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cross-over between T.N.G. and Enterprise; it's set after Nemsis (2380; Riker and Dianna married some months before) for what concern T.N.G., and somewhere between the last two episodes of Enterprise (i decided to set the story in 2157, 4-5 years before the end of the story;here T'Pol mother is dead from a while).i hope you will love and like it,like i loved and i liked write it. I also hope there aren't too many mistakes, because i'm italian and my english isn't ever so perfect. Now, enjoy yourself and,if you want, Review!


All was gone. All was finished. When the Enterprises performed their plan, everything went successful. Or so the captains thought. in the time of a blink, everything finished. All. All disappeared. Both the enterprises returned to their time.to their space. It was like nothing happened. Or so they believed. Because something was changed, something was different.

ENTERPRISE NX-01.Years later.

Years were passed since the NX-01 met the DI. For someone, it was nothing was happen at all, I mean, the ones who was remained on the ship never understood what happened, only the senior officers known the truth. They known exactly what happened, and why, and the danger caused by their enemies. Yeah, theie enemies… an old one (the borgs) and two totally new: the Qs and the 8472. Sure, at the end they have decided to help then and betrayed the Borgs…but what about the future? Like they did one, Archer thought, the will able to come back again, if they would, come back again to destroy them. Or someone else. There wasn't a single difference. They were traitors. And traitors remain traitors. Now the newborn Federation had new enemies, and like he did in the past, he decided it was his duty defend all he known from the dangers. He didn't do it with Trip. He permitted his death. He never forgotten himself. For that reason, when the Federation asked him if he wanted to be put on desk duty, he refused. He didn't accept. He preferred to came back to his ship, his women and men, to his duty. To what he really loved. And feared. Because yes, he was totally in love with the space, but now,after so many years, he known the truth. there are good people, and bad ones. On Earth like in Space. And he wanted to be the one to met the bad ones and defeated them.

"Morning Malcolm, you alright?" - he asked when he saw his officer at the canteen, alone and sad.It was seven o'clock. Time for breakfast. – have problems to join me at my table?"

Reed shown his captain his best false smile, and "yes – he answered – I would be very happy to join you at your table" .

Malcolm followed Jonathan across the almost full room: the crew was formed from almost young cadets, only some months were passed since the Enterprise come back home for the change.

Ultimately, they arrived to the corner reserved for Archer and his accompanists. They sat at the rectangular table and ordered the breakfast.

"For me eggs, bacon and coffee. And for you, Malcolm?" he asked him.

"Only some coffee, thanks."

"you sure? It will be a long day, you know. First contact isn't always as simple as we hope." Some days before, they tracked the presence of an "unknown" planet, and obtained the authorization to contact the inhabitants. As ever, Archer was not only happy about this…but even enraptured. Excited. But this time was quite different, if not for him, for Malcolm. And taken out the poor Tripp, no one known him better than his Captain.

"Captain, if it is not a problem, I prefer to stay here. I'm not of the right mood today…" he simply answered, trying not to look into Archer's eyes.

"Malcolm, I know how you feel. Especially today. Especially for the planet we're going to visit. You can't believe me, but I understand what you fell. Really. And you know I need you. Right now, you're my second officer. I need your presence with me."

"it's only a momentary thing. And – he added – it's for that reason that I believe I must stay here. You need someone to give orders."

"there will be someone else. I need you because we're friends. And because you're the unique person, now, that I totally trust in. you understand?"

"Yeah, captain, I understand, and I want thank you for your friendship, loyalty and faith. It's something I really appreciate. But if you really understand me, you'll also understand that I don't feel ready for all those things. I mean, I know it has passed years since the last time I saw her but…you know, it's really strange, I can't explain exactly what I feel. What I feel like. You see, when I was a child my mother told me there's a person for everybody. One and alone. I didn't believe her, probably because I was…well, because I was how I was, but right now, I'm asking me all sort of question about love, life and love life. like "what if she was the one?" "and if she is the one, what can I do?" you know, this sort of questions. I know it's stupid but… but today is today. Give me some days and I'll be ok. Promise."

"This is the first year without Tripp. And T'Pol is gone, too. And exactly 3 years ago we met Celian for the first time."

"First and unique. You know – he told him drinking his coffee – sometimes I fantasize about her. About a life together. I think how our children could be, how a good mother she could be. And I start to ask me where is she now and what she is doing."

"if she loved you the way you loved her, probably wherever she is and whatever she is doing she is asking herself the very same questions."

"You believed?"

"yeah, and I believed you must come with me, on Andoria, because I'm sure you'll understand and know…and remember… her better this way."

Enterprise DI.future.

Celian looked out from the window of the captain's office. More than 3 years. more than 3 years since she saw the last time her planet. She was quite happy, sure, and Clerin, who was now 10 years old, was…well, there were no words to describe what her niece felt. How she felt. But Celian was worried. If not about her feelings (always her problematic feelings…) , about the civil war. Sure, the war was over, but what did she leave? How she leave people? Honestly, she was scared. Very, very scared.

And exactly 3 years since she saw for the last time Malcolm. Well, it wasn't 3 years, it was more or less like than 230 years. But, counting the days…well, 1096 days are 3 years!

"How do you feel?"

Celian continued to look outside the window. She didn't responded immediately to her captain.

"Came back home is beautiful. But it's strange. Never felt this way with your own planet?"

"Celian, you know it's not your planet that make you fell this way, it's a certain lieutenant. I know it, too. I know you better than everybody else, you know."

"I always did."

"known that I know you or that your love for Malcolm will last until you'll see again?"

"it's impossible. Don't joke with me or my feelings, Jean Luc. Please. I suffered too much. And Edward too."

"I imagine how you felt when you caressed your belly, feeling your child inside you…his child. "

"he has his same grey eyes. God they are so beautiful…they was so beautiful…I meant so much for me, jean Luc. He was the light outside the tunnel. My light."

"Celian….it's time to found your light again. A friend owed me a favor or two, and he did me one. Go where your heart will take you."


Reed opened his eyes. It was like they have been closed for years. He opened them and he saw his family's house,in Britain. The last thing he remembered, he was on Andoria, in one of the castle's rooms. He was alone in that room, and he listened a voice…a male voice…who told him to close his eyes, and so he did. And when he re-opened them, here he was. With his family. Sure, it was the samest thing. his parents weren't so happy of him to be in the Starfleet, but, after all those years, it seemed they have accepted it. But sure, he felt a certain disbelief. Something strange.like if something wasn't…

"everything's all right." He wasn't sure. Did it was a question or a simple statement? He reflected, inspiring her scent again and again. It was a statement, a magnificent one. Oh, sure it was. The most truly one, too.

"Sorry if it took me …us… so long to come." She said gently kissing him.

"you're here. This is the most important thing. But how? I heard something about rules…"

"rules are done to be broken" she said smiling at him with all her love.

"I'm glad you told that. I'm glad you came. I'm glad we're here. - he stopped for a minute than he looked again in her eyes – wait,wait…did you tell "it took us so long to come? You really told us? Who's with you?"

"You know, Malcolm Reed. To be a scientist you're…well, you're very silly. Have you ever know about consequences? Especially lovemaking consequences?"

"I love those consequences." He said kissing her again, this time more passionately.