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Is it love?

Chapter 1

She was running through the streets of Stars Hollow. It was 11am and she had overslept once again.
Lorelai ran past the gazebo and almost crashed into Kirk, who accidentally stood in her way.
Arriving at the diner she hectically opened the door wildly and…

"Luuuuuuuuke!" She screamed and stopped at the counter.

"Coffee! NOW!" Luke, who just came out of the kitchen, took Lorelai's favorite mug and gave her, her beloved coffee.

"Hello, first of all." He answered her cravings with rolling his eyes, when Lorelai showed him her already emptied mug with one of her innocent looks.

"That stuff will kill you someday." With those words he filled up her coffee. Lorelai didn't seem to listen at all, poured down her second cup of coffee and plunked it on the counter.

"No time, Luke. No time!" And there she rushed out of the diner. Luke rolled his eyes again and was sure, that this woman would drive him mad someday.


Totally exhausted Lorelai arrived at the Dragonfly Inn. In her hurry she had forgotten her car at home and had had to run back from Luke's place again.

"Lorelai. I do not feel like doing your work, just because you always oversleep." A very moping Michelle came towards her and began to grumble in his French accent. Like a sack of potatoes he flopped onto a chair behind the reception and took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, Michel." She started but before he could reply a loud bang rung out of the kitchen. Lorelai jumped up to find out what Sookie had done. The kitchen itself looked like a battle field; on the stove something was bubbling, in the sink pots and pans were piled up and Sookie sat guffawing in the middle of it all on the floor. Her hair was disheveled and lightly singed, her apron littered with stains.

"Sookie." Lorelai began to talk, trying hard to stay serious at this sight.

"What have you done?" She asked and Sookie jubilated to her;

"I daydreamed while I was frying something and suddenly BANG! and a darting flame sprang up."

"But sweetie, why are you laughing then?"

"Hihi, I don't know." Now Lorelai couldn't hold back her laughter anymore and after a huge fit of laughter she helped her friend to clean the mess in the kitchen. Just when they had finished that a very deviled Michel stormed in on them.

"Lorelai, come with me. Someone tripped on the stairs and is now stuck in the banisters." Lorelai looked at him perplexed. She couldn't imagine that someone could be in a situation like that but nevertheless she followed Michel into the entrance area. And truly, someone was stuck in the banisters and Lorelai instantly recognized who it was.

"Kirk." She shouted and ran upstairs to help him.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I'm the new chimney sweeper, but when I wanted to go downstairs I slipped and got stuck here." Lorelai rolled her eyes and wondered how many other jobs Kirk might accept.

"Wait here, I'll go and call Luke. He'll get you out of this dilemma." Well, he can't do anything else than waiting here. She thought and grabbed the phone.


A little later Luke arrived. When he saw Kirk stuck in the banisters he began to laugh immediately.

"Hey Kirk, can I take a picture if this before I get you out? "It'll look great framed in the dinner." He chuckled.

"No Luke, when Lulu sees this…" He trailed off and lightly offended Luke began to free Kirk from his uncomfortable position. And from that moment on, bad luck ran its course. Kirk tried to worm himself out of the banisters and accidentally hit Luke, who lost his balance and fell down the stairs.

"Oh my god, Luke!" Lorelai screamed when she saw him at the bottom of the staircase. She knelt down beside him and noticed that he was unconscious. Oh man, what should she do now?

"Luke, Luke, wake up… come on." She laid his head on her lap and slapped him carefully to wake him up. A quiet grumbling came from his mouth.

"Luke, wake up…" Slowly he opened his eyes and saw Lorelai over him. He didn't know where he was and what he did. He only saw HER. She was over him and he could see her sparkling blue eyes. She was ravishing beauty. She said something to him, but he didn't understand it and yet he answered.

"Yes, Lorelai, I love you too."