Plot? What Plot?

The scene opens with a castle in the background and the talents come on stage.
It starts with an angry Prince and Princess who's names are, What's-his-face and What's-her-name.
Anyway, Prince What's-his-face hates the princess and she hates him for unknown reasons.
They are arguing about whose fault it is that their parents, the king and queen of Where-is-it and the duke and duchess of God-knows-where, want the prince and princess to get married.
Anywho the plot isn't important so we'll skip to the night at the ball.
The prince and princess were dancing reluctantly when all of a sudden Dobby the house-elf bursts in and proclaims Harry Potter king of the world!
So anyway, the prince and princess who served no importance in this story, put aside their differences (whatever they were in the first place) and got hitched.
Harry Potter and his faithful friends Ron and Hermione lived rich, happy lives in a huge palace that all the wizards built for them when Harry became king of the world.
Lord Voldemort dropped his whole "evil" thing, became the court jester and lives only to entertain Harry Potter. Malfoy go jealous, and was then beaten by Snape in a fit of rage.

An they all lived happily ever after. (especially Ron)


A/N and Disclaimer: I did NOT create HP or char. Rights go to JKR
I did this one in my creative writing class in Grade 8 last year. I got a 9/10, It would
have been a 10 but I lost a mark on the self evaluation sheet for not a complete
sentence on one of the questions. What did you think? Please r/r!