Chocolate Covered Caramel.

a/n:This was just a quick snippet ---A quick SLASHY snippet --- Done off of prompt writing in my Writer's Craft class (with a prompt like "Chocolate covered caramel", who would think of anything else?). I owe a friend of mine a longer, sappy Dack story--but this isn't it. That probably won't come up until I finish Dean's Demons... sigh I have so much to write. I should hire monkeys. Enjoy!

Jack flopped down in the empty seat across from Daniel, scanning the contents of the archaeologist's tray habitually. When did they start serving chocolate bars in the cafeteria? Jack wondered if they had run out of neon flavoured jell-o, and had to start serving real desserts like the chocolate bar Daniel was----Oh dear lord. Like the chocolate bar Daniel was unwrapping with his teeth. Ripping it carefully open, and slowly taking a luxurious bite... Oh dear. Jack hiccuped as Daniel licked a stray thread of caramel from his lips, and tried in vain to tear his eyes away and focus on his own tray of food. Daniel was oblivious to the torment he was causing, as he was busy staring through the glasses sliding down his nose at another rustic book. Jack was desperately wishing he had died an hour before so that he wouldn't be stuck in the middle of the cafeteria with an increasingly uncomfortable situation, as another inch of the chocolate bar disappeared between Daniel's lips. It was terribly inconvenient, and Jack found it entirely unfair that he should be so affected when the archaeologist was enraptured in nothing but his book. Glancing around to see who was paying attention, Jack slid his leg forwards under the table, the tip of his boot rubbing up Daniel's ankle. Daniel jerked a little, and pulled his foot back without rupturing his intent reading. Jack slid his chair in closer to the table, and ran his foot up the back of Daniel's calf. Daniel jumped at the clearly intimate gesture, and finally raised his eyes from the pages to look at Jack over the rim of his glasses. Jack looked innocently at him, smiled through tight lips, and proceeded to swallow half of the banana he had been slowly unpeeling into his mouth and bite it off. It took a leap of effort not to choke, but it was worth the trouble to see Daniel try to avoid gagging on his own tongue. Jack smiled around his full mouth, and offered Daniel the rest of the banana.

"Want some?"