When roses die and I feel like giving up
I'll think of you
And remember the times we shared
How I always knew you cared
I know that you'll be watching me from afar
Through rain or shine
I'll remember the time that you told me you loved me
I wish you were here
To hold me while I cry
And to tell me that you really didn't die
I want to wake up
And you'd hold me and tell me it was all a dream
But that wasn't meant to be, was it?
At the Yule Ball you held me close
I still remember what it felt like in your arms
Like I was completely safe and I knew you'd always be there
I miss you so much, it hurts so bad
Why did you have to leave me, so young?
I think of the wedding we'll never share, and the children we'll never have
But when tough choices must be made, you'll be my Light through the Dark. I'll always remember.
I'll remember you, Cedric.
I love you, and Good-Bye.

A/N and disclaimer: HP and all characters belong to JKR
I wrote this one while sitting in the library thinking. then I just started to write it was just supposed to be a poem but them I thought hey! This sounds like Cedric and Cho, so I made it into a short story. Like it? Please r/r