storm: yeah! i finally got it laoded WHOO, HOO!

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storm: maaaaybeee! 8D

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storm: read and reveiw please!

"Free! I'm finally free!" I shout as my fore-claws land in an unfamiliar loosely packed substance that covers the landscape for miles. This stuff, if I recall correctly, is called sand. As far as I can tell I already hate the stuff because every time I take a step forward my foot sinks in, so I have to pull it out and start all over again. But I'm not letting this minor inconvenience stop me, because right now the warp gate I just materialized through is probably crawling with Deceptacons. The warp gates going to and from Megatron's fortress are constantly monitored so there is no way I could've slipped through unnoticed. I struggle for a bit before I finally get some solid footing and I don't waste any more time busting off my feet trying to get away as far away from that place as I can. Surprisingly I don't get stuck again as I run swiftly.

I was created using data on these animal-shaped vehicles called zoids that exist on this newly rediscovered planet called Zi. Zi was found some time ago during the Energon Era but was ignored after it was discovered the planet had no energon. As every one knows, a black hole has opened up were Unicron was destroyed and the only way to close it is with the Omega Lock and the Cyber Planet Keys. Like Earth and Cybertron, Zi also has a one. Unfortunately like Earth, Zi is inhabited by humans and said zoids, so the Deceptacons have very little data on it. Supposedly to access Zi's planet key a transformer has to have a zoid as its vehicle mode.

One zoid, a model known as a Lightning Saix, was captured for data, but no one was able to transform into it. That's were I come in; a scan was done on the poor thing and the data on its appearance and abilities were transferred to my basic design and programing, and the rest was built around that. That was only 14 years ago making me the youngest Deceptacon out there. In transformer years I'm still just a baby, but mentally, I'm a teenager. Despite this I'm always teased and pushed around, well at least a lot for a Deceptacon. And betrayal wasn't uncommon either, in fact Starscream, one of Megatron's main henchmen, had done it in the past. So now I'm here on planet Zi, running like hell and wondering what to do next. Well, for one thing I'm stuck in vehicle mode or else I'll blow my cover.

Wait! I have a cockpit right? Maybe I can get a human to pilot me! That way, I'll never be found! But wait, what about my insignia? I think hard as I keep running. Oh well, the humans won't recognize it, and they'll probably paint it over. Then I come up to a small ravine. The ravine is so narrow and deep that most of my kind would have easily gotten stuck, but I fly down it without even chinking my armor. "What now?" I ask myself out loud as I turn my head, scanning the thin space ahead of me. Soon enough I spot a cave just big enough for me to crawl into. I slink into it and stretch out my tired joints, curling up in my self proclaimed cubby hole. It was going to be night soon and no one would find me thanks to my jet black armor. I rest my chin on my ankle and quickly allow myself to fall asleep.

My name is Storm, by the way. I'm just a female Deceptacon, tired of my boring life and deciding to make it better...whether it was the right or wrong thing to do.

Storm: sorry this is a short chapter but it's my first fic so please be nice of else i'll send megs after you!

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