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Chapter 6: Addition to the animal family

. "Officer Rendell Murphy here."The girls and beynimals sweatdropped to see a guy dressed in cop's uniform."And just where are the leashes of your pets?"

"We-uh-why-kh-kh-kh...HILS! You answer the officer his question and uh we're...uh...gonna go see some pigeons!" Mariam and Mariah were about to sprint when the officer abruptly got in their way and held his hand up in front of them.

"Nobody leaves this place till I either get a geniune reason or I get your pets confined for the whole season!" He laughed maniacally leaving the girls and poor lil beynimals bewildered.

"The whole season! Kenny so would have murdered us all by then." The girls quivered in fear as they imagined...

A thirty-six inches tall monster with bloddy fangs, scary claws, frizzy hair, scarily aweful glasses and slime-covered body heading towards them...He's about to attack them with his sharp claws...The girls are screaming though they are twenty-four inches taller than him..."Grrrrhhhh! I want to have milkomonosphericallistonic slurp but now I want your BLOOD! MuhahahahaMuhahaha...slurp

"Man I can't believe we're actually imagining Kenny as a monster."

"Yeah, this sucks...hey cool we're telepathic!"

"Wow! That's awesome."

"Hey guys I went to this-!!"

"BEG YOUR PARDON for interruptingyour thoughts but I think-mph mph!" Hilary clamped his mouth shut and gasped "Oh my gosh! Look an aerial message says 'Rendell's wife put a small camera around his huge belly this morning so that she could track him wherever he goes!'' He swatted his head around and groped at his abdomen, totally bewildered "Huh? What? Where?...HEY! Get back here you little monsters!" Officer Rendell screamed as he saw nothing but dust and air infront of him.

"This is so not my day!" Hilary screamed at Mariam and Mariah. All three of them + beynimals (A/N: Though I have made this reference b4 I dont think many readers understand what 'beynimals' means; It means beyblade and animals munched together making it 'beynimals') were running to worlds unknown. Mariah snapped beside Hilary and yelled. "Hilary! My sixth sense tells me Kenny is back with his green stuff at the dojo!" Mariah started crying anime style.

"Mariah can't you see I'm trying to run...huh...WHAT!! Please Mariah this couldn't have gotten any worse already!" Hilary's face faulted as she had no doubts about Mariah's cat-like sixth sense.

"WhatdowedoMaxie?whatdowedo?whatdowedo?whatdowedo-ow!" Mariam fell flat as she bumped into a bulging belly.She due to her better athletic abilities was way ahead of the others and so was max who was clinged to Mariam's back .She groaned and squinted at the image of a short, fat figure. Her eyes popped at what she saw.

"You little rasclas...trying to outrun an officer huh?...YOU"LL PAY FOR THIS!" It was the stupid cop again. "NO WONDER I HATE COPS SO MUCH!" Mariam picked up the puppy who got squashed when she fell on top him and turned around to run recklessly again. "I feel like I've lost about 10 pounds today. Mariam was running ahead but her head was turned backwards to see the bickering cop. Max let out a small cry.


Translation: God help me.

"Mariam look out-!" Hilary and Mariah screamed in unison who were charging towards Mariam. The scene looked like it was some gladiator fight with lancers.

Whoop! Blonk! Pow! Meow! Woof! Squeak!...! (you can guess where the last one came from; the mute bunny)

"AHA! Got you now!" Officer Rendell was still running towards them and flew off the ground as if he would pounce on them all. The girls squeaked and animals made their respective noises.

"beep! beep! beep! You have recieved a voice message." Kai stood up with a sign that said 'STOP!' and time froze, along with the officer who happened to be in mid-air.

"hmm?" Everyone gazed in awe as Kai took out his fiery red cellphone in his 'oh-yeah-I'm-da-man' style and listened to the voice message.

"Yo Kai It's me Tala.Just wanna hang out at Cafe35 with you, k?''

"Hey! What about me!''

"Ok, Bryan's gonna tag along, too. I'll pick you up at Tyson's place. See ya." Kai turned to leave for the dojo when Hilary grabbed him by his fluffy tail.

"Are you crazy?! You wanna walk upto Tala saying 'Hey buddy look it's me Kai and I'm a rabbit!' Huh?huh?I don't think so! Cause Kenny's gonna kill us if he knew that we let somebody else knew about this stupidly critical condition!" Hilary crossed her eyes at him which seemed to have no effect on him whatsoever. He took out a pencil and a paper and scribbled something on it and shoved it in Hilary's hands. Everybody leaned in to read it.

'You baka girl! Tala and Bryan could help us get out of this mess. Besides I'm damn sick of all the situations we have been through!' Hilary barked at Kai, "Well you're not the only one mister, we are all trapped in this mayhem!"

"Wow! Rabbits can read and write And uh CAN I COME DOWN NOW?!" Officer Rendell commented who was still in mid-air. Everybody except Kai who abruptly had gotten out of the heap slowly looked up and screamed as the huge cop fell on top of them.

"OW!My back!" The girls yelled in unison and the beynimals were too squished to even let out a sound.

"Oh yeah I got you all right where I wanted!" He took out handcuffs and was about to lock them around the beynimals' necks. "Oh yes, you all are in a heap of trouble. I am-!" His face suddenly turned beet red and he flew thirty feet off the ground screaming. "Mommy help me! These animals have gone wild!" Hilary groaned and looked around, she saw Kai smirking looking at his paws.

"Alright Kai! You scratched his butt huh?" Kai could feel his cheeks starting to burn more and more as Hilary moved towards his pink nose to place a small kiss there. "That ought to keep him off our backs for a while." Hilary giggled at the bewildered rabbit. To hide his beet red cheeks he hid his face with his long pink ears.

'My nose was ice-cold just a second ago and now it's burning hot.' Kai wondered.

'By the way Kai, we can hear everything you 'think' about.' Ray purred

"Yep! Totally Because animals are telepathic!' Max screeched.

'Hey cool I didn't know that.' Tyson whipped his head around in amazement.

'Shit' Kai murmured.

'We got that too!' The beynimals said or telepathed in unison.

"HIlary, about what Kai said or wrote, I think I agree with him." Mariam said and Max gave his' woof' of approval. "Yeah me too Hils, besides I too am tired of all this! It's almost 12 in the morning."

"Hmm...I dont know. Maybe...GAH. Ok, come on."

At the dojo...

"Helloooooooooo! Anybody here?It is I, Bryan and Tala Ivanov...!" Tala slapped Bryan on the forehead. "You summonin' upon the spirits or something? It's almost midnight! Everybody might be asleep."

"You hit so hard!" Bryan pouted but Tala ignored him and checked around to find somebody. "Help me find somebody." "Do you remember you made that comment when we were six and by somebody you meant a girl. Puhaha!" Tala sent a straight punch under his chin.

"Shut up or I'm gonna 'Puhaha' you." He commented coolly.

Two minutes later...

"Where the heck is everybody, especially Kai. He always calls and lets me know if he doesn't wanna hang out somewhere."

"Did you check the bathroom? Maybe he is..."

"IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE!" Kenny jumped out of nowhere (for the hundreth time) holding out his 'tonic' Luckily Tala and Bryan were immune to the behavior of mad scientists so the lightning and all that didn't scare them.

"What's that?" Bryan asked pointing to the green slime in Kenny's hands. Kenny screamed and his hair stood up. "H-h-how d-d-did you guys g-get in-AAH!" Kenny was so startled the solution accidentally flew out of his hands and landed with a 'poof' on top of Tala and Bryan."Hmm?" The boys said in unison. Kenny shrieked and snapped far away from the smoke. When it cleared up, Kenny fainted as he saw a baby fox and a baby parrot caught up in Tala and Bryan's clothes.


Translation: What the heck is this! Why am I a fox!A baby fox!"

"Quack! Molly want a cracker! Molly want a cracker!"

Translation: Why can't I say anything besides this!?"

Muhahahaha! Cliffhanger! Well don't worry this time I'll update sooner(I hope!) Sorry for the short chapter too. That is all the distance I could reach with my muse. Anyway just so you won't get confused, Tala is the fox and Bryan is the parrot. Gaah, I think you might have figured that out anyway :P Oh and I need to know what kind of noises do baby foxes make. Do they howl? And about the parrot quack, I listened to a parrot over and over again so I could ge tthe gist of his noise and all I recieved was something like this 'Quaaaahck whistle whistle' So If anybody knows a better sound they make lemme know! And dont forget to review!