The Terran Jedi

By (Shahiri) Moony and (Kara) Prongs

Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to some pimp named George Lucas who sells his Jedi to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, I am NOT the highest bidder. **sniff**

Chapter IV: This Week on Dawson's Creek. . .

As Shahiri slid eagerly down the ramp of the Millennium Falcon, the first thing she noticed was the humidity. It hit her like a collision with a Bantha, and sweat immediately began to bead up on her forehead as the thick, jungle air filled her lungs. She gasped, gulping down the hot atmosphere and struggling to squeeze more into her chest, feeling the moisture collecting inside of her. The climate would definitely take some getting used to, as she was practically suffocating where she stood.

She then took in the scenery. The huge Massassi temple before her could dwarf any of the famed pyramids on Terra, its massive block-structure similar in design to the temples of the Aztecs. The enormous trees around her seemed to have no end, though black boxes poked up from the canopy wherever a temple had been built. The Yavin system's sun was mostly blocked out, but the gas giant loomed above them, radiating a life-giving heat which it reflected from the sun and drew from its very core, giving off an intense warmth that had been there since its very creation. Marveling at the wonder which was her new home, Shahiri didn't even consider acknowledging her welcoming committee until they forced her attention towards them. Someone cleared their throat, and Shahiri jerked her head forward to see a Wookie, three teens, Luke Skywalker, and a wry- looking Mara.

"Drooling does not make a good impression, young Taro." She said, adopting a wise voice. Shahiri grinned.

"So sorry, Master." She replied, bowing. Luke smiled and greeted her warmly, before introducing the three teens as Tenel Ka (A rusty-haired Dathomirian Witch), Jaina (Luke's mechanical-wiz of a niece), and Anakin (Jaina's even bigger mech-wiz little brother.) The Wookie was Lowbacca, the nephew of the Wookie she'd encountered on the Falcon. The two pilots of the ancient ship came down the ramp behind her, rushing to greet their relatives. Shahiri smiled thoughtfully as she observed the reunion, realizing that the young students and her future-peers were there to greet their father and uncle, and not simply to meet her. She scolded herself for believing that she actually was that important, but was shaken from her thoughts when she felt, and then saw, two people come out onto the landing pad. One was a tall, young man who looked like a younger Han with soft brown eyes and curly, light-brown hair, but the other. . .

"Kara!" Shahiri called out to her friend, waving exuberantly.

Kara plastered a smile across her face, feeling that it probably looked more like a grimace. Shahiri was acting out of character. Normally, she'd be blurting out her excuse for not writing, but instead she acted as if letters didn't exist.

"What's up, Shahiri?" She asked. Her friend grinned nervously, tucking her hands behind her back.

"Didja miss me?" Shahiri's voice wasn't its usual casual tone, and even a complete strange could tell she was anxious. Kara suppressed a smirk at what she believed to me Shahiri's guilty conscience making its appearance.

"Of course." Kara reached forward and yanked one of Shahiri's bags away from a small R2 unit that was rolling its way of the landing pad. It beeped in shock before letting out a few electronic raspberries as it went past her. Man alive, she hated droids. Especially obnoxious ones that were long overdo for a memory wipe.

"I'll show her to her room." Kara shot a glance at her superiors and peers, daring them to challenge her. It was satisfying to be unquestioned, no matter what it was—

"Of course." A quiet voice said. She turned her head slightly to look into a cold pair of ice-blue eyes. Damn him. "You do have so much catching up to do." His voice was harsh, and her eyes narrowed in response. They all knew that Shahiri hadn't written her, and they all wanted her to remember it. She mused for a moment that they might not have been so cruel to her if she'd tried to stay away from them, but she supposed that her crime was worth their spite. Still, she hated Anakin Solo and everything that he stood for, and most of the things he did were only to spite her. If Kara were to every make a hit list, Anakin Solo would be first. She glared at him before leading Shahiri into the temple, ignoring her friend's questioning gaze. Shahiri wasn't stupid, though she was often struck with a sudden innocence that left her seeming naïve and irresponsible, and it hadn't been hard to notice that obvious display of raw hatred. The shorter girl continued to stare at her Jedi friend expectantly, but grew frustrated when Kara refused to acknowledge her interrogative eyes.

"What was THAT all about?" She asked, finally. Kara grunted, hunching her shoulders.

"Nothing. He's just a jerk, that's all." She snapped. She slightly scolded herself when she realized that she was taking out her anger on Shahiri, who turned to look in the direction of the landing area, not bothering to hide her disappointment.

"Really? Are you sure you didn't just get off on the wrong foot with him? I've heard rumors about what he and his siblings have been through, and even if only half of them are true, he still sounds very noble. I was really eager to meet--" She stopped, staring at her friend in shock as Kara dropped the black bag she'd been carrying, clenching her fists.

"So that's why." Her voice was dripping with anger and hurt. Shahiri shuddered from the feelings she was giving off.

"What?" She asked, gently, as she tried to fight off the waves of burning hatred.

"I understand now. You never cared about being friends with me once you got to the temple."

Shahiri was about to laugh at how ridiculous that statement was, but the look in Kara's eyes warned her against it. The tall blond was perfectly serious, and Shahiri was so stunned that all she could manage was to stand their, gaping, as Kara went on.

"That's why you never wrote. Because you only cared about Mara and her nauseating Solo gang! Well, don't worry, they LOVE the attention, so I'm sure they'll be GLAD to have you!" She whirled around, ready to walk away, but Shahiri grabbed her wrist.

"Never wrote?! What on earth are you talking about?" Now Shahiri was getting angry as her grip on her friends arm tightened. "I wrote at least 15 letters before I gave up! You never replied to a single one!!" Kara's eyes widened and her voice rose.

"I wrote you ALL the time! Not once did I get ANYTHING from you! I never knew you were such a liar!"

Shahiri had to use all her strength to keep herself from throwing a punch. Instead, she grabbed the bag that Kara had been holding and stormed off, with Kara going in the other direction. When she'd turned around corner, she dropped her bags, screaming as she punched a wall.