Finding out about the qualities of the gene turned priority number one, shortly after the first gene carriers were found out. Abrahams himself had no gene but his adoptive son Daniel possessed it, even seemingly used it for his unbelievable talent to understand almost every language within mere days.

Abrahams had picked Daniel out of the mass of orphaned kids right because of this, and later, as he used his own adoptive son for experiments on which all his other gene theories based, he suddenly knew how right he had been from the start. Young Daniel, turned Dr. in linguistics and Archeaology before he died, and had a wonderfully strong gene which his foster father isolated and implanted into mice.

Of course Daniel never saw the poor little mice flying through the laboratory, or how thousands of people all over the world got tested and abused; he died in the aftermath of an experiment himself.

But that really was no problem at all. Abrahams found others, mostly in the militaries and prisons of the world, found others who he could bend and shape into helpers, to stupid to even know what they did for him until they already enabled him to kill thousands of innocents with one tiny red button.

History repeated itself.


Rodney still couldn't believe it. His sister! His sister Jeannie just like on the day he had seen her the last time, just so much happier, so much more healthier looking. He blinked at her, still not totally sure what was going on and she smiled back, looking over his shoulder and over to Sheppard next.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She bounced up and down, left Rodney out of her clutches and did the same hugs and bounces for John. The man with the ruffled hair and the dark cloths kind of blushed, awkwardly patting her back as she literally wrapped herself around him to say thanks.

Of course Rodney didn't like that.

"Still bound here, would somebody get me untied here? Hello?"

John hoped the young woman was finished with hugging him soon, tried to hold back his blush and unease with being touched just long enough to find Mckay staring at him dangerously.

"Jeannie…" Mckay jumped on the spot. "Do you hear me? Your brother doesn't feel his hands anymore!"

"Oh stop complaining Mer…"

"Mer?" John blinked at the younger woman.

"Just a nickname…" Rodney snarled sharply and Jeannie giggled.


It looked like a modern city, like the skyline of New York or Singapur, just with less of the headache causing neon and more of an unreal silver glow, warm and welcoming like no big city of the modern world had ever been for me.

I think we stared at the city before us for a couple of minutes, our breath calming down and the adrenaline flowing away with the soothing whisper in out heads. The voice was caressing over my confused nerves, calming them, calming my shaking hands and my chest tightening fear from just moments ago.

We went to check it out after looking for the people in the back of the aircraft. 5 men and me went to investigate - the others secured the civil people and wounded, but it didn't really look like the city was dangerous.

She looked so beautiful with her high oceans of glass and bluish metal, up into the sky. 10 or 20 skyscraper high buildings centred around a even bigger central spire, more smaller buildings and smaller houses grouped around the bigger ones, there were even streets and squares between them.

We walked along the rim of the runway, past water which played at the base of the city, walked past high crystal buildings full of living, green plants and somewhere, somehow one of the doors opened for us.

It was warm and welcoming inside, as if the city had waited all the time just for us to return home.

A city resting below the eternal ice, waiting for her people to return home.


Lorne held the P-90 in one hand and had the other flat on the glass before him, it looked a lot like a greenhouse of some sort. Warm and welcoming, alive and completely different from anything they had seen in years.

"Sir, can this be real?"

John shrugged. He stood face off a door and could swear It was offering him to open for him in his mind, like the voice of his mother, just not really.

"It looks as if…"

The door opened.


Jeannie dragged her brother up the broad stairs to the next level, along colourful windows to a door that lead out on a balcony. John watched and a small smile crawled over his lips, he could picture the wonder the other man probably felt right now, warm and soothing like the touch of a mother. He closed his eyes and let Atlantis wash over him, it was worth it.

Ronon walked down the stairs from the upper level, followed by the small form of one of the female civil scientists, Kusanagi. She had one of the Atlantis data pads clutched to her chest and smiled politely at her Co - the ever present protector at her side.

"Welcome back Sheppard-san…" She greeted him, Sheppard opened his eyes slowly and kept the smile in place. "We are still screening the news, but as it seems mission was a full success."

"Good to hear…" he drawled.

The downside of doing a bombing as this, necessary and doubtful as it was, was still the possibility to hit someone who wasn't meant to be hit. There after all, was one major difference between real terrorists and them; they wouldn't murder innocents.

They destroyed the weapons build to do that.

"Anything was calm while you were gone Sheppard," Ronon reported. "No activity on the surface…"

"That's good to hear too," Sheppard smiled and his look went back to the figures beyond the coloured glass on top of the stairs.

This mission had been a success, so far.


not an end, the beginning...