This is not a fanfiction-relevant update, for which I apologise!

1. I have written a novel.

2. It can be exchanged (not specifically purchased) for a donation, minimum of $5.

3. More details can be found at this link (just remove the spaces): beyondthefreerealm. tumblr post/74417189602/the-wishing-maiden-a-novel-for-sale-you-set-the

I'm very, very sorry that this isn't an OoK-related message, but circumstances have come up and I'm desperate to get the word out. Even if you, the person currently reading this, isn't interested, I'd be really grateful if you helped spread the word!

Here's the blurb about what the novel is about:

It is said that the Wishing Maiden is locked away. It is said that the Wishing Maiden grants any and every wish that she hears.
Jacquotte seeks nothing more than adventure...and the power-hungry dreamer, Prince Caietanus, is determined to have all he desires, no matter what the cost. It just so happens that their wants overlap.
Caught up in the search for the legendary Wishing Maiden, Jacquotte and her cunning band set out on a journey in which they face the desperate, the jealous, and the greedy - both at the point of a sword, and in their own reflections.

Please consider donating/spreading the word! Thank you.