This is the second in my AU series. I tried to do research on the creature I'm using, but all I found was general knowledge, so I'll have to make a lot of stuff up. I'd tell you what I'm using, but I don't want to spoil anything. Original characters belong to the WB, which will soon be the CW. I only own the plot.



Twenty-two-year old Ryan Rumsfeld chugged down the bottle of beer. When he was finished, he slammed the bottle on the table.

"Mmmm! So good," he declared. The girl with him---a twenty-year old named Sarah---laughed flirtatiously. She couldn't believe him. That was his third bottle. And yet, he was still going strong. He seemed to have a strong tolerance for the stuff.

"Wow. What a macho man," she cooed, placing a kiss on his cheek. This is so typical of him, she thought to herself good-naturedly. But she didn't mind too much. He was cute when he got like this.

"Yeah. You know it, baby," he smirked. Life was good. Excellent even. Good brew, a gorgeous girl. Yeah, he was on top. And he liked it. She laughed again and she kissed him square on the lips. He was so good-looking. Anyone would be lucky to have him. And as luck would have it, he had chosen her. She sometimes couldn't believe it. Meanwhile, other couples danced to the contemporary rock music that was playing over the p.a. system. As they did so, the girls moved closer to the guys who grinned knowingly. Yeah. Their girls wanted them. And why not? Each guy thought he was the hottest thing there. Ryan ordered another beer and finished that one off in quick succession as well. Sarah watched as this was done repeatedly. She shook her head almost disbelievingly. How could anyone put away so much beer? Ryan looked at her and she grinned flirtatiously. However, he failed to notice the malicious glint that suddenly appeared in her eyes. This was the stupidest and longest part of the job. Getting the guy drunk enough that he had to be helped home. She hated it. She was never too good at waiting. Finally, the man was cut off, much to his disappointment. Sarah gave the bartender a large pile of bills.

"Thanks for the patience. Hope he didn't tap you out," she told him.

"No it's good," the older man responded. "You'll see that he gets home?" he continued.

"Why, of course," she innocently replied. "After all, I can't just leave him like this," she continued in the same voice. She stood up, and then pulled her date to his feet. "Come on, baby. Let's get you home," she said lightly. Geez. I can't believe how long it took for him to get drunk tonight, she thought in mild annoyance. He was usually less tolerant of his booze. Ryan stumbled as Sarah pulled him along. When they got to his car, she took his keys, opened the door, and put him in the passenger's seat. Then, she got into the driver's seat and drove him home.

"Thanks, baby. I'm sorry. I don't usually drink this much," Ryan slurred. At least, he didn't think he did. But everything was so fuzzy and he had been so tired over the past week. Maybe all those late nights partying with Sarah were finally catching up with him.

"Oh. That's okay," Sarah responded with a giggle. They kissed. Then he took the keys and stumbled up to the door of his apartment. Despite his vast alcohol consumption, the man was able to open his door with relative ease. Sarah watched as Ryan went into the house. She watched for a few minutes until the lights went out. Then, she waited until all was silent. When she was sure that the coast was clear, she got out of the car and transported herself up to the man's upstairs window. Her lips curved into a terrible grin as she watched his chest rise and fall rhythmically. She loved this part. The men never knew what hit them. Silently, she opened the window and climbed in. Ryan turned over in his sleep. The girl held her breath. Was he waking up? She relaxed when she saw that he was still asleep. He had only been making himself more comfortable. That was okay. It was always more enjoyable when the men were in a preferred sleeping position. She walked over to the bed, and then straddled the man, who moaned as he was forced onto his back. Sarah left light kisses on the man's face and neck as she took off his shirt. Her foot gently rubbed his thigh. She felt his body respond and her grin widened. He was hers now and there was nothing he could do. She let her hands travel down his body until they reached his jeans. She chuckled as she removed the obstacle. Then, she let herself experience him fully. He gave out one last moan, then lay limply on the bed. As he lay there, she reclothed him. It wouldn't do for him to look like he had had a wild night. He was such a nice boy. Well, he had been anyways. She chuckled and leaned over so that her mouth was over his ear.

"Thanks for your life, lover," she whispered. Then, she disappeared in a puff of black smoke.