Levels (Post-Eppie to "Who's Your Daddy?"/Season 2 Finale)
DJ Dubois
May 2006

Rating: T (Teen) (Adult situations, language)

Spoilers: Latter half of House Season 2

Pairings: House/Cuddy, some aborted Wilson/Cuddy; Wilson/Julie

Notes: House belongs to Universal and its copyright holders.

Chapter 1 [Princeton Plainsboro—Wilson's Office]

Wilson smiled to himself, feeling that he had just ducked an expensive divorce. During the previous week, he and Julie had made up, promising to work everything out. He could also move back in by week's end. At least I can get off of House's couch. FINALLY! He looked through some charts while eating lunch. "Everything's under control at least."

Just as he said that, a certain diagnostician burst into the room. "You just had to do it, didn't you?"

"Do what?" Wilson asked incredulously, rolling his eyes. "Oh do you mean providing the maid service for the last week? I guess that would be me."

"Cut the crap!" House stomped across the floor, barely dragging his leg as he did so—a clear sign that he was super pissed off. "I thought you and the ball and chain got back together! What were you doing last night?"

The oncologist stared at his intrusive friend, alternating between anger and fear himself. "Cuddy and I had dinner. It was a date."

House smirked sarcastically. "In your dreams, Jimmy Boy."

"Dinner was good and it was a date not that it's any of your business," Wilson asserted.

"Was not!"

"Just because we discussed in…." Wilson started before clamming up.

House rolled his eyes, wanting to kill the other doctor but not revealing his true feelings in the process. "In-vitro? You're a potential donor?"

"Is there a problem with that?"

House managed an apparently noncommittal shrug. "Depends on Cuddy. You didn't try to force yourself on her?"

"Excuse me? That's your department!"

House gave him a snide smirk. "And you're learning sooo well from me too! Have you talked about this with Ms. Jules yet?"

"You're certainly interested, aren't you?"

"Now I'm playing the Daddy. I knew it!" House asserted before pointing the cane at Wilson. "Everyone lies. Should have known you'd do this!" He limped furiously out of the office.

Great. Wilson groused, thinking that things weren't going to get any worse…but they were about to do so.