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Lex stood in front of he large bathroom mirror straightening his tie and reflecting on how he despised having to attend these formal dinners with his father. It wasn't so bad when he attended them on his own, at least then he could feel somewhat accomplished in the business he conducted. He could work the room, networking with all the important businessmen and dancing with their wives. It didn't take much when he was on his own to feel confident and win over the attention of a crowded room.

He ran his hand over his bare scalp and thought of the irony of his inability to grow hair. When he was alone it acted in his favor, drawing attention his way and invoking interest that allowed him to meet new people with ease. On the other hand, when he attended these functions with his father, it acted as a beacon; drawing unwanted, added attention to the boy who would be perceived as his father's puppet. Not at mention the fact that it made it that much easier for his father to find him within a crowded room.

"Lex! Lex, son, its time to go." Lionel's voice shattered the silence of his thoughts.

"Shit." Lex whispered under his breath as he reached for the bathroom doorknob.

"You know the procedure Lex. I don't want any embarrassment like the last time." Lionel's warning hung in the air as father and son moved down the stairs to the lobby of the apartment building in Metropolis. Lex smiled briefly as he recalled the anger his last outing with his father had brought. Lionel was furious when he found Lex in the coat checkroom with one of the barmaids from the party.

They hit the bottom stair and Lionel turned to Lex, gripping his shoulders and giving them a tight squeeze. "Don't disappoint me this time Alexander. I really wouldn't advise you testing my limits." He then turned and continued towards the limo.

The smile Lex had been sporting faded away and was replaced with a look of a man who had just been challenged. He immediately began to think of things to do that would inevitable irritate his father while still not exceeding the limits of his temper. Lex knew his father's temper well. He had suffered under it many times in his youth.

The ride to the benefit dinner was a quiet one. Lionel clearly thought that his threat would be enough of a deterrent for Lex to temper his behavior. Lex had other plans. No sooner had they hit the dinner and he was at the bar having glasses of scotch with the wives of a number of Lionel's business associates.

Dinner was also uneventful other than Lex's obvious lack of presence at his father's side at the head table. He had a place reserved for him and a nametag boldly identifying his seat to the remainder of the guests but he did not sit there. Instead he moved from table to table drinking wine and visiting with any and all of the female attendees.

As the night wore on he progressively became more and more inebriated. By midnight he was circled by women and entertaining them all with body shots. He looked over at his father and tipped his shooter glass full of tequila. With a wink, he inserted it in the cleavage of one of the women standing around him at the bar. Licking her neck, he poured salt on the moistened strip and gently inserted a slice of lemon in her mouth. He then tongued the salt from her neck and dipped his head forward circling his lips around the rim of the shot glass. He stood again, tipping his head back and swallowing the mouth full of tequila before reaching up and removing the glass from his mouth and capturing the lemon in its place with a full bodied kiss, allowing his hands to travel around to her lower back.

"Quite the boy you have there." An unfamiliar voice from Lionel's side chimed in. Lionel continued his glare at Lex, willing him to stop his behavior before he caused more of a scene.

"Hmm." Lionel wordlessly agreed.

"He is very attractive. He has an air of sensuality about him that you don't often see."

That got Lionel's attention since the words were coming from a man. He turned to look at the man for the first time. He was dressed in the finest silk from head to toe and wore very expensive jewelry. He spoke with an accent that was difficult to place.

"Mr. Luthor, allow me to introduce myself. I am Joshua Bruha. My family is from Sudan. My father is a very wealthy American oil developer who married my mother, a local girl. They decided to remain in Sudan where he amassed his fortune."

Lionel looked unimpressed as the man continued; "I have followed up on the stormy relationship you have with your son. It seems that he needs some structure in his life."

Lionel lifted the glass of scotch in his hands to his lips and took a long, leisurely sip, trying to sooth the flare of anger he felt towards this man and his presumptuous comments.

"And what do you suggest exactly?" Lionel's voice dripped with distain.

" I did not mean to offend you." Joshua laughed softly, "I simply have a business opportunity for you. Given your relationship with your son you may wish to consider it."

"What kind of business could we possibly have?" Lionel was clearly interested now.

"I wish to purchase your son."

Lionel choked on the words as they crossed his ears. "You what?" He sputtered through his coughs.

"I said I wish to purchase your son."

Lionel stared blankly waiting for more in the way of an explanation.

"I don't believe that my son's extra-curricular activities have strayed to prostituting himself out to men just yet." Lionel smirked.

"I think you misunderstand my intentions. I don't wish to pay your son for one night of services; I wish to purchase your son permanently. You see, I am a collector of sorts. I collect items and species of great interest and I find your son particularly interesting."

"Just what exactly are you proposing to do with my son once you have collected him?"

"We can discuss the details of our contract at a later date dependant on what level of contact you wish to maintain with him."

"Level of contact?"

"Yes, you see I recognize that there will need to be a phasing out of your son on some day to day company business and tasks. I am guessing that your current relationship does not lend itself to you being in your son's will in a gaining fashion. Once he learns his place we will ensure that any and all transitions of his business and finances are transferred to your name prior to his death."

"His death?" Lionel's eyebrow rose.

"More precisely his perceived death. You and I can entice his cooperation in order to have him sign over Lexcorp to you along with any other aspects you wish to maintain. We will stage his death once everything is in order and you, as the grieving father, will resume business as usual after a short period of mourning."

"Lex is the air of my fortune. He is my legacy. Like it or not he is my son and everything I have built will go to him once I die. I need him to carry out my life's work."

"Ahh, but, he is not your only heir. Is he?"

Lionel's smile began to creep across his face as he thought of Lucas. With Lex out of the way he may have a chance to manipulate Lucas. He could mold him into the perfect, model son.

As he thought of Lucas and the potential that existed, he looked over at Lex who was currently dancing with the wife of one of his key business associates. Her husband was clearly unimpressed with the level of attention his wife had been affording Lex throughout the night and was currently motioning her to return to him at their table.

"What would happen to Lex in your care?"

"He would be well cared for, I can assure you of that. He well he housed, cared for and all his needs will be met to the greatest extent of my wealth. He will have all the luxuries he can be afforded given his new situation and will have no real responsibilities to speak of. By the way he conducts himself in a social setting it seems clear that this would be something he may come to enjoy in the long run."

"He would never agree to it."

"The choice is not his to make. You are his father and are ultimately responsible for his welfare. In my country the son carries out the wishes of his father. He will resist at first but in time he will grow content with his lot in life and embrace a life free of worries and filled with luxuries. Many of my wives were unwilling at the onset of our marriages but eventually they came to learn their place and the privileges that come with being under my care."

"Does your culture also condone the collection of people against their will?" Lionel challenged.

Joshua laughed lightly, "No, no of course not. You Americans know very little of our culture. My collection is unique and solely for my enjoyment. As I said before my father was American and I was raised primarily with American ideals and teachings. I attended a school in my community for children of English decent and studied Christianity for a time. My collection and beliefs have very little to do with the country in which I reside."

"What is in all of this for you?" Lionel asked sounding suspicious.

"I find your son fascinating He intrigues me and I hope to spend more time with him once he has learned his place and the new rule under which he must live. I do believe that a big part of what has led me to seek out your son is the inevitable challenge of taming him."

Lionel looked at him with deep interest.

"If a man of your greatness and power has yet to gain control over him I can only imagine he must be almost untrainable. The thought of teaching him humility and obedience excites me unlike any of my other conquests."

Lionel looked again over at Lex who was slipping a jacket onto one of the lovely ladies who had been swooning over him all night. As he watched the two slip out the back door he nodded his head slowly in thought.

"I'll consider your offer."

"I look forward to our next conversation." Joshua grinned and slipped a business card into Lionel's palm during their brief handshake.