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Tears rolled down Seto's cheeks 'No, it can't be, it just can't'. Isis took Seto's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, "Don't worry, I've dealt with this before, you'll be safe with me around" she said in a sympathetic voice. Seto looked up and gave her a small smile, but a new set of tears poured out of his sharp blue eyes, "I just dunno how I'm gonna cope" he cried. Isis took Seto into her arms and kissed him on the head. Seto continued to cry on her shoulder whilst thinking of that one night that he'd rather forget.


Seto came into his bedroom and sighed. He'd fallen out with Mokuba again, so now the only person he loved hated him. Seto lay back onto his bed and closed his eyes. He tried shutting the world out from his mind and just relaxing, but it was no use, everything was bugging him too much. He got up off the bed and walked over to his wardrobe. He pulled out some black jeans and a black t-shirt, but left his trench coat as it was a rather hot day. He changed out of his school uniform and into the trousers and t-shirt. He then left the house to go for a walk, pausing at Mokubas bedroom door to hear his brother crying inside. 'I'll talk to him later' Seto thought. He needed to clear his head first. He wandered down the street and headed for town, thinking how messed up everything had gotten. He hadn't intentionally upset Mokuba, it just happened. Seto had had a bad day at school, and was in a bad mood when he got home, and had ending up snapping at Mokuba for something really small.

'Damm mutt' Seto thought, that was what had triggered Seto's bad mood, Joey Wheeler. Seto had had a crush on Joey ever since he caught him snogging Malik in the boy's bathroom, and had got quite turned on by it. This was when Seto first realised his own sexuality. He had never kissed anyone before, boy or girl, and so was of course a virgin.

A few months ago, he heard a rumour that Joey and Malik had had an argument and split up. Seto took this as his chance to ask Joey out, but never quite built up the courage to do it. Today, that courage had come to him, so, at lunch time, Seto caught Joey going into the bathroom, and followed him. Seto and Joey had never got on before, with Seto constantly practicing his dog jokes on Joey, which usually resulted in Joey attempting to take a swing at him, and Seto overpowering him.

Regardless of all this, Seto went into the bathroom, only to receive a massive shock. He saw Joey making out, this time with Yami. Joey caught Seto staring and pulled away from Yami. "What the matter Kaiba? You never seen two guys kissin before?" Joey smirked. Seto's jaw literally dropped open. He felt tears coming on, but managed to put them off. Both Yami and Joey smirked at him again and then continued to make out against the sinks. Seto turned around and rushed out the bathroom. He felt like an idiot, how could he have ever fancied that mutt. This set him in the bad mood he was in for the rest of the day.

Seto looked up and realised he'd walked to the dumpy end of town. He never usually went this way, as there were too many street robbers like Bakura hanging around, but he didn't mind so much now, as the only thing he had were the clothes he had on. All of a sudden, he felt a surge of tears as he thought about the mess he would be in with Mokuba when he got home. He dashed into a nearby alleyway and sat on the floor with his head on his knees. A small tear dripped down his face. How was he going to make it up with Mokuba this time? Usually they made up pretty quickly after an argument, but this hadn't just been some argument, this had been worse. Mokuba had screamed and cried at Seto, and Seto had shouted back.

"What you doin here moneybags, this ain't your end of town".

Seto recognized the voice of Joey Wheeler straight away. He wiped the small tear away from his face and stood up to face Joey. "What do you want mutt!" Seto sneered.

Joey laughed, leaving Seto with a confused look on his face. Joey looked at something behind Seto and smiled. Seto was just about to turn around, when his world went black as he fell to the floor.

When Seto eventually came round, he found he couldn't move his arms, and could hardly move his legs either. He seemed to be some room with peeling wallpaper and rough carpet. He looked up to see Yami sitting on his legs, smirking down at him. "What, Yami, agh!" Seto said, his head hurting like hell when he spoke.

"Finally you're awake, geez I thought we killed ya when Yams hit ya over the head!" that all too familiar voice said from somewhere behind Seto. Seto tried to move his arms again, but found that his wrists were bound behind his back. 'Dammit, the one time I don't come out with my cell phone or pen knife and I get jumped by this mutt' Seto thought angrily to himself. He tried to get himself free from the bounds, but soon found it was no use. Inside Seto started to get scared, but he didn't let it show on his face. He rolled his head to the side trying to see Joey. The floor was wet, with what Seto soon found to be his own blood from the wound on his head. "What do you want Wheeler?" Seto said in as angry a tone as he could manage with his head thumping. Joey bent over Seto and looked him straight in the eye, honey meeting ice blue. "Well Kaiba, dere's a lot of things I want right now, but my main want, is to experience having more power than you" Joey said while gently massaging Seto's head. Normally this would have felt nice, but with the blood pouring from his head, Seto found it rather painful, and couldn't help letting out a painful moan. Joey smirked at this.

"So mutt, what do you plan to do to me then?" Seto said not looking Joey in the eyes. "Well…," Joey said looking at Yami and smirking while pressing harder on Seto's head, making Seto hiss in pain, "I plan to teach you a lesson Kaiba, one that you won't forget too easily, one that will stay with you for the rest of your life!", Joey knelt down and whispered the last part in Seto's ear, "Ya see Kaiba, I've had too much shit off people like you and my dad, and now, it's payback time, it's just lucky that you came along, otherwise I mighta killed myself instead". Seto gulped, now he was really scared, he'd seen Joey get into fights at school, and the other guys had always come off much much worse. Joey stood up and walked round to the side of Seto. He then knealt down and looked Seto in the eye, and Seto looked back, trying to predict what he was going to do next. To Seto's surprise, instead of punching or kicking him, or causing him some form of pain, Joey knelt forward and kissed Seto gently on the lips, his tongue running along Seto's lower lip, requesting entrance. As he had never been kissed before, Seto didn't know what to do, and just parted his lips. As he did this, Joeys tongue darted inside Seto's mouth and ran over his tongue. Joey moaned into the kiss and pushed deeper. Had the circumstances been different, Seto would have treasured this moment, as it was, he was gasping for breath while still trying to untie the bounds on his wrists. Suddenly Joey pulled away. "Just like I thought, a virgin, never mind, that means it be more enjoyable for me, but not so for him" Joey said to Yami who was sat at the other end of the room. Seto didn't know what he meant by this, and wasn't sure he wanted to.

"Well", Joey said looking back at Seto, "I think we're ready Yams, if you'd do the honours please". Yami nodded and walked over to Seto and Joey. He knealt down and put a hand under Seto's shirt over his heart. Seto's shivered at the cold touch. With his other hand, Yami held his millennium puzzle and stared to chant something in Egyptian. Seto's head hurt more than anything now, the room was starting to spin as he slowly but surely started to lose conciseness. He closed his eyes and tried to block out some of the pain.

When he opened them again, he found that he was in a totally different room, this one having a cold stone floor, and stone walls with hieroglyphics all over them. "Where…... where are we?" Seto said looking up. He found Joey to be in his same street clothes, but Yami wearing a totally different outfit, instead of his usual blue suit, he was dressed in a pharaoh's outfit. "We are in the shadow realm, in my soul room to be precise" Yami replied. Seto looked at Yami with his eyes wide open, "The.., the…, the shadow realm!" Seto stuttered, "But, why!".

"Well, I'm sure you'll find out soon enough" Yami said. He brushed Seto's chestnut bangs from his face before standing up and walking to the other side of the room. Joey kneeled down close to Seto, "Now, ya can either do this willingly or unwillingly, but either way the outcome'll be the same, now I'm gonna take the binds off your wrists and we'll see what you do" Joey whispered in Seto's ear.

"But what are you gonna do to me!" Seto pleaded.

"What am I gonna do to you, well, I'm gonna take something that you'll never get back again, and will belong to me forever, and instead I'm gonna leave you with something that will belong to you forever too" Joey said as he rolled Seto onto his front. Joey undid the bounds on Seto's wrists and then stood up. Seto immediately stood up too. He noticed that Yami was in fact guarding the door to the creepy room. Seto looked from Joey to Yami, to Joey again. "You fools, you can't do anything to me now, now please stop fooling around and move outta my way" Seto said moving towards the door. Yami and Joey looked at each other. "I guess that means he's not willing Joey" Yami said.

"I guess so Yams" Joey agreed. Before Seto had time to blink, ropes dropped from the sky and twisted round him like snakes. "What the…" Seto said shocked. He shot an evil look towards Joey and Yami. Yami looked at Joey and shook his head, "When will he learn?". Joey just shrugged and shook his head too. "Well I guess we best get on with it" Joey said walking over to Seto. Seto desperately tried to get free, but this time it really was no use at all, the snake like ropes had him in a super strong hold. Joey stood really close to Seto and gently gripped his chin and turned it towards him. He then started to gently kiss Seto like he had before, slowly sliding his tongue along Seto's lower lip. This time, Seto didn't part his lips, instead he pursed them together. Joey guessed what Seto was doing and slid his hand down the front of Seto's jeans, giving his length a soft stroke. This made Seto gasp, therefore parting his lips, and Joey quickly invading his mouth with his probing tongue. Joey ran his tongue over Seto's and all around his mouth and down his throat, making Seto choke. Joey then left Seto's mouth and slowly licked his way down to Seto's neck and collarbone, making him shiver. "What's the matter Kaiba, ya cold? Don't worry I'll soon have ya warmed up" Joey said in a low tone.

That was when it occurred to Seto what Joey had meant by taking something from him forever, Joey was talking about Seto's virginity, but what did he mean by giving him something back? Was Joey a virgin too? Seto didn't have long to think about the possibility, as Joey was running his hands under Seto's shirt, tweaking his nipples, and running his fingers over Seto's smooth skin. "Get off me mutt" Seto growled. Joey looked shocked. He turned to Yami, who had just been watching. "Well Yams, it looks like we're gonna have to do it the hard way, this guy ain't getting turned on, I tried to make it good for him but oh well…." Joey said stepping back from Seto. The ropes around Seto then started to move again. They swiftly tugged all his clothes off, leaving him totally naked. They then pushed Seto against the wall. Joey walked back up to Seto, "Don't worry, I'll prepare you a bit, I don't want any blood coming from you, but it'll still hurt, it won't feel as good as it cudda been if you'd cooperated a bit more" Joey said taking something out of his pocket, Seto realising with horror that it was a bottle of lube. Joey popped the lid and squirted some onto his fingers. He then walked up to Seto and knelt down slightly. The ropes holding Seto wound round his legs and pulled them apart. Joey reached between Seto's legs to his entrance. Slowly he pushed one finger in. Seto bit his lip. Joey penetrated the finger slowly, before adding a second finger. Seto bit down on his lip harder. Joey moved the fingers around slowly in scissor like motions before he added a last third finger and did the same. Seto bit so hard on his lip it started to bleed.

After a few minutes of Joey's preparation, he removed his fingers and undid his trousers, releasing his half hard length. "Yams, I need some help" Joey said turning to Yami. Yami went over to Joey and dropped on his knees. He then took Joey to the mouth, slowly sucking and licking all of Joey's length. Seto eyes had nearly popped out when he first saw the size of Joey's length. He started trembling in fear, he didn't have a clue what to expect. After a few thrusts into Yami's mouth, Joey left Yami and walked back over to Seto. Joey got the bottle of lube out again and smothered some onto his length. The robes around Seto moved again. Before he knew it, Seto was bent over with his legs spread open, his ass facing Joey.

Joey took a strong grip of Seto's hips with one hand, while his other hand gripped his length. He lined it up with Seto's small pink entrance. "Ya ready Seto?" Joey asked. Seto was in tears now. "No" he cried quietly. "Well tough, I can't wait any longer, now just relax" Joey said. He slowly started to push into Seto until he was at the hilt. Seto bit his lip again and moaned out in pain. Joey didn't wait long for Seto to adjust. He slowly pulled out and then pushed in again, this time harder. More tears dribbled down Seto's face from his crystal blue eyes. Joey slowly quickened the pace up. Regardless of the preparation he'd received, Seto was still in agony, and blood started to seep out from his entrance.

"OH JOEY PLEASE STOP, IT HURTS SO MUCH!" Seto screamed as Joey thrusted in and out of Seto with great speed and power. Joey was moaning gently with every thrust. "Gods Seto, you're so tight" Joey moaned. Seto continued sobbing in pain. All of a sudden, Joey gave one huge thrust, making Seto scream out, as he spilled his seed into Seto. Seto hissed at the feeling of cum going up his back passage. Joey slowly thrusted in and out until he had no seed left to spill, before he pulled out of Seto. "Gods, that was good, oh dear Seto, you're bleeding, I'm sorry, hey Yams, ya got a cloth?" Joey said. Yami nodded and produced a big white silk like cloth. Joey took it and started to wipe Seto's entrance.

After Seto was clean, he folded it over and wiped his own length clean. "Thanks Yams" Joey said as he gave Yami the cloth back, which now had huge bloodstains on it. "I think we can let him go now, we've done what we needed to do" Joey said. Yami nodded. The ropes which had held Seto so tightly released him so suddenly, that Seto fell face down on the floor. Joey picked up Seto's clothes which had been ripped of earlier and threw them to him. Still crying, Seto got dressed and then looked up at Yami and Joey. "Do you think we should tell him why we did that to him?" Yami asked Joey. Joey thought for a moment. He looked at Seto crying on the floor. "No I think he's upset enough now, we don't wanna stress him even further otherwise it might not work, he'll find out soon enough anyway" Joey answered. Seto's head started to spin again from the pain coming from his head and backside. Slowly, he drifted into the world of unconcisness.

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