Alice sat on her own on the stairs leading up to the Doctors office. She thought about what she gave up by going to the elders. She thought of Malcolm and got a sting in her eyes as she fought back tears.

"He's a mortal…and a loser why would you like him. Your much prettier and can get anyone you want. What's the point of crying when you can get anyone you want huh? And if you cant what's the hope for anyone?" She looked up and saw Merrill glaring at her.

"You shut-up about Malcolm!" She glared back "I love him and he's not a loser. If anyone is its you because you don't seem to understand the pain I feel when I think about him!" She stormed off. It was daytime so she walked up the stairs into Murdock's office, knowing full well no one would follow her. He wasn't, there she let out a sigh. She really needed to talk to someone. She walked out of the little office. She saw Murdock and walked over to him.

"I need to talk with you," she said looking at the floor, THUS (I love that word) hiding her face as her hair swept past her face.

"Yes" He cleared his throat "Lets go to my office"

The two walked to his office and she sat down on a chair facing his desk and he locked the door.

"Now what is it you would like to talk about?" He asked her

"I want to transfer to day school!" She said in one breath, "I need to I cant stand the vampires down there" She said pointing at the wall 'door'. "I mean Essie and My dad are fine its just Merrill, Drew, and Karl. I hate them…. Well that's a strong word I guess I don't hate them just the make me anger and I cant be around them!"

"Why?" He looked at her with concern.

"Merrill for some reason likes to read my thoughts and she…called the guy I love a loser she always tells me I cant have Drew but why would I want a moppey EMO, and KARL" She grinded her teeth when she said his name. "He is so stupid and well he has something to do with me going to the elders after all that time its really all his fault that I left real school."

"I see…well I'll talk to the elders about it and give an answer next Saturday. Now go and get some sleep!" Alice left the room and went back to cellar. She was walking into the girl's dorm when she heard Merrill.

"GOD I hate her. She can't have the one she wants so she has to take mine. You know she'll be after Karl soon enough too!"

Then she heard Essie talk in a sarcastic tone,

"OH NO! Its like me and Karl are over and we can't be together anyway!"

"Oh shut-up Essie. So are you going to help me get ride of her?"

"Merrill why can't you be happy that her Marty has baby girl back after 60 or somethin' years?" Essie said in a hateful tone. Alice walked into the room and glared at Merrill.

"You know not everyone wants Drew…. I mean I don't think he's hot or even cute. IN FACT I hate him and I hate mostly everyone in here. The only people who are nice to me are Essie and my Dad" Her eyes filled with tears. "I guess you'll be happy to know Dr.Murdock is asking the Elders if I can go to Day school!' Alice turned around and saw her dad. His eyes also filled with tears. He was about to grab and hug her. When she pushed away from him and ran off. Both Marty and Essie turned to look at Merrill.

"I hate you more then I every have at any point in my life of meeting you!" He spat and walked away. Essie just shook her head at Merrill and walked off in the direction that Alice ran. Merrill sat on her coffin and cried.

"Why does everyone hate me so much?' She asked her self.

"How about because you're a mean person?" Drew walked in front of her. "But then again after what Alice said about me I guess she would be mean too. BUT I do deserve that. I haven't been the nicest of people to her"

"I hate her so much. She isn't one of us. She wants…" Merrill got quite.

"I know what you were going to say. Merrill you need to know me and you aren't right for each other. I can never get over the fact the my one was Sherry and now she gone."

Merrill cried harder.

"But I love you I know you're my one." Merrill sobbed.

"I wish I could tell you that your mine but I cant. I- I don't love you." He looked away " I have a bit of crush on Alice…" He mumbled something and Merrill eyes went red.

"I KNEW IT! You only like her because of her looks, don't you? YOU BASTERD!" She cried harder.

Essie had her arm over Alice's shoulder. They were quite and their breath was the only sound and even then it seemed as if the weren't breathing anyway.

"So you say she can go to day school?"

"Yes But the only way is that if she stays with her father on the weekends."

The voice above them said.

"Oh great now I have to spend my weekends with Merrill." Alice said under her breath.

"It'll be fine. I'm sure you can just spend your time with your dad and me the whole weekend. I can think of a million things we can do in one day!" Essie said patting her back.

"Yeah I guess. You know it's really cool we found this spot. I can hear the Doc with anyone." She smiled. The turned their heads and heard some people talking and walking towards them. "Shhhh" Alice whispered and pushed her self deeper into the darkness. Essie followed her. They saw Karl and Drew walk by.

"Man she is the hottest thing in world... But she hates us" Karl said

"No she hates me, she despises you!" Drew laughed.

"Yeah well… we still have to think of a way to change her mind about us" Karl smiled "I've it we be really nice to her for the next few days. And then when she chooses one of us to date the other goes and hides in a corner. I guess you should go find your corner now cause I'm going to win." Drew laughed.

"No I think it'll be fine you go ahead with your plan I'll just be nicer with no expectations of her.

OK I know I said that Alice would see Malcolm but you know stuff comes up and the stuff is my dog has cancer so I might not write for a while because this may be the very last summer with my dog…. So yeah and don't flame over grammar I have no time to check it I'm re-reading it to make sure it makes kind of sense so please if you have a problem I don't care.