Marty's secret Past!

Dr.Murdock was sitting in his big brownish red office with the pictures of his sorrowly-pasted wife and other things the room filled with knick-knacks. When all the sudden he felt a hand on his shoulder he jumped and looked up.

"Dr. why so jumpy" Said the scary looking clocked figure behind him.

"My Elder. Why... What brings you here?'' he stuttered.

"We have a new student for you. I believe you know who this is we have been tracking her for the last 4 months. I do think she should be here instead of being terminated for the reason of every child should be with their family or in her case her family and her creator." He finished off

"Oh yes! When shall she be here then?" Murdock asked

" I'm already here," replied a low shy voice. Murdock looked to the door of the day student passage way. And there stood a girl whose eyes were greener then the greenest of grass' her hair black and long. Pale skin but that was a given for a vampire. She wore a dark red skirt that went all the way down to the floor; it was made of a light fabric most likely cotton or polyester. Her shirt was a black shirt the fit her form very well. She was tall and thin. Even if he shouldn't notice things like this he noticed and was he sure all the boys of night school would too, Her breasts large and perky. He went back to her face and cleared his throat.

"Well Class will be starting soon why don't I introduce you to the others and your family!" Dr.Murdock said turning to the elder whom he didn't notice was already gone.

The Night scholars were sitting and laughing about god knows what and eating there breakfast blood, when there teacher Dr.Murdock walked up.

"Well I have good news for you tonight" He smiled at them. They just sat there and looked at him. "We have new student with us. Some of you may recognize her." he looks at Marty. Marty looked back with a puzzled look. "Alice is her name and I want you to all treat her with respect" Looking around the table.

"Is Alice hot?" Asked, the one vampire jock everyone loved, Karl.

"Yeah is she cause if she is then I will defiantly recognize her!" Marty piped up

"Well marty you might not think she's hot!" Dr.Murdock half laughed

"Why? I think every girl is hot!" Marty said laughing "AS long as she's got boobs and legs I'm all good!''

"Well I sure never thought I would hear that!" Said a voice from behind Dr.Murdock. Alice stepped out. Marty's jaw dropped, Not because he though she was sexy but because he knew her.

"I thought you... you died!" He said standing up and running and hugging her tight as if he thought he would lose her forever. "I thought I killed you...I'm so sorry I'm so sorry baby!" He cried in to her neck "I haven't seen you in so long I'm sorry I left you I'm so sorry if I knew I would have stayed with you I would have I would have"

"I know daddy I know" Alice cried into his shoulder.

Everyone just looked at each.

"DID SHE JUST SAY DADDY?" Everyone said at the same time. Looking at the two vampire that looked almost identical in shock

"Yes. She's my daughter. I thought I killed her 60 years ago." Marty said letting her go but still keeping very close to her. Then it hit him. "WAIT! If you were 4 when I bit why do you look 16?"

"Because she half Vampire!" Merrill blankly told them. Glaring at Alice.

"How did you know?" Alice asked her with a shocked look.

"I can read minds" Looking away and looking at Dr.Murdock "Why do we have a half vamp here I thought this was for full vampires."

""Well aren't we the bitchy ones huh?" Alice asked

"Now Alice don't swear like that!'' Marty scolded her

"Yes dad!" Alice said with a pouting lip that made Marty laugh.

"Awe that's ok bunny" He replied

Merrill glared at her.

It wasn't the fact that Alice was a half vampire that bothered her it was the whole fact that she was pretty tall and thin. Her breasts were large and perky and she could read both Drew's and Karl's thoughts even if she only cared about Drew's. It wasn't fair how someone like her could catch their attention so fast and she couldn't get a second glance.

"Now Merrill were here to learn to be with each other and the elders say she must be with her father." Dr.Murdock said turning away "I want you all to get acquainted. You can miss school today." When he had finished everyone was happy.

"So where's my coffin?" Alice turned to Essie and smiled.

"Oh over here" Essie said smiling back and pointing to their dorm.

"I'll show!" All the guys said at once. Merrill glared at them and Essie just laughed.

"I think her dad should show her," Essie said laughing again "you guys should let her catch up with her dad!" The boys nodded their head and walked off to their dorm.

"Umm this way Princesses." Marty said showing her in the direction.

"Dad I'm 64 I don't think you need to call me princesses anymore. " She laughed and follower him.

"I don't like her!" Merrill said at once when she left earshot.

"I like her she seems nice! Plus now Marty has his baby back isn't that just so sweet!" Essie said smiling.

"No! Drew likes her how am I to finally get Drew if he wont take notice because of her!"

"Yes her breast are big and she skinny and pretty but, me too and they don't fall for me!" Essie said patting her on the back, and walking off to find the boys.

Alice was sitting at a table with her father talking about what she had been doing and everything for the past 60 years.

"Hey Alice" Karl said walking up to her. She looked up from her father and smiled

"Karl right?" She asked

"Yeah" He smiled his cute, showing his not to long but not to shorts fangs, smile "I don't remember telling you my name! Ask one of the other girls cause you thought I was so cute?''

"No I remember you for your old high school before you turned. You see I went there too because half vampires can go out into sunlight. So I went to your day school!" She said just slightly glaring.

"Really? I don't remember you much!" Karl said dumb struck

"No you wouldn't. Being one of the popular kids at school." She said looking away giving a clear sign she just wanted to talk with her dad.

"I would have known you with a body like yours you'd be one of the poplars too!" Karl said with his cute boyish smile. Marty Looked at him with a look if pure hatred, then looked away.

"Please don't talk about my daughter that way" Marty told him without even looking at him.

"No daddy its ok. I'll talk to you later Kay dad?" She said getting up and pulling Karl away without even waiting for an answer. Marty sat there in silence for a second when Merrill walked up to him.

"What's up Marty?" She asked in her far away dreamy voice she had.

"Why don't you just read my mind Merrill?" He said and stormed off.

"I just wanted to know what was up." She said softly

"You didn't really go to my school did you? You just wanted a reason to be alone with me" He smirked

"You're a little full of your self aren't you? I did go to your school but I wore less showy clothes and I taped my chest because I didn't want assholes like you to bother me. Oh and I had glasses!" She looked at him with a smirk as it finally came to him. He looked as if he had just met some famous person. His face went from happy to sad, to confused in 1 minute.

"But why would you do that? Didn't you want to be popular?"

"No! Why would I want to be popular?"

"OH you get to make fun of geeks" Karl said she shook her head

"No thank you I happen to like geeks. And lets not forget I wanted to be Malcolm Fry's girlfriend, not the girlfriend of some jock like you!" She finished crossing her arms. She turned on her heels and walked off to find her father.

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