Shadow looked up at the one who suddenly attacked him, "Lance!"

The grey fox smirked while positioning a bloody pocket knife in his hand, "Shadow the Hedgehog. Long time no see huh?"

Rouge faced Nack with a glare, "You promised you wouldn't try to kill him!" She shouted.

"Yeah well change of plans, babe", Nack pushed Rouge on the floor and watched as the fake fox confronted the black hedgehog.

"What the hell are you doing back?" He asked as he held his bleeding arm.

"I came to annihilate you as always."

"That's impossible I killed you and you know it."

"Actually, Hedgehog", Nack said as he cut in, "I brought him back to life."


"It's simple why Lance kept coming back all the time like a boomerang. You see Shadow, he's not your everyday guy. He's an artificial life form."

Shadow couldn't believe it. All this time of fighting the leader of the Street Punks. All those wasted battles. "Wait a minute if Lance is a fake person then the one who killed my father was..."

"Me", he said with a smile.

Shadow's hate started to build up again. He pounded his fist on the floor with anger, "You bastard! You killed my best friend not Rouge. You forced her to do it! And not only that but you also killed my father. I'll make you pay dearly! You lowdown piece of shit!" He used his foot and tripped the fake fox on the floor. Shadow got up from the floor and took out his handgun. He pulled the trigger and shot the grey fox in his head. Now he just didn't give a damn about Lance any more.

The artificial life form fell to the floor dead.

Shadow ran towards Nack with his hand glowing yellow.

Nack smirked and took out a handgun and quickly shot him in the chest.

Shadow fell to the floor once again injured.

Nack slowly walked towards him with a fully loaded weapon in his hand. He looked down at him with an evil smile.

Shadow wanted to know why Nack wanted to kill him and why did he make fake life forms to do his dirty work, "Why?"

"Why? Because I can. Your father always ruined everything for me. He always tried to be a hero and stopped me from getting what I always wanted. I then wanted to kill him, but if I tried to kill him in person I would be found out and the cops would come for me so I started to create fake life forms. I made a grey fox by the name of Lance, he was perfect just the thing to cover up my sins."

Shadow laughed bit, "Making someone kill another is still a sin."

Nack crossed his arms, "Shut up I didn't ask for your opinion! Anyway once I was finished creating him, I planned to kill Dash and it was successful and not only that but he was also the leader of those low class rats."

"You mean the Street Punks? Wait Appex, Zena, Maxcell are they..."

Nack shook his head, "Nope they're the real deal."

"In that case...", his hand glowed yellow again. The yellow light struck at Nack's hand making him drop his gun.

The purple weasel held his bleeding hand, "You damn hedgehog!"

Shadow stood from the floor and punched him directly in the face.

Nack fell to the floor trying to get up. His gun was laying beside him. As he tried to reach out for it, Shadow stomped his foot on his hand. Nack yelled in agony.

Shadow looked down at him with anger with his hand glowing yellow near Nack's head, "See you in hell, Nack. Chaos Spear!"

Rouge covered her eyes. She didn't want to watch Nack's blood scatter all over the floor. After a few seconds later she opened her eyes. She saw Shadow staring at Nack's bleeding head. She slowly walked over to him and leaned on him, "Shad, are you okay?"

Shadow nodded slightly, "So this man truly murdered my father."

"Shadow, please tell me that you forgive me."

Shadow looked over to her with a cold stare, "What you did to Espio I could never forgive you."

Rouge no longer touched Shadow's body realizing that he was still angry with her, "I understand", she said in a sad voice. She was walking away until she felt his hand around her wrist.

" were doing this for me and I don't know where'd I be if it weren't for you."

Rouge faced him with a slight smile, "Do you still love me?"

Shadow had to think for a moment. He answered her question by lightly kissing her on her lips. He broke away from her.

Rouge touched her lips, "Shadow..."

He took her hand, "Let's go." As he led her out of the building, Shadow thought what the rest of the group would say by seeing him with Rouge once again.