Later that night everyone had went home except for Espio. He was just staring at the vault where the Chaos Emeralds were being held while he was thinking about Shadow, until a female voice called him.


Espio quickly spun around and saw a white bat standing behind him, "Rouge", he murmured. "What the hell do you want? Shouldn't you be with your new boyfriend?"

Rouge smirked and crossed her arms, "Someone's jealous aren't they?"

"Shut your trap, bat! I am not jealous!"

"Right", she said pretending to believe that was true. She slowly walked towards the vault where the Chaos Emeralds were.

Espio was getting suspicious, "What are you doing here anyway?"

"To get what I came for."

"And what is that?"

The white bat placed her hands on the vault.

"Wait a minute, you're not gonna..." He knew that she was planning to take the emeralds from the vault.

"And what if I am? You won't stop me."

Espio took out a shuriken star, "Leave those Chaos Emeralds alone!"

Rouge took out a dagger and threw it at Espio's hand stabbing him making him drop his weapon.

Espio kneeled to the floor holding his bleeding hand. He looked up at Rouge slowly as she walked towards him while making an evil smile, "You bitch. Shadow will have your ass for this!"

Rouge used her iron boot and kicked Espio in the chest knocking him completely on the floor. "Stupid chameleon, you won't live to tell him this", she picked up his shuriken star off the floor and threw it at his head.

Espio was bleeding severly with the little sharp weapon in the middle of his head, but he was still alive enough to suffer some more.

Rouge took out a handgun from her pocket and without hesitation shot Espio in his chest.

He was now dead.

She smirked and put the gun back in her pocket. She walked over to the vault once more and saw a keyboard that could allow any user to enter the password. "A password eh? Shadow, you are a lifesaver. Trust." She entered the word trust in the keyboard and the vault quickly opened. Her eyes then glimmered of seeing the different colored emeralds in front of her eyes. "The Chaos Emeralds..." She said with excitement. Her evil look once again appeared.

That next day when everyone got to the Chaotix they saw Espio's dead body laying on the floor. With his own weapon stuck in his forehead and a gunshot wound to the chest.

Everyone cried over his death nonstop except for Shadow who was saving his tears for later.

He had his eyes fixed on Espio's body with sadness and anger, "Espio."

Rouge hugged him and tried to make him a little less sad, "I'm so sorry, Shadow", she tried to say in a sad voice.

"No, the one responsible for this will be the one sorry. I swear!" He shouted. Tonya checked in the vault and saw that all the Chaos Emeralds were gone. "All the Chaos Emeralds are gone!"

"What a creep!" Charmy shouted with anger, "First Espio, now this!"

Vector turned to Shadow, "Don't worry Shad, we'll get to the bottom of this."

Shadow nodded slightly, "I'm sure we will for Espio's sake." 'I'll find your killer Espio, and I'll make him pay. I promise.'