Author Note: So here's the first re-done chapter of the story. Not a whole lot of changes going on here, but it's only the first chapter! LoL stay tuned for more!

"Wow, you look so … Different…" Eve said with a smile.

Christy looked down, playing with her fingers that laid on her lap. She then raised her right hand, wiggling her new glasses, which she knew, weren't very chic. Having a brown, chunky rim, going around the wide lens. Though, dimming it down in comparison to the amount of weight she had lost over the Summer.

As much as Christy hated to admit it …. She looked like a total nerd in comparison to her friends. But how could she stop that if she had absolutely no sense of style?

Christy looked at her friends around her, as they all sat under the shade of a tree on a hot sticky humid summer day, having patches of sun, rest on their bodies. It was only three more days until the dreaded doors of high school were bound to open.

The peaceful wind, blowing through their long hair. She kind of envied their beauty, blind to her own.

Melina Perez. Known her since grade two. Usually the more opinionated, pretty girl out of the bunch, quite the attitude if you get on her wrong side.

Eve Torres. Known her since grade six. Don't let her pretty eyelashes and brunette hair-flicking fool you. She knows how to play her games, and has the deadly combination of brains and beauty.

Torrie Wilson. Known her since grade four. It'll take some time for her to warm up to you. She's probably the closest one to normal.

And lastly, there's Christy Hemme. The shy one of the group. Ever since kindergarten she's been tormented and teased of the way she looked. Mainly because of the fact she used to be overweight, had funny coloured hair and just didn't seem to fit in into any clique. But now that they were entering high school as freshmen, everything would hopefully be different …. Right?

"Here guys. Check this out. Christy and I are in the same class, and Eve and Torrie are in another. That's just great! We're all together!" Melina said, clapping her hands together.

"Great. Now I've got to deal with Torrie?" Eve said in a snarky but obviously joking manner.

Torrie gave Eve a teasing push, as the two of them giggled.

"He—Hey guys. How, do you think everybody will react now? Now that two months have passed, and I look completely different?" Christy said in such a voice, that they could barley even hear.

"Well, if you ask me." Melina said, brushing her hair back behind her shoulders. "Now that you have lost all the weight, you will be noticed…no doubt about that. And you look fabulous! But the glasses…. Well umm …. Let's just say ... You're going to need me tomorrow."