters. Than walked over and hugged him. Mason wrapped his arms around his mother and took in her scent.

Piper finally pulled away and turned to her sons.

"So why have you decided to pay us a visit?" she asked not knowing the demise of her son. Before she could answer a loud cry got their attention and Piper sighed.

"I'll be right back, don't speak till I return" Piper said than left the attic going to see what Chris wanted. She walked into the nursery and found Chris lying in his crib crying his eyes out. Wyatt who had to share a room with him was laying in his own bed with his hands over his small ears trying to block out the noise.

Piper walked over and picked him up and started bouncing him making small shushing sounds. Soon his loud wails turned into whimpers and finally stopped all together. Wyatt took his hands off his ears and turned to face his mother.

"Kwis, wont be quiet" he said than climbed out of bed. Piper sighed again, knowing that her plan to have them take a nap backfired and she knew that she had to take them with her.

Walking back up to the attic she entered and saw Wyatt and Mason sitting on that ugly pink couch that Grams had refused to throw away. Phoebe and Paige were both sitting on chairs across from them. Little Wyatt ran over and climbed on to Paige's lap as Piper sat down holding Chris.

Piper noticed the sad looks that both her sons were giving Chris but excused it as missing him because they left him back in the future.

"Ok, now why are you two in this time again?" Phoebe asked. Wyatt tore his gaze away from Chris and faced his Aunt.

"We came back to change the future" Wyatt said. A sudden feeling a déjà vu came into the room and Piper wondered if she would ever have a normal life.

"But didn't we already do that, when Chris came back to save you" Paige said.

"Does someone else turn evil in our family?" Phoebe asked seriously.

"No, that's not what we came back here to change" Mason said also looking away from his older brother sitting in his mom's arms.

"Than what?" Piper asked fearing the answer, what was so bad that they had to travel back in time to change and where was Chris.

Wyatt ignored her question and looked back at Chris than up at his mom.

"Can I hold him?" he asked. Piper looked confused but handed him over not knowing that what it was doing to the two brothers. Chris who did not get a nap stared at them with wide curious green eyes. Wyatt held on to Chris not tightly so he was hurting him but it seemed as if he never wanted to let go. Chris yawned and snuggled into his older brother's embrace and closed his eyes. After a few minutes he fell asleep. Wyatt looked at Chris one more time than handed him back to his mom.

Now everyone looked curiously at him. Why was he looking at Chris with such emotion?

"Wyatt, where is Chris?" Piper asked the unspoken question. Wyatt looked around the room pathetically trying to come up with a way to avoid the question.

"Wyatt" Piper said with a little more edge than she liked but ignored it until she got the answers she wanted.

"Mom, he's right there" Mason said pointing to the sleeping baby. Piper looked at them now with fear in her eyes wondering what happened to her baby.

"What about the older one from the future, did you just leave him behind?" Paige said also asking herself that same question.

Wyatt finally realized that he was not going to get out of this question and looked to his baby brother for help. Mason looked as lost as him. It was still very hard to talk about Chris in their household without tears.

"He died, that's what we came here to change" Mason said finally finding his voice.

He vaguely heard his Mom and Aunts gasp as tears gathered up in his own eyes.


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