one-shot, Yuuram fluff. hope u like it!

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On with the story.

' First kisses are NOT supposed to be like this. '

That was the only thought to pass through Wolfram's mind as his lips unexpectedly brushed against Yuuri's.

It had been a normal enough day. Wolfram had dutifully followed, to be precise, chased his wimp of a fiancé into the Maou's private baths, where he had generously offered to wash the Maou's back.

Obviously, the Maou could not accept such kindness ( being scared out of his wits as usual ). He tried to offer a futile resistance.

But this was not supposed to happen.

Wet, moist lips were not supposed to crush against one another's, it was an accident, just like their engagement.

It did not matter how deliciously tender it felt or the fact that the simple contact aroused several new feelings in his body, sensations that he didn't know he could experience before.

Wolfram knew he had crossed the line. He numbly dropped the cleansing sponge in the water.

" Yuuri… I .. I…" fear flashed through bottle green eyes, he couldn't even mumble a coherent apology.

But Yuuri had pulled a completely dressed Wolfram in the royal tub where he proceeded to kiss the hell out of him, eyes shut tight, nails digging into the flesh of his now wet neck, body language desperate, he kissed him again and again and again till the other boy was weak, limp, breathless, till the world had ceased to exist for both of them, and then further proceeded to whimper and bury himself, naked and shivering into Wolfram's slender but strong shoulders, clinging quietly, resting his head in the crevice of the other's neck as both of them tried to breathe evenly and calm down the pounding of their hearts.

It seemed that the only person Yuuri had been cheating was himself.

And as Wolfram let his fingers entwine with the mop of shiny, raven hair, resting his lips on Yuuri's warm forehead, still in the process of comprehending what had just happened, with the Maou nestled in his arms, the only coherent thought to pass through his mind was ' First kisses are supposed to be exactly like this. ', he smiled.

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