Every animal has its day

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Chapter one:

A beautiful young brunette was walking to Tyson's dojo on a beautiful summer afternoon, she was beautifully humming a beautiful tune and the beautiful sun was...blah...lets do that again..Hilary was walking to Tyson's place to check out if the boys were up to something interesting. No evil villians were planning to take over their bitbeasts, no crazy dudes were planning to have beybattles, no tournament seemed to be popping up so they were laying low on the practice.

' Ray needs to tell me the secret of his long hair, Tyson needs a knock-out session, Maxy promised me to have me try one of his new and improved...chocolates. He makes good chocolate. And Kai...I don't have anything to do with the grouch?' Hilary was contemplating on what to do with the guys today. It was pretty much the same everyday. Especially the last one.

"Yo, everybody I am here!" Hilary shouted but no answer.


No answer.


No answer.


No answer.


Kenny jumped up three foot off the ground and where the heck he showed up from...no body knows.

"AAAHHH...GOD MUST HATE ME! WHAT DID MY INNOCENT SOUL EVER DO except for always cheating when playing video games with Tyson... TO DESERVE THIS! I..." Kenny stopped to find Hilary on the floor with swirly eyes. She was scared to death.

"Uh...Sorry Hilary." Kenny muttered helping her up.

"God must hate me, too." Hilary said clutching at her ears which were now ringing. She jerked her head to Kenny's hands which were hiding behind him . She could get a glimpse of a sack of some sort that was moving! She shifted her head to his left and he moved the sack to right...she shifted her head to the right and he moved the sack carefully to the left...this went on for about 1 minute.


"NO, THIS SACK IS...MY LIFELINE..no wait...oh I got it...I JUST DELIVERED A BABY AND HIS MOTHER DIED SO I HAVE TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF HIM AND..." Kenny flinched back seeing Hilary piping up with a dark aura around her and a look that said Oh-shut-the-heck-up-and-tell-the-truth. She struggled hard to get to it but Kenny's tiny arm that was pressed agianst her forehead was keeping her from doing so. By now, Hilary had turned into her furious form. THE furious form...that's right, You haven't seen a real fury until you had seen Hilary's furious form.

"Just.Tell.Me.What.The.Hell.Is.Wrong." Hilary asked not willing ot lose her patience on the lil' dweeb.


"The guts jumped out of Aunty mumps?"

"NO..no The guys turned into animals!"

"Oh..I see..the guys turned into animals...THE GUYS TURNED INTO ANIMALS?"






Hilary and Kenny quit acting like a broken record and found...

A cute Kitten with Raven spots all over it. Looked a bit pissed off.

An adoreable blonde puppy with huge soles in its eyes and tongue hung out.

A grey rabbit with triangles on his cheeks. Eyes closed. Looked a LOT pissed off.

A white rat peeking out of an over-sized hat. Atleast, for him it was.

All were standing in a meticulous order like some regiment of soldiers being trained.

At first, Hilary's eyes were like two huge eggs and then she was on the floor clutching at her stomach. All the beynimals ( Beybladers + Animals Beynimals) piped up around her with question marks popping out.

"Hilary! This is not funny, I am in serious trouble...this is a CRIME! Its against the law to transform someone into animals against their will! No matter if its an accident!" Kenny pleaded.

"How...hahaha...did...puhahaha...this...puhaha..happen?" Hilary said in between strings of laughter.

Kenny started dramatically and a dramatic music started to play.

"I was enjoying my company with my chemistry set..."

Record scratches. Kenny groaned.

"Tyson!" Kenny said to the rat boy that was sitting close to a record player which was probably stuck and was giving a scratchy noise. Tyson whipped his head a couple of times until it hit him that the record disk needs to be adjusted. He adusted it and...

"I LIKE BIIIIIIIG BUTTS AND I CAN NOT LIE. YOU OTHER BROTHERS..." Tyson got startled by the really fast music and sudden outburst of noise and fell on the floor while Kenny walked to the record player and adjusted it so that it was giving the right dramatic music like before.

"As I was saying..I was enjoying my company with my chemistry set and mixing up new formulae and all, and I concocted a perfect formula called 'Milkomonosphericallistonic'..."

"Milk of son of sapphire's caller's tonic?" Hilary has GOT to have ear problems.

"NO..no milkomonosphericallistonic...it is used to increase the rotational speed and balance of a beyblade. So, I went to the guys and told them about my newest creation and then Max thoguht it was looking funny and glowing green so he tried to snatch it from me...I tried hard to shoo Max away but to no avail. Max grabbed it and I did, too...then I pulled but he did as well. Then Kai lost his patience and smacked us both on the heads sending the formula flying into air and then...POOF!" Kenny breathed hard and stopped the music.

"Wow, this is the first time you guys have gotten into trouble because of someone RATHER than Tyson." Hilary received wolfish looks from the rat. But Hilary's Death glare of Doom that says You-dare-to-challenge-me turned Tyson shut.

"So, what are you planning to do? Sell them all at a pet shop?" Hilary asked picking Tyson up by his tail leaving him sway in the air.


Translation: "YOU WICKED WITCH!"

"Actually, with Dizzi's help, I think I may be able to concoct a reverse formula. Till then, you have to take extra care of them."


"Yes, and whatever you do..." Kenny said while walking out through the main gate. "DONT LET THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE AND AMKE SURE NOBODY ABSOLUTELY NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT THIS!"

"Ouch!" Hilary looked at the Beynimals and she was awestruck. "I never knew you all could be so cute and..." She stopped midsentence when she saw Ray charging towards Tyson.

"No...no..Ray that's not your prey, he is your best friend, Tyson." Hilary's voice fell on deaf ears as now Max was chasing Ray like a wild and ready to tear apart puppy.


Translation: HELP! HELP! HELP!


Translation: "GET BACK HERE! STAY AWAY!"


Translation: "CATS STINK!"

We dont know if THE rabbit was enjoying or not as he had his eyes closed. Still. Hilary just watched as the trio kept running around the house.

'Think Hilary...think...I know they won't listen to me cause they've lost it...AHA."

"Uh...A new tree grows in...uh..Brooklyn and a free all-you-can-eat mouse stand is being held in..uh...Bakuten..and..I have got Cheeeese." Hilary did a pathetic attempt at diverting their attention but to NO avail. Suddenly the door slammed open revealing two pretty girls.

Mariam and Mariah.

"YO, HILS, WE BOUGHT A NEW... uh...sorry, are we interrupting?" They both sweatdropped as they saw Hilary chasing around a rat, a kitten and a puppy. All four of them stopped abruptly.

"OH! Thank heavens, you guys are here."

"Yeah, and we bought a new...Hils is it just me or are your pets crazy!" Mariam whispered as an adoreable puppy was staring wide-eyed at her.

"UH...This is uh...The kitten is Ray, the puppy is Max, the rat is Tyson and the Rabbit is Kai." Hilary finished laughing nervously.

"Oh...I see..." Mariam and Mariah said understandingly.





"Well, Kenny had an accident so they transformed into animals." Hilary could see that Mariam and Mariah's eyes were full of tears. And they cried anime style.

"You guys, we have to take care of them cause they're just animals." Hilary flinched back shakingly when she saw both the girls' eyes were brimming with tears of joy and they looked like they were about to blow. They both screamed. Bear in mind that girls are master at ear-breaking, spine-cracking, eyes-popping, nose-bleeding...SCREAMS.

"You mean...we...get to baby-sit them." Mariam cradled Max and jumped up and down while trying hard to suppress another scream.

"WOOF!" Max's tail wriggling.

"Yeah, sorta...we gotta feed 'em and groom 'em and keep 'em clean and most importantly dress 'em." Another scream. The rabbit got pissed off. Everybody watched as he majestically left the dojo. With his 'I-am-so-damn-important' walk.Gosh even as a rabit he is...

"Such a bluff!" Mariah hmphed.

"MEOW!" Ray purring. Probably agreeing with her.

"Hey, where's Tyson ?" Hilary asked looking around. 'Oh Shit' .Potato chips.

"You buffoon, you can't have that. You are not human! Remember."Hilary snatched it from him leaving him tearing to death.

An angry rat screams.

Translation: "We are not some animals!". Yeah right.

An angry Hilary groans. . Rat gets smacked. Rat shuts up.

"I am gonna go outside to see if Kai had gotten too far cause it's not safe." Hilary said and walked out. The Rabbit was sitting on the footsteps watching the sunset, eventhough Kai was a rabbit, his beauty never vanished. His dark toned hair were cascading down from between both his long pink ears and that fluffy tail was just too cute.His slate colored hair were still their same shiny as ever self. Even his I-have-my-own-world attitude didn't change.

"Kai." Hilary kneeled down beside him. Kai FINALLY opened his eyes and then closed them back. Thanks for that Kai.

"You should come inside cause somebody can come and take you away and we wouldn't want that to happen." Hilary giggled."Cause you are really cute and sweet." She scooped him up in her arms and stood up. All the while blushing madly. Kai could not stand this. For the first time in his almighty life he had been picked up! By a girl! He wriggled to get out of her grasp but she only giggled.

"Sorry, if it's too tight..I didn't..." Before Hilary could finish the cold-hearted Rabbit jumped out of her embrace and landed gracefully on the ground.

'Why is he always so nonchalant and rude! I was only being nice.' Hilary's eyes saddedned as she remembered the first time she met him.


"This is Hilary, my classmate, Kai." Tyson introduced Hilary to Kai.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Kai." Hilary blushed and bowed her head down. But Kai with his eyes CLOSED walked right past her. No hello, No hi, No nothing, not even a lousy nod or a damn smile. That really hurt Hilary but she being the tough girl never showed it.

Flashback End.

Hilary shook her head and shrugged the thought away.

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