The flight to Sudan took longer than Chloe remembered as she pressed her forehead into the glass of the window to watch the tarmac draw closer. She heard Lionel chuckle from beside her and turned to glare questioningly at him.

"You are definitely anxious to have your friends returned aren't you?"

Chloe didn't answer as she recognized the rhetorical question by the tone. She simply turned back to the window as she felt the jarring of the plane landing on the run way.

Once they finally settled in outside the terminal they were met by a number of policemen and military soldiers. She took a definite back seat to Lionel and her uncle who conversed with the men at great lengths about the demise of Joshua. It took a while to convince the men that he had in fact been killed but once they were convinced they seemed genuinely relieved and anxious to help.

The American Military had a minor presence on route to the palace as they didn't want to raise too many concerns from within the community. The caravan of unmarked vehicles winded their way through the city streets and into the darkness. Chloe could have sworn that the drive would never end until she saw the palace lights in the distance. Her heart started beating louder in her ears as she twisted the hem of her shirt trying to calm her nerves.

She thought about how long it had been since she had been removed from the palace. All the time it took to put this plan into place meant more time that Clark and Lex were subjected to Joshua and his tendencies. Her cheeks blushed when she thought about the events that took place at the ball. Her mind wandered next to the precarious position she had found Clark and Lex in that evening. What else had they been forced to do since she had escaped? For possibly the thousandth time she silently cursed her inability to free them sooner.

Her mind flittered through the faces of all the girls that were being held there. Some against their will, some sold into the life by their parents. How would their lives be affected by this turn of events. With Joshua gone some of the women would be free to return to their homes in other countries to be reunited with their families. Others would be homeless, women like Karema who had no where else to go. How would they survive? Sudan would not be an easy place to try and make a living outside the palace walls.

"Lost in thought my dear?" Lionel's voice broke the silence.

Her eyes focused on him and she was surprised to realize that she had almost started to cry. She cleared her throat and tried to slough off the obvious emotion as she thought of how to answer.

"I was just thinking about all the girls that live there that will have nowhere else to go. Some of the woman have lived most of their lived in there and they have no family to turn to once they are homeless. I was wondering how they will survive, how will they make a living." She replied honestly thinking that there was nothing to be lost in the truth.

"I see." Lionel paused in thought. "I am sure that there are many positions that they could be trained for within the foreign offices of Luthorcorp. You bring them to me and I will ensure that they are adequately set up."

Chloe stared at Lionel in shock. She knew from her limited experience that he didn't do anything without motivation. "Why?" She blurted out in summary of her thoughts.

Lionel lifted one eyebrow and looked at her quizzically. "What do you mean why?"

"Look no offense but I think you and I both know that you are not known to be a man who does things unless they somehow benefit you in the end."

Lionel grinned and tried to stifle his chuckle at the directness of this young woman, he thought again that he could find a use for her within his company. A girl of her whit and talent shouldn't go wasting away on aspirations of journalism.

"Touché," He nodded his head at her, "I do have an alternative motive. By providing these women with a source of income and a place to live I am gaining some bonus points in a country where I will be perceived as having killed one of their heroes. I can show a hand of good faith towards these women and gain the respect of some of the politicians within the country thus setting myself up for future business ventures here and in other allied countries."

"Hah." Chloe made the sound of understanding and then thought about the ramifications of Lionel's actions. She thought long and hard for any way that his actions could hurt the girls in question. Unable to find any she conceded that it wasn't such a bad trade off.

"Before we go inside I would like to remind you of our agreement. I am to be the first one in to speak with my son and Clark alone. I want no interruptions. I will bring them out when we have settled our affairs."

"I remember, but I don't like it."

Lionel eyed her cautiously. "Like it or not that was the deal Miss Sullivan."

The door opened and the chauffeur reached inside to help Chloe exit the vehicle. The palace loomed before her and she thought of the last time she had arrived here. She steeled her resolve and had to focus on not running through the doors in search of Clark and Lex.

They entered the front hallway and Lionel stopped to talk with a few of the military men who were sticking to him a little too conveniently close for Chloe's taste.

"I want all security cameras into that room shut down. Am I understood?"

"Yes Mr. Luthor." The taller soldier replied before turning and heading down the hall with one of the palace servants leading the way.

"I want one man set up at the entry of the library and no one is to enter that room either." Lionel called after the men as he remembered the entranceway to the viewing area on the opposite side of the glass.

The men nodded in affirmation that they had heard and the request would be carried out.

'Of course.' Chloe thought to herself, 'Of course Lionel would have men on the payroll even here and now.' She realized they were there to ensure there was no record of the conversation he was going to have with Lex. If he wasn't so despicable she might have even admired his connections and ability to cover his butt.

"Why don't you see to releasing the girls while I speak with Clark and my son?" Lionel suggested as he guided Chloe down the hallway by the small of her back.

She knew there was no room for discussion in his tone and given their previous arrangement so she simply nodded her head and allowed herself to be led down the hall.


Lex woke with a start when he heard the door to the room slam shut and footsteps cross the kitchen. He groaned inwardly knowing what ever came next would not be welcome.

He had made the most of the quiet time they had had since Amir had last left them by trying to get some much needed sleep. Clark had stirred a few times making an attempt at incoherent sentences and then drifted back into unconsciousness. Both times Lex's heart went out to him. Amir must have done a number to Clark while Lex was unconscious. It was thoughts of what Amir must have done to have left Clark so weak that almost drove Lex insane as he sat with his head still resting on Clark's thigh.

"Hi Honey. I'm home." Amir whispered as he leaned down to Lex's ear.

Lex didn't move as he sat trying to will this evil away. He pulled lightly at the duct tape around his wrists trying not to make an obvious show of it.

"Did you miss me?" Amir continued to taunt.

When Lex didn't respond Amir punched him swiftly in the back of the head eliciting a loud cry of pain from Lex and awakening Clark.

"Look who is finally waking up to join the party." Amir noted as he strolled behind Clark and slapped him on the ass.

"Leave him alone!" Lex shouted still staring at the floor.

"You American's never know when to quit, do you?" Amir spoke to Lex from behind Clark as he twisted Clark's hair in his fingers. "All tied up and no where to go, no hope of freedom, no hope of helping your friend and yet you still think you can shout out orders."

Amir pulled a knife from inside his waist sash and sliced the ropes at Clark's wrists. Without any effort to slow his decent Clark plunged to the floor like dead weight. He moaned slightly but made no effort to move.

Amir leaned over Clark's body and placed both hands on top of Lex's bound wrists on either side of the armrests of the chair.

"Funny thing you know." Amir paused as he looked into Lex's eyes. "I still can't seem to find Joshua. I have been calling his cell now for quite some time and still no answer. Want to tell me where he is at?"

"I told you already. He went to see my father."

Amir took a moment to kick Clark in the back and then refocused on Lex. "Unfortunately for your friend here I can't seem to get a hold of your father either."

Lex stared at him blankly not able to offer any suggestions as to where his father may be. He cringed as Amir connected his foot with Clark's back again and then reached down and grabbed him by the hair.

"No matter really. I have what I came for. You will just be the icing on the cake if I can have you too." Amir smirked as he dragged Clark across the floor towards the bedroom by his hair. Lex was thankful that Clark had almost regained his faculties enough to aid by pushing himself across the floor using his feet. "You'll excuse me if I want some time alone with my new toy."

"Leave him alone you sick fuck!" Lex shouted again as the door shut to the bedroom. "NO!" Lex continued to shout over and over until he thought he would go hoarse.

His screams were interrupted by a presence in the doorway to the apartment that he never thought he would see again. He father stood there momentarily before entering the room and shutting the door. Lex looked at him and blinked a few times. He wasn't surprised that he hadn't heard the door open through his screams.

"I see you still haven't accepted your place here. Still fighting it are we?" Lionel nodded at the bindings holding Lex in place in the chair.

"What do you want?" Lex spat out in contempt.

"Is that anyway to speak to your father?" Lionel's voice took on a sickeningly sweet tone to which Lex almost choked.

"You're not my father. You're dead to me."

"I simply came to see how you were doing and see if it was time you return home." Lionel continued talking as if Lex hadn't spoken at all.

"Home?" Lex's eyes shot up and he felt a brief moment of hope before the reality of who he was talking to came crashing around him. This was his father. The father who had put him here. The father who had brought Clark into this mess. The father who wanted him out of the picture. There was no way he was here to collect them and bring them home as if it never happened.

"Yes son, home. Joshua is dead so our deal is null. It appears you are able to return home with me. I am anxious to have you back at work son." Lionel emphasized the word son as he stepped forward and placed both hands on Lex's shoulders.

Lex's steel eyes took on even more hardness as he stared coldly at his father. "Why? What is in it for you?"

"Your word to keep my involvement in all of this quiet is all that I ask in return for your freedom."

"No way." Lex responded as matter of fact as he knew how.

"No?" Lionel asked mocking Lex's obvious lack of understanding of the situation.

"Lex, if you refuse this now then you will be sold to the highest bidder. So will Clark. Joshua is dead and if in his will he didn't make provisions for you, you will be sold."

Clark, Lionel's talk of Clark had reminded Lex of Clark's current situation. He had to get to Clark and help him.

"What do you get out of all this?"

"Why do people keep asking me that?" Lionel mumbled as he looked around the room "That's twice today I have been asked that question." Thinking back to his previous conversation with Chloe.

"I have some papers for you to sign before we can leave this room and I believe that your full co-operation given your current situation is warranted, don't you?"

Lex stared at him with unchecked hatred hoping he could somehow burn the papers in his father's hands simply by staring at them.

A scream of pain from the bedroom rattled Lex back to the present.

"Sounds as if young Clark isn't fairing too well." Lionel purred as he stepped forward and slid the papers under Lex's hand and tucked the pen into his hand.

Lex's hand was still bound to the chair so he had difficulty grasping the pen effectively. He stared down at the papers with the crushing realization that signing them meant his dreams of escaping of his own accord and publicly condemning his father for his actions would never materialize. He knew without a doubt that the papers would clear Lionel of any involvement and make it impossible for Lex to gain his retribution.

Lionel leaned over Lex so he was eye to eye with his son and demanded, "Sign it."

Lex stared at his father before gathering his emotions and spit in Lionel's face as he tossed the pen to the floor.

Lionel's reaction was swift as he back handed Lex almost knocking the chair he was tied in to the ground.

"You are so smug. Let's see how self righteous you are when your precious friend is being sold on an auction block." Lionel spoke venomously at Lex before he reached down and gathered up the papers from the floor.

Clark's screams filled the room again and Lionel lightly tapped Lex's face with the rolled up papers. "Hear that. You can be the one to end his suffering. Sign the damn papers."

Lex looked from his father to the papers and when Clark's screams and Amir's shouts filled the room for the third time Lex gave under the pressure.


"Okay what?" Lionel pressed knowing he had Lex where he wanted him now.

"I'll sign the papers."


"And what? I said I'll sign the papers."

"By signing these papers Lex you are acknowledging that I had no previous knowledge of your where abouts and that I played no part in your situation. The second set of papers are just as important." Lionel paused as he reached again into his pocket.

He pulled out a second set of papers and flashed them in front of Lex. "Now that you are alive your will is meaningless so the shares your will passed to me will go back to you. These papers show your desire for me to maintain the shares even upon your return. Once you sign these you will have only that which I chose to afford you. Are we clear?"

"Crystal." Lex seethed as Lionel pushed the pen back into his hand.

"Good boy. Maybe you did learn some manners while you were here after all."

Lex struggled to sign his name on the first set of papers. "You know," Lionel started as he switched the papers out of Lex's hand for the next set, "It will be good to have you home again son. Especially now that you have had the opportunity to learn your place and can appreciate the luxuries that I can provide you with."

Lex winced inwardly as he signed his soul over to the devil for the second time. "What about Clark? I can't ensure his silence."

"Don't you worry about Clark. I'll discuss our situation with him momentarily."

Lex put the pen down on the arm of the chair and Lionel smiled with satisfaction. "Well now, let's see what we can do to help your friend shall we."

Lex turned to look at the sealed door to the bedroom and was surprised to realize that he was shaking nervously over what was going on behind the door. The room had gone eerily quiet for the past few minutes and Lex hoped that Amir hadn't killed Clark.

Lionel undid the biddings holding Lex and helped his son to his feet. He held him by his shoulders briefly before issuing his final warning. "Trust me when I tell you that I am not above finding alternative situations similar to this should you decide to break the agreements you have signed."

Lex glared at him, "I won't mention this place or your involvement."

"Excellent son." Lionel emphasized the word son yet again before stepping away from him.

Lex turned and faced the bedroom door. Thoughts of what he would find behind it scared him to death. His hands reached out to turn the door knob and he slowly opened the door.

Inside Clark was tied to the bed face down and Amir was on top of him. The room was silent except for Amir's heavy breathing and Clark's low moans of pain and anguish.

Lionel came to stand beside Lex in the door frame as Lex shouted to Amir breaking the man's rhythm. "Get the fuck away from him right now!"

Amir turned and faced Lex in surprise. He then turned to look at Lionel with concern. He had never met Lionel and was only mildly aware of what the man looked like from the news reports he had seen.

Lionel stopped Lex from lunging forward at Amir. Lex looked with worry at him, his concern for his father's motives still clear.

Lionel reached out and grabbed his son's hand pressing a handgun from his pocket into Lex's palm and curling his fingers around the butt. He nodded knowingly at Lex before releasing the gun and stepping back.

Lex was confused. What made his father so sure that he wouldn't use the gun on him? As if reading his mind Lionel chimed in, "There is one bullet in that gun son. You can use it to kill me and stay here with this man." Lionel waved at Amir in disgust, "Or you can use it to save Clark. You chose."

Lex leveled the gun in his hand at Amir, "Get the fuck off him." He repeated with an air of confidence.

Amir backed away from Clark and stood up beside the bed. "Don't do anything you will regret." Amir warned. "My men are everywhere. They will hunt you down should you kill me."

"Don't listen to him son. Finish him off." Lionel encouraged. "Look at your friend. Look at what he has done to shatter his innocence."

Lex turned at pointed the gun at Lionel then back to Amir and then back to Lionel.

"Don't be foolish son. Finish this so we can all go home."

Lex knew his father well and understood Lionel's motive for wanting him to kill Amir. It wasn't for Lex and it wasn't for Clark, no it was because Amir was the only one possible witness to the arrangement he had had with Joshua.

"Do it!" Lionel shouted becoming impatient.

"No!" Lex shouted, "I'm not your hired hit man. No matter how hard you try I will never be you!"

Lionel laughed openly at that, "Son you never could live up to that expectation. No, I realized long ago that you were not the son I had hoped for. Prove to me that you have at least this much in you and kill him!"

"Lex, don't do it." Clark pleaded from the bed.

"Do it!" Lionel prodded again.

Amir looked back and forth between the three of the men and decided to take advantage of this obvious hesitation. He reached towards the bed and grabbed his pants.

"Don't move!" Lex shouted.

"If I am to die I will not do so without cloths on." Amir answered haughtily as he continued to put on his pants.

Lex let the man finish dressing since he had no intention of killing him. As Amir pulled up his pants he adjusted his sash around his waist and his fingers circled around his knife that lay hidden under the material.

Suddenly and swiftly Amir pulled the knife and threw it at Lex. As the blade traveled through the air Clark strained to use his heat vision to divert its flight path. He concentrated but with no luck. Lex attempted to duck to one side but the knife drove deep into his right shoulder causing his body to jerk backwards and his finger to recoil back on the trigger.

The gun fired and Amir was hit in the side. It was not a fatal wound but enough to cause the man extreme pain. Lionel watched on until finally losing his patience and stalking angrily towards Lex. Lex clutched the gun in his right hand and the blade of the knife in his left trying to relieve the pain of the blade in his flesh.

"I can't understand how you can be such a spineless disappointment Lex." Lionel fumed as he wrapped his hand in a handkerchief and forcefully removed the gun from Lex. Careful not to leave any finger prints Lionel inserted another bullet in the chamber and crossed the room towards Amir pointing the gun in his face.

"Please wait." Was all that Amir had time to say before Lionel pulled the trigger, killing him instantly.

"Let me make this situation clear for both of you." Lionel turned as if nothing had happened. His heartless lack of reaction stunned Clark as he tried to maintain he twisted body posture to enable him to look at Lionel.

Lionel moved back towards Lex and with one swift motion pulled the blade of the knife from his shoulder causing Lex to cry out in anguish. He paled even more than Clark thought possible.

Lionel took the bloody knife and loomed over Clark with it. "Hello son." He smirked. "Seems we have caught you at an entirely bad time."

"Leave him alone dad!" Lex shouted from his spot on the floor as he fought the nausea that threatened as he attempted to stand.

"Quiet!" Lionel turned briefly to Lex then back to Clark.

He paused momentarily to run the dull side of the knife along the curve of Clark's butt and onto his back. "Lex and I have put aside our differences and I am turning to you to do the same."

Clark rested his forehead on the pillows beneath him as he slowly let out his breath slowly. He lifted his head and glared over his shoulder at Lionel, "Go to hell!" He seethed through his teeth.

"I won't but I am sure my son will." Lionel responded nonchalantly as he opened the chamber of the gun and gently placed two bullets inside of the six empty spaces. "It is a shame that this confinement drove my son to such desperate measures. He killed your friend there before he killed you and took his own life. All before I could get here to free you."

"Dad?" Lex called out at the words.

"Your prints are the only ones on this gun Lex. The residue of the gun shot is all over your palm. You freed yourself from the chair outside, rushed in here, saw your friend being abused and something snapped. You decided to end it all."

He turned his attention back to Clark, "Your choice son. What will it be?" Lionel urged as he cocked the hammer back.

Clark heard the click of the gun and turned to face Lionel as the cold metal pressed against his temple. "What do you want?"

"I want your signature on this document that Lex has already signed. It abolishes any involvement you may claim I had in your disappearance."

Clark was trapped and he recognized it immediately. He didn't know there were others here to free him all he knew was that Lionel was the closest tangible savior to him. He needed to see his parents again, needed to see the sunset and the stars from his barn, needed Lana and he needed to be somewhere away from the effects of the meteor rocks.

He slowly nodded his head in surrender. Lionel saw the small movement and placed the papers in front of Clark. He then used the bloodied knife to cut the bindings at his wrist allowing Clark to take the pen and sign his name. Once the paper was signed Lionel triumphantly folded it and placed it in his pocket for safe keeping.

He turned and walked from the bed and took a seat in the chair across the room. Lex saw that he made no efforts to free Clark's other wrist so he himself shuffled across the room to assist Clark in his efforts to untie the knots. Lex's anger boiled as they finally managed to loosen the rope enough for Clark to slip free. Lionel had a knife and there he sat watching them struggle with the knot without so much as offering his assistance.

"Ready boys?" Lionel called as he stood and turned to leave the room.

Clark and Lex shared a mutual look of understanding. They had to play this out if it meant getting them home. Lex helped Clark off the bed and aided in getting him dressed in the pair of pants that were lying on the floor. Clark cringed slightly as he bent to pull them up. He virtually hurt all over. Every muscle ached and he figured this must be how people felt when they were hit by a truck.

"You okay?" Lex asked with worry seeing Clark's discomfort.

"Let's get out of here." Clark answered avoiding the obvious answer to the question.

Lex smiled lightly at him and the two followed Lionel from the apartment, neither of them looked back at what was their home for the past few months.

"Clark!" A voice that Clark never thought he would hear again rang through the hallway.

He looked up in disbelief at the sound. He blinked a few times in an effort to clear the apparition of Chloe running towards him. As she slammed into him and flung her arms around his neck he still didn't believe she was real.


"Oh Clark, I'm so glad you are okay. I was so worried about you. You are okay aren't you? I mean you aren't hurt right?"

Clark smiled for this really was Chloe. "I'm okay but how- Aren't you- I thought you were dead?" He finally managed to spit out.

"Are you kidding? I wouldn't die when you needed me most." She tried to joke not wanting to weigh him down with her exploits.

"But how did you-"

"Some other time Clark, for now lets just get you home."

Clark never heard a better suggestion in his life. He turned to look at Lex who was being ushered by his father down the hallway. His stomach sank to see his friend being used for Lionel's appearances again as he saw Lionel put an arm around Lex when the police approached them.

"Yes, yes I am ecstatic to have my son returned safely to me." Lionel started and then turned to face Clark. "Clark is like a son to me also and I am pleased to have them both back safe and sound. Now please excuse us as we get these boys back home. I imagine they are exhausted from their ordeal."

Clark's eyes narrowed at the back of Lionel's head. He secretly wished he had his powers so he could strike this man down.

"Clark, please." Chloe urged seeing Clark's anger. "I know you want to kill him but he did help to free you both. We couldn't have done this without him."

"At what cost?" Clark wondered out loud about Lionel's motives and the effect that Lex's silence would have on his friend.

"Clark please." She urged again as she pulled him forward to follow Lionel and Lex out of the palace.

Once on the plane Lionel confirmed their commitment to silence. He spoke to all three like they were children and his tone was calm but had a distinct air of threat. Lex was sure that any efforts against his father that were not carried out with complete accuracy would end badly for the three of them. He sealed his mind to wait for the perfect opportune time to seek his revenge. He would get his father but as he had promised it wouldn't be for this directly.


"Clark!" Martha's voice called as he immerged from the plane onto the tarmac.

"Mom!" Clark's voice was shaky as tears threatened to flow at the site of her.

Martha ran forward and enveloped him and a hug that Clark wished would never end. His father hugged him over top of her too impatient to wait for his turn.

Lex stared on in envy and it reminded him of the time that he had rescued Clark's class from being held hostage in his plant in Smallville. This time was no different; Clark would go home to his perfect life and perfect family who loved him. Lex knew he would return to an empty mansion and a father who hated him in private but in public pretended to care about him.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kent." Lex acknowledged them as he came up along side of Clark.

"Oh Lex, I'm so glad you are okay." Martha beamed as she hugged him with all the love he hoped for from a parent.

"Lex." Jonathon clapped Lex on the back and that was all Lex knew he dared to hope for from him.

Martha had moved on to Chloe and was beaming at her with pride. "You were so brave dear." Clark heard his mother praising her before his attention was drawn back to Lex.

Lex motioned for Clark to follow him as they stepped to the side of the fawning group of greeters. Once alone Lex turned to Clark, "Quite the ordeal."

Clark nodded hesitantly sure of what was coming.

"Clark, I was hoping you could explain a few things for me now."

"Like what?" Clark shifted nervously.

"Like how you managed to help me during the fight. Or how you started that fire in Joshua's room."

"Oh that." Clark stalled.

"You were going to tell me something that night but I stopped you. I was hoping you would tell me now." Lex looked at his friend.

"Lex, I told you already. I have an allergy to the meteor rocks." Clark looked earnestly at Lex hoping he would drop it.

Now that they were free and his secret was safe he somehow sensed that telling Lex his secret wasn't the wisest thing to do. He didn't know why but his mind kept flashing back to the drawing on the cave wall of the two headed dragon, one symbolizing good and the other evil. He didn't know why his mind focused on that image and his intuition screamed at him not to tell Lex but he decided to listen to his senses.

"Clark, you told me you trusted me enough to tell me the truth. What were you going to tell me?"

"I don't remember Lex. A lot has happened since then. I wish I could tell you more but I can't."

Lex sighed and was going to push for more until the silence between them was shattered by Lana's voice from a distance.

"Lana!" Clark exclaimed as he saw her running towards him.

As the two hugged Lex silently excused himself and walked over to Chloe. His heart went out to her as he saw her face drop at the sight of Lana and Clark reunited.

Lex turned his attention to her and was touched by the sorrow in her eyes. "You want to get out of here?" He asked softly.

"Hmm?" She vaguely acknowledged his question as she continued to watch.

Lex stepped in front of her breaking her view and her concentration, "I said would you like to get out of here. I am very interested in hearing how it is that you found us the first time and how in the hell you managed to convince my father to help you rescue us."

"Oh, yeah of course." Chloe answered half-heartedly.

Lex smiled at her not because of her reaction to Clark and Lana but because he felt like he was seeing her for the first time. He had always known she was smart and talented and beautiful but not like this. He glanced down her body and then back to her face. Slowly he reached up and pushed the pieces of her fallen bangs out of her eyes.

She crinkled her eyebrows at him in confusion as she wondered what he was up to. "Let's get out of here. We can go to the Talon for a coffee and you can fill me in on your escapades."

"That sounds like a great idea Lex." She acknowledged as she turned and headed towards a car that was waiting for him.

Lex ushered her into the vehicle, reached across her for a cell phone that was mounted against the back of the seat and then excused himself to make a call. He shut the door and stood outside the limo looking back at Clark as he dialed his cell phone.

"Hi it's me." He started, "Yes well I am back now."

He continued to stare at Clark as he continued his call, "That matter we discussed prior to my disappearance. I want the efforts increased. I want the investigation to take top priority am I clear?"

"Good." He finalized the call and hung up. His heart ached slightly at having to take this course of action up again but Clark left him no choice, he needed answers.

He opened the door and slide in to the car next to Chloe. Once they were safely on their way and out of earshot Chloe turned to Lex with a serious expression.

"Lex before we talk about how I found you there is something I have to tell you." She paused and looked around the car as if looking for anyone or anything that may over hear her confession.

Satisfied there was none she continued. "I think your father killed his parents."

Lex was elated, if this were true it would be just what he needed to seek his revenge on his father. He tried to conceal his excitement as they continued on their way to the Talon and Lex pressed her for more information.


The day that Lionel was sentenced to prison for murdering his parents was one of Lex's finest moments. He finally felt that all his father's sins would not go unpunished. He had jumped into this crusade with both feet and with Chloe at his side as his key witness he knew he would never lose.

His only regret since his return from Sudan was that Clark had become aware of his investigation into him. Lex was hurt that Clark had reneged on his willingness to tell him the truth about his secrets. Lex knew there was more to Clark than he was letting on and he intended to find out what it was. Unfortunately his quest hadn't gone unnoticed and had caused a rift in their friendship.

Regardless of Clark's anger towards him, he knew Clark would show at the court house. He thought about Clark's words when he had shown up for the court day, "I didn't come here for you, Lex. I came here because it's the right thing to do."

He knew Clark was as driven to see Lionel pay for what he had done to them as Lex was. The determination he had seen on Clark's face said it all. This moment was for both of them not only for Lex, although he doubted that Clark would take the same personal satisfaction in seeing Lionel suffer and waste away in jail. Clark was too good hearted to ever really truly wish ill for someone.

Lex cringed slightly at the memory of what Clark had said next, "This friendship's over."

He pushed those thoughts aside as his father emerged on the other side of the cell escorted by the jail guard. Now standing here watching Lionel as he stepped into the prison after the trial Lex finally felt retribution.

Lionel turned to his son, "Well done, Lex. But wasn't it you who warned me don't wound what you cannot kill?

Lex smirked slightly at his father as Lionel turned to walk towards the main cell block.

Lex called out to his father, "Oh, and Dad..."

The gate to his new home opened as Lionel stepped through it and turn back to regard his son waiting impatiently for Lex to speak.

Lex's smile remained as he looked at his father, defeated, standing in his orange jumpsuit, "I wouldn't have missed this for the world."


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