The Terran Jedi
(AKA For Lack of a More Captivating Name)

By (Shahiri) Mooney and (Kara) Prongs

Disclaimer: We don't own Star Wars. If we did, we'd be moving to take over the world, okay? But we're too afraid of George Lucas to do anything of the sort at the moment, so you're all safe.

BACKGROUND: Kara and I find that life is just too boring, so we're always writing ourselves into stories. (Fans of ours would have already noticed that by now.) The first self-insert we ever wrote was a Star Wars story where Palpatine came to earth to try and sacrifice Owen Lars so that he could use an ancient relic called the Pendant of Light. We kind of foiled his plans and used the pendant to transport ourselves to Coruscant where Owen was safe. We then joined two Jedi Knights, Qui-Gon Jinn and Banlynne Antilles, and their padawans, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Justel Camtoro, trying to hunt Palpatine down. It was pretty pathetic, considering I wrote it when we were twelve, but it was fun to do, anyway. Except for the part when Kara decided she didn't want a boyfriend in the story, after all, so I had to get rid of Justel by giving him amnesia. The poor guy.
Anyway, we hope that we've learned something in the art of writing Star Wars, and that we write everything and everyone appropriately, according to the will of George Lucas the Mighty.

Please read the list of things below, so that we don't get e-mails or reviews from people trying to point out what we did wrong.
If you haven't read any of the newer novels, then you can skip this, else you might be confused. . .
Spoilers ahead for those who haven't read anything past. . . the Thrawn Trilogy, probably.

We've kind of made up our own time line for this. We KNOW that the Imperials signed a treaty in the Hand of Thrawn Duology, and that the new enemy is. . . DUH DUH DUH. . . (spoilers for those who haven't read any of the New Jedi Order) Yuuzhan Vong!!!
(Shahiri starts cackling and stabbing Yuuzhan Vong Voodoo dolls with her toy lightsabers.
Shahiri: Burn in hell, Vong bastards!!!
Kara: **sweatdrops** Riiiiiiigghtt. . .
Shahiri: **shrugs** Meh, I'm okay. Because of the Yuuzhan Vong, Anakin got to wear a loin cloth! **starts fantasizing about Anakin Solo in a loin cloth**
Kara: I thought you were in love with Ron?
Shahiri: **rolls eyes** But that's in Harry Potter, Kara. We're writing Star Wars, now. I can't have Ron in a Star Wars story, now can I? )
But, guess what? WE DON'T LIKE THE YUUZHAN VONG!!!! Well, actually, that's not true. I'm fascinated by them. Kara's disturbed by them. But we're not ready to write them as villains, yet. (I'm actually thinking of writing a Yuuzhan Vong romance sometime soon)
So we've stuck to the traditional stuff. Got a problem with that? **Shahiri starts shaking her fist in everyone's face** No? Good.

As far as I know, Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin never went to the Academy together. But, guess what? When I started writing this (Yes, it was my idea to write this) I wanted them all to be there. So they are. And when they're 15-16, too. Weird, huh?

Anakin has a best friend named Tahiri, and she's probably going to become a love interest later one.
(HERE ME NOW!!! My prediction is that Anakin will be tempted by the Dark side, but unlike Luke, he won't be able to be won back by the love of family. Anakin's a kid, he takes that for granted. He'll need a girlfriend to try and get him back. That girlfriend's Tahiri. That is my prediction.)
But Tahiri has been removed from this story for two reasons. A) She's too much like me, so it's convenient to get rid of her so we don't have two freakishly similar characters and B) I don't need any competition for Anakin's affections.
**Shahiri gets beaten upside the head by Kara**
So don't be surprised if you see me (Shahiri) do things Tahiri would do. (Did you geniuses ever wonder where the name "Shahiri" came from? It's a mix of my real name with Tahiri's.)
I.E.: Go around barefoot. I do that a lot. When my father got mad at me for it, I walked around with a sign taped to my chest that said "Stop the Oppression, feet have a right to be naked."

Well, I think that's enough explaining.
On to the story!!!!

Les Mademoiselles
¤*¤M o o n y¤*¤


By Moony and Prongs

Chapter One: A Not-So-Long Time Ago in a Galaxy That's Really Not That Far Away. . .
Written by Moony

For the past 500 years, the humans residing in the Sol system rejected any form of government from the rest of the galaxy. Terra, the only planet which was capable of supporting intelligent life, was inhabited by developing homosapiens who were obsessed with making their own discoveries, and they had no wish to join such a high-tech society as the Old Republic. Sol occupied small, insignificant space with hardly any economical advantage and absolutely no military ones, since it was out in Wild Space, so the Republic did not push for their cooperation. The Terrans were content.
Unfortunately, the Emperor did not follow the principals of the Old Republic. He attacked without mercy, changing Terra into a military form of the Smuggler's Run.
The technologically primitive Terrans lacked any of the know-how that would allow them to choose useful jobs, and the majority of them resorted to being smugglers. Smugglers forced to be loyal to the Empire. Terra became extremely useful to the Empire, as the rising Rebellion had no knowledge of its existence, and it was used for the storage and production of some of the greatest Star-ships ever built.
It wasn't until a group of Terran smugglers were attacked by pirates and forced to stop off at a small planet for repairs when Stane Voner, Miki Taro, and Larna Foxx made an acquaintance which would trigger the Terran Liberation.
Stane Voner, and his copilots Miki Taro and Larna Foxx, formed the Terran Rebellion with the outside help of such New Republic heroes as Lando Calrissian and Crix Madine. The Liberation of Terra took place on the Eleventh day of the Fifth month of 18 A.E. at the London Base.
After the Battle of Endor, Terra was one of the first planets to join the New Republic and have an official ambassador in the senate. Larna Foxx.
Terra has been free of Imperial hold for 22 years.


Shahiri Taro took a breath, studying her peers' faces. Some were captivated by her speech, others looked angry, but Kara Darkblood just looked bored. Her teacher thanked her and she returned to her seat to watch the rest of the presentations.


"I would've thought for sure that your speech would've been on the Jedi." Kara said after school, kicking a stone as she walked. Shahiri laughed.
"Oh, please. Ever since my mother 'Let it slip,' the other students haven't shut up. I'm not going to make it worse."
Kara raised an eyebrow at her.
"Shahiri, you're the daughter of a war hero, the god-daughter of a REPUBLICAN hero and a smuggler GOD, and you're a Jedi candidate. No matter what you do, it's not going to make it any better or worse." Her voice was slightly bitter, though not with jealousy. Shahiri caught the tone. She sighed.
"Who was it this time?" she asked, gently. Kara picked up the stone she'd been kicking and threw it down the street.
"Russ Degra."
Shahiri nodded solemnly. "And what did he say?"
Kara paused for a moment before answering. "That he'd see how much of a Jedi you really were. That without your 'Uncle Lando', you're just a pain in the exterior with a lot of luck."
Anger boiled inside of Shahiri and she was tempted to show Russ just how strong she really was, but she forced herself to be calm.
"So I. . ." Kara cleared her throat, "I punched him."
Shahiri struggled to fight back a grin. Jedi weren't supposed to let anger and hate get the best of them! However, she'd always argued with herself. She wasn't a Jedi yet, not even in-training! So it didn't matter. . . but Kara! Kara left for Yavin IV in 3 months, so she should be thinking more responsibly!
But Kara had always been like that. . .


Shahiri had been born a smuggler's daughter, raised a smuggler's daughter, and would always be a smuggler's daughter. She had known and embraced it ever since she was young, more than the fact that her father and god-father were both war heroes. In the beginning, both professions had inspired her, filled her with awe, but she'd seen the look in her father's eye when he talked about his smuggling days, and she'd wanted to have the same experiences. Her God-father, Lando, had laughed at her dreams, believing she'd grow out of them, but she never did. Not until she met Luke.
Even as a child, Shahiri loved to read. She'd recently finished a book about Jedi knights, and openly declared her infatuation with them. It was then that Lando told her about his Jedi friends, and promised to introduce her to them, hoping they would leave a good impression on her and dissuade her from pursuing a smuggling career.
They would do a lot more than that.

Shahiri and Kara were playing in Shahiri's home when Lando announced the arrival of his friends. The six and seven-year-olds eagerly ran to the door. Kara didn't know what was going on, but Shahiri dropped the toy she'd been pretending was a lightsaber when she saw them.
One was moderately tall with a boyish face and ruffled blond hair. The other was a beautiful woman with flowing red-gold hair. Shahiri took a breath. An aura surrounded the Jedi, radiating power.
"I can feel you." Her voice was barely above a whisper. The Jedi blinked in confusion.
"Pardon me?" The man asked. Shahiri grinned, and leaned in, as if telling a secret.
"I can feel Mommy and Daddy," she explained, "And I can feel Uncle Lando. But you feel stronger. And you can feel me, too. Daddy can't do that."

Kara could feel the Jedi, as well, and she hadn't liked what she felt. It was power, but she sensed that she was being invaded by it. She didn't want it near her, she wanted it to go away. So she said so.
"Kara, honey." Lando said. He'd seen her many times, and he was nice, but Kara still didn't like him. She didn't like a lot of people, besides Shahiri, and these people were interrupting her TIME with Shahiri.
"This is Luke and Mara. They're Jedi Knights. You know what those are, right?"
Kara nodded, her cool gray eyes never leaving Luke's face. Luke knelt down.
"Kara? Is that your name? Can you feel me, too?" He asked. She was about to answer, but Shahiri suddenly spoke for her.
"She can feel, too. This boy at school once threw rocks at us and--"she was cut off by the sound of Kara's screaming.
"You're telling them!" she wailed "You promised! You promised you would never tell!"
Luke and Mara exchanged glances as Shahiri looked down guiltily. She hadn't meant to tell, but the Jedi were just so nice. . .
"Please girls, we'd like to hear."
Kara growled, and ran into the other room, slamming the door. Shahiri moved to go after her, but was stopped by Lando. He nodded for her to tell them her story. She studied the adults around her uneasily, before taking a deep breath.
"This boy was throwing rocks at us, and Kara and me made a bubble." Her voice was gentle and hesitant. Luke cocked his head.
"A bubble?"
Shahiri nodded. "We made a bubble so the rocks couldn't hurt us."
To confirm his suspicions, Luke had reached out to Shahiri, and later, Kara, with the force, touching their memory banks. The force that pushed him backwards was all he needed was evidence.
The girls were Jedi.