Author: NatalieJ

Title: Fire in the Soul

Pairing: Pyro/Rogue

Spoilers: X3

Summary: "He took the chance to scan the now-scattering line of his enemies once again. She wasn't here."


Pyro shot another blast of fire towards yet another car, rejoicing in the rush using his power gave him. As he waited for Magneto to lift more of this heavy-duty ammunition, he took the chance to scan the now-scattering line of his enemies once again.

She wasn't here.

He hadn't seen her to begin with, but he wanted to be sure. He wanted her to be safe.

Pyro knew where she'd gone.

He knew he should be angry; he knew he should see her as a traitor. Mutations were a gift - those blessed with them were the next step of human evolution and who gave the humans the right to argue with Darwinism? But all Pyro - all John - had ever wanted was for Rogue to be happy. And since she saw her mutation as a curse, John knew that the only way she could have that happiness was to take the cure.

It just killed him that she was doing it for the walking ball of ice (who was so obviously cheating on her with Kitty, anyway) and not for him.

He set fire to some more cars.

He beat Bobby up - but took pains not to mention Rogue. He couldn't afford to let Magneto see that his emotions were affecting his work. Deep down, he wanted to scream in Bobby's face that hedidn't deserve her, and that she deserved so much better than either of them.

Bobby mutated some more, and John felt cheated once again - before he blacked out.


AN: It's just a little thing - something to make me feel better since the movie left me feeling empty and disappointed, with an intense loathing of Brett Ratner.

I'm considering, though, making a bit of a series out of this. Just something small, Pyro/Rogue. Think it's worth it?