Title: Lost

Author: SVUAddict

Disclaimer: I did not create nor do I own the characters of Law and Order: SVU. I only own the story line and the characters I make up.

Summery: Alex is finally back in Olivia's life thanks to Casey. Now Casey's at her darkest hour will Olivia return the favor? And how will Alex settle into her new job replacing Elizabeth Donnelly?

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Background: I'm starting this a year after The Pedestal Falls. Olivia and Alex are back together and they adopted their first daughter, Serena, who is two years old. Casey started dating Martin Johnson eleven months ago. They met while playing softball. (A/N: Life is good for them right now but me, evil writer insert evil laugh and evil music will change that soon.)


Casey Novak woke up the sound of her screeching alarm clock. At least five hundreds ways of how to demolish her alarm clock popped into her head she reached over and hit the snooze button. She wiped away the rest of her sleep from her eyes before she slid out of bed. She slid her feet into her warm and fuzzy slippers. She saw a nice big cup of coffee in her future. After all Casey did want to stay awake among the living that day. As she dragged herself down the hallway to the kitchen were a fresh pot off coffee was already being brewed something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. It was her calendar and today, December Fourth was circled in red ink. After taking a closer inspection she discovered that today was the day Martin was coming home. He had been gone for a whole week and Casey wanted to see him desperately. She had exciting news to tell him. And she planned on telling him tonight at dinner. She hoped he would be as excited about it as she was. Casey skipped the rest of the way to the kitchen were she poured herself a cup of coffee. When she finished she jumped into the shower before slipping into a freshly dry cleaned dress suit. She had a long morning at the courthouse before a long afternoon of paperwork. She prayed that nothing came up at the Special Victims Unit squad room that needed her attention that day. She was too swamped to do anything, and she really wanted to get out of work at a reasonable time so she could talk to her boy friend Martin. She was just about to head out the door when she heard a knock on the door. She opened it and found Martin standing there. She was too happy to see him that she didn't notice the frown he wore on his face. She threw her arms around him and welcomed him with a kiss. Than she invited him in. She didn't know if she could hold in her secret until tonight.

"I thought you weren't going to get here till this afternoon?" Casey asked.

"I was able to get an earlier flight," Martin shrugged, "But first we need to talk."

Casey didn't like the sound of that. But she followed Martin over to the couch were she sat down inches away from him. She tried to take his hand in her own, but he pulled away. She could just feel him slipping away from her and she thought she could tell what he was going to say before he said it. So she decided to beat him to the punch line.

"Are you leaving me?" Casey asked in a small voice.

Martin sighed and looked down at his hands. Casey knew that she would never be able to believe him now if he tried to deny her accusations. But what was she going to do if he left her.

"We've had fun for the last couple of months," Martin told her and than he looked up at her, "But that's all it was. It was fun."

Casey couldn't believe her ears. Martin had used her because he wanted to have fun. She didn't think she would ever be the same knowing that.

"You used me for sex?" demanded Casey.

She felt anger boil under her skin. She couldn't believe the nerve of this man. He came into her life and got her to trust him only to have him leave because he was done having fun. He probably had found something better than her. Someone he could have more fun with. She was angry with him and with herself for not realizing this in him. She had always been able to see things like this and know who was going to do this to her. That's why she had never been in a relationship longer than a month before. But she had thought Martin was different.

"What can I saw Casey?" Marin asked, "A man has needs."

Casey was beyond angry now. How dare he date her only because he has needs? She stood up angrily causing Martin to look at her in shock.

"Get out," screamed Casey, "And never come near me again."

Martin stood up and backed away towards the door.

"I thought you would understand," exclaimed Martin, "I didn't know this would bother you so much."

Casey glared at him. If looks could kill Martin Johnson would be a dead man six feet under pushing up daisies Casey didn't think she had been so angry in her entire life.

"It does bother me and do you want to know why?" Casey yelled.

She wasn't going to tell Martin that he was going to be a Father, but now she thought she would tell him. So than after she could threaten his life if he ever came near her or her baby ever again.

"I'm pregnant Martin," exclaimed Casey, "And this ones all on you."

Casey watched as a range of emotions flickered in Martin's icy eyes. The last one being of fear. She had no idea what he was afraid of, but it couldn't be worse than what she was going through.

"You must abort that baby," Martin said firmly and angrily.

Casey had thought she reached her anger limit, but it soared way past that. She was fuming with anger. She felt her fists clench at her side and her nail dug into her skin slightly. But she was so angry that pain was not something she felt.

"How dare you," Casey said angrily.

Martin came closer to her and Casey slapped him across the face. Her teeth were clenched with fury. She didn't know what she would do to him if he didn't leave. She might have strangled the man if given the chance. But suddenly through her anger a cloud of reason formed in her mind. The only way he would be this against her having the baby would be if he were married. She had never seen him wear a ring, but he could have taken it off. She had never even met his family in all the time they were dating. So it had to be it.

"Are you married?" demanded Casey.

Martin just glared at her and stormed out of the apartment. Casey knew right away that she was right. He hadn't denied it, but than again he hadn't come out right and say that he was. Casey knew she wouldn't be able to solve this problem now. So she straightened out her appearance and left the apartment locking the door behind her. She would talk to Olivia later and find out what she should do.

Olivia woke up the smell of coffee. She looked beside her and found Alex sleeping peacefully beside her. Her blonde hair sprawled out over the pillow rising. Olivia smiled thinking how truly lucky she was to have such a wonderful life. She heard a distant sound and brought her ear closer to the baby monitor beside her bed. She heard Serena talking quietly in her crib. Serena never gave them trouble and when she woke up early, which was every morning, she would play quietly in her bedroom until someone came and got her. Olivia glanced over at the alarm clock. The red letters flickered seven in the morning. It was the latest she had ever slept. But than again she hadn't had a day off in forever. They had been working on case after case in the SVU. She had been working herself into the ground. Finally the bosses told them they had to take a week off. Even Cragen was getting a week off. Olivia dropped a kiss on Alex's forehead before sliding out of bed without disturbing the blonde. She than tip toed into Serena's room next door. When she walked in a smile spread across Serena's lips. Olivia couldn't help but grin as well. Serena immediately held out her hands to tell Olivia that she wanted to be picked up. Olivia scooped her out of the crib and brought her close to her. Serena rested her head with her short chocolate brown hair against Olivia's shoulder. Her chocolate brown eyes stared up at her Olivia smiling with content.

"Wanna go make some chocolate chip pancakes?" Olivia asked the little girl.

"And banana?" asked Serena.

Olivia nodded. The one thing Serena loved more than chocolate was bananas. Olivia swore if she ate any more bananas' she was going to turn into one. Olivia tickled Serena's side earning a round of giggles from her.

"You're going to turn into a banana one day," Olivia whispered.

"I like banana," Serena said laughing at her own words.

Olivia couldn't help but join in on the laughter. But she made sure they were quiet enough that they didn't wake the sleeping blonde in the next room. She needed all the rest she could get because there was one thing that they had found out last night. Alex was pregnant. Alex was ecstatic and Serena was excited about getting a little brother or sister. Olivia entered the kitchen and put Serena in her car seat with a chopped up banana. Serena sat there content as she munched away on her banana. Olivia busied herself making chocolate chip pancakes. When they were done she placed them on a plate on the kitchen table. Whenever last pancake was made she went and poured two cups of coffee, which she placed on the table as well. She was just about to go wake Alex up when a pair of arms snaked around her stomach and Alex's chin rested on her shoulder.

"Morning sleepy head," Olivia said.


Olivia snuck a quick kiss before they started breakfast. She knew she would need all the energy she could get if they were going to the park that day. Serena loved the park and ran around to the point that when they left three hours later she would be asleep in either Olivia's arms or Alex's. Olivia grinned. She wouldn't have it any other way.

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